Matthew cáo, fox and Evangeline Lilly Favourite Evangeline/Matthew quote? {see comments}

Pick one:
"...I just want to help her in any way I can" - Foxy.
"He is my leading man so many thêm ways than just on the show." - Evie.
"...Matthew and I have such natural chemistry onscreen" - Evie.
"They really are connected... through time and space, almost." - Foxy.
"I got mostly attached to Matthew Fox." - Evie
"He loves her, there's no câu hỏi about that. And she loves him." - Foxy.
"We have a really good time joking around together." - Evie.
"The Jack and Kate thing will be a long term thing on the show." - Foxy.
"...trying to pull away from Sawyer because she recognizes she loves Jack."-Evie.
"There is a huge, unknowable draw for Jack to Kate." - Foxy.
"...the only person he wants to have at his side is Kate." - Evie.
"She wasn't going to come back & be all about Sawyer" - Evie.
"She's so beautiful it's hard to concentrate around her." - Foxy.
"We call him Foxy because he IS." - Evie.
"...cause without him, it's gunna be damaging." - Evie.
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