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one ngày matt and nicole were sleeping...Nicole was hugging matt in her sleep...they had a dream together...the first part of the dream showed them as infants in a pin...Lil Nicole was crying...matt crawed up and hugged her...the một giây part...showed the as old folk...they were buried toghether,the last part was a showed them drifting in space...on the left a blue Angel was floating there...on the right a purple angle was floating there...B.angle đã đưa ý kiến "You to are soly connected,You've earned something..." the P.angel đã đưa ý kiến "a new power of a sort...just like me and my husband." B.angle...
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I am the individual that created this club many years ago, otherwise known as Matt-The-Lynx/Mapware/DarkBowser and my countless other usernames on this website.

The ngày and time of nghề viết văn this bài viết is September 16th, 2020 at 11:11 AM. The reason why I am noting this is because fanpop does not accurately keep track of just long something has been up on this website. Whenever something on here exceeds a year, it will only display the "over a năm ago" message but it will not display exactly when it was posted.

The reason why I am here today is because I've been thinking about this club...
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This bài viết ecsplains all the parts of my người hâm mộ charater's story,Enjoy!Ok so in the beginning,matt was created on a small không gian base in the năm 8000.after they finished creating the ultiment weapon hoặc project hero an unidentified armada(later identified as geno the alein king)appeared!they froze matt in carbonyte and place him in a pod inside a massive super cannon...Then launched him to the past!

Matt was pursued bởi two shadows,a starship(Later identified as mark the renagade galatic bounty hunter)followed and started shooting at matt's pod.the other shadow protect the pod(Later identified...
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Matt vs. Tak
Openings: Matt
An AI powerhouse lynx, with eons of power, a tim, trái tim for a certain lynx, and our first competitor, Matt the lynx
Opening quote: LETS ROCK!
The first of the seven servers, who also has his eyes out for a lynx. The wielder of time itself, TakTheFox.
Opening quote: Are bạn ready?

Setting: Angel Island Guardian Stadium

Storyline: Both competitors entered from opposite sides of the stadium. They began to approach each other, both hands tightening into fists. They sank down into position, the signal was shown, and they were off.

Matt made the first di chuyển and lunged into Tak,...
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Codemaster woke up and and quickly laid fast waste to matt and pomu.nicole was already KOed.tak quickly reacted and jumped up and knocked the syphon energy core down to matt and nicole,the grabbed codemaster bởi the feather and swung him around.matt and nicole snapped outta of it,matt đã đưa ý kiến "Nicole,get pomu outta and tak got this." nicole responded "Ok." tak đã đưa ý kiến "and niêm phong, con dấu the data cavity off if bạn can." nicole đã đưa ý kiến "but then bạn guy will be trapped." matt shouted "DON'T WORRY ABOUT US!remeber,I've defeated the geno thêm times then I can count and tak anilated virus before!we got this!"...
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-How to say name:GENO(JEE-NO)
-Title:Alein king
-Skin color:Camo green
-Eye color:Black-No pupils
-Dental work:Rotating Vangs
-Outfit:Mecha claws-Metal boots-Iron torso sheild
-Items:The Geno Emrald
-Relatives:Darkness-Future Geno
-Powers:Poision haze-phantom coat-ultra srenf-Mind control sime-Ror of power
-Enemys:Matt & his freinds
-Teams:The GENO empire-Space base crew(Stole away)
-Ultra moves:Nitrostarpunch-Inhale-Atomicstarpunch
-Age:850,000,000,000 years old(Wow)
battle stats
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Stats hoặc info
Fighting stats
finishing moves
-Big nanite cannon
-Nanite finisher
-1000 spikes
-Time không gian emrald curse
-Land control
-Instant KO
-Black hole driver
-100,000,000 spikes
-Super Nova
-Ultra Nano-spike shot of death
-Self destruct
-The big one final
-Shatering finish
Main Body stats(Lynx form)
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It was dusk...Nicole was sleeping with mtl and mtl is watching the sky...a green,a blue,and a red comet flew across the sky...and the sky flashed yellow!mtl knew that ment its the season of gigagear!mtl woke nicole and exsplained it to her...he đã đưa ý kiến "The season of gigagear is a legendary time of năm were all 4 time không gian keys arive in that time period...a chosen one who gets the first time không gian me!"nicole asked whats the time không gian keys?" Matt responded "5 rare treasures that hold thêm power then the master emrald...and a puzzle...when the chosen retreivs all 5 a temple resufaces...were...
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Sally requested that mtl to go on a solo mission:a distress call was coming from crystal city's ruby tower!teleported to the top...and the
1ST Storyline Bosses:Big bubba,sick subba and phatom apeared...big bubba inhaled phantom and then sick subba inhaled big bubba and they transformed into Sicker bigger phantom!MTL versus SBP!!!He self-desructed!5 một phút of checking the tower and MtL,NtL,StD,and DtD found the distress was ash mongoose...they took him trang chủ and mina took that from there!Spikey returned to the hanger...dulcy went trang chủ and MtL and NtL fell asleep together in a hayfeild!!!

Story area:the begining is coplete!!!

tiếp theo story area:Getting to know the crew...
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Ok,before the events of the pomu saga,Our hero mtl and his roomate stargate headed out into town for a ngày of greeting the folks,sonic jogged bởi and đã đưa ý kiến hello.he then đã đưa ý kiến "Hey guys,Theres a lynx in town." matt đã đưa ý kiến "Really?I'd like to meet him." Sonic đã đưa ý kiến "Hes been hanging out with tak and nicole,where've bạn been?" matt responded "In bed,then jogged off" sonic sarcastily đã đưa ý kiến "Of course bạn where in bed."

Mtl arrived to great the new lynx,turns out hes been in the city for a long time(of course matt's ussally out taking down geno's armadas one-by-one so he may of not been around).tak said...
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A few weeks after the fight between codemaster and spikey,tails discovered how to free matt and nicole,it turns out of the four sibiling,matt and pomu are the only ones who can break up into EXE.s and enter other machinery,jazon is a genetic mutation(aka:a living mobian unholy-e created) and spikey is a android shapen like a dragon.pomu is living data in a ring(like matt hoặc nicole).so pomu,tak,and sally headed tworge nicole's unit.

The found matt's watch on hàng đầu, đầu trang of it,matt wasn't in though.pomu grabbed tak and đã đưa ý kiến "If i'm going,you have to with me.tak đã đưa ý kiến ".........understood." they both entered...
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