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posted by PYGMSfan5
Madness Combat 1 is the first episode in the series. It was released onto on July 25th, 2002 where it immediately became a success, earning a Daily một giây place award. As of February 2010 this very episode has over 2.7 million các lượt xem on Newgrounds.

In this episode, the series's protagonist, Hank J. Wimbleton, and his antagonist, Jesus Christ, debuts.

The phim hoạt hình begins with a man with a boombox, playing the Chicken Dance, and Hank standing around a tree, and a dancing man in the background. Hank, all of a sudden, tries to take the boombox, but its owner pushes him to the floor;...
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posted by PYGMSfan5
After the events of Madness Combat 1 Hank becomes a target for his massacre in the first episode. The Sheriff creates the AAHW (Agency.Againist.Hank.Wimbleton.) to kill Hank. Somehow knowning about this, Hank gets his Sheriff tracker and hunts down the Sheriff. There was a man who sought the Sheriff".

Somewhere in Nevada.

At the beginning, the once returned Hank initiates his tiếp theo massacre bởi strangling the very first, unexpecting guardsman with a fiber wire. Through stealth-aimed movement he makes his way to a building's roof, covered with thêm unaware guards to kill. As Hank advances he...
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