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posted by liene11
writers Pov
Louis is just sleeping in is room
his mom came in his room and đã đưa ý kiến Louis bạn have to find a job
mom what are bạn doing in my house
Eleanor asked me to come here and keep a eye on you
ow really and mom can that wait job till tomorrow,
no i want bạn to look to a job now
ok i go find one
so hi put on his clothes on and look in the newspaper he saw somthing about a drama teacher he thought i have to go with the bus mom will never bring me too it

Louis Pov
i went to the bus i saw a gril and she came to me
and said,
hello sorr but can ou say me were this is and let me see the newspaper,
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 First Audition At The X Factor xx
First Audition At The X Factor xx
Name: Louis William Tomlinson
Age: 19
D.O.B: 24/12/91
Star sign: Capricorn
Home town: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Favourite film: Grease
Favourite band: The Fray
Favourite TV show: The X Factor
Celeb crush: Diana Vickers
Man crush: Robbie Williams
Bet bạn didn’t know: He owns boxers with ‘lubbly jubbly’ written on the front
Turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans
Turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd

He’s a bit of a joker.
He’s a very loyal boyfriend.
On a date, he would wear his purple chinos and a polo hoặc T-Shirt and a cardigan.
His perfect girl is someone who is loyal and has a sense of humour,...
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One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is beyond angry about a newspaper story printed bởi The Mirror. In the story it is alleged that Louis’ mom Johannah started dating her fiance Daniel Deakin after she was a midwife who witnessed the stillbirth of his child with his ex-wife Elaine. The newspaper is claiming that Johannah “stole” Daniel from his ex-wife, and has trích dẫn from Elaine collaborating on the story.

Here’s what Louis had to say after đọc the story:

I am appalled bởi what The Mirror has done to my family. It’s disgusting and immoral. As long as I am in One Direction we won’t be working with the mirror.
Yikes! We’ll keep bạn posted.

P.S. Louis just signed a deal to become a bóng đá star!
posted by lois4
Thousands of love-struck teenage girls will be screaming the house down at Sheffield City Hall tonight.

Amongst them will be a 38-year-old Doncaster mum of five, covering her ears, beaming with pride and still trying to work out what all the fuss is about.

Johannah Tomlinson is mum to one fifth of boyband sensation One Direction.

She’s still getting used to the fact that Louis, her eldest child, is now officially a chart-topping pop ngôi sao and teen heart-throb.

In the last year, since the band the X Factor created in 2010 soared to the crest of a hysteria and hormone-driven tsunami, she and her...
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 Liam Zayn and Louis
Liam Zayn and Louis
louis is funny,cute and nice.

louis really want to go to the phim chiếu rạp with his best friend stanley,
and louis called him

and stanley said:sorry lou but I am really very sick I can't with bạn to the cinema

and louis said:okey another time then,can bạn call me if you're better again

and stanley said:yes i call you,
louis schit he is sick and now
louis oh maybe harry
louis called harry
harry said:sorry lou but a have a family ngày and I know that niall was going to do something with his mother so maybe liam,

louis said:okey i will call him
so louis called liam
liam said:Yes I really want with you...
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we reported that those cheeky One Direction boys had được trao out X Factor winner, Matt Cardle's mobile phone number on the internet.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson gave the number out bởi accident after letting the phone ring through to Matt's answer phone whilst on loud speaker.

After receiving hundreds of calls, Matt has replaced his SIM card to prevent his những người hâm mộ from ringing him at all hours of the day.

A nguồn told the Sun: "Matt woke to hundreds of missed calls. He thought something serious had happened.

“He spoke to the lads and had a laugh."

We're glad the boys didn't get into trouble
posted by rusher29
 Louis <33
Louis <33
*Sorry for mistakes!*

“Niall: Help!
Louis: Did anyone hear that?
Niall: Help!!
Louis: SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP! RAAH! (Pulls open áo sơ mi and has Siêu nhân áo sơ mi underneath) Siêu nhân is here!!”

“Stop the traffic...let 'em through...”

“In my first video diary I explained my tình yêu for women who have a taste in carrots. Since then, I have received plenty of carrots. Now I also have a keen interest in women who like Lamborghinis.”

“One time, Niall sat on the floor for hours trying to find a way of putting his M&M's in alphabetical order.”

“I had this dream...that we had this new sixth member,...
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Guys, Louis has made us proud once again bởi doing a very sensible thing, something he believes in and something that is close to his heart.

He has launched HIS OWN RECORD LABEL with the full backing of Sony! Like a junior Simon Cowell. How awesome is that! And he is doing this while juggling his One Direction duties nghề viết văn their new album, his tour commitments, playing football and getting involved in charity. He is amazing!

He genuinely loves encouraging new talent and believes in providing them an opportunity to be successful. He has already signed up X factor finalist Jack Walton as his first artist and will be holding auditions for girl bands with Sony.

Good luck, Louis!
posted by 1dlover67678
Baby bạn got me sick I dont know what I did. Need to take a break and figure it out. Yeah

Got your voice in my head sayn' lets just be friends. can't belive the words came out of your mouth! yeah.

Tryin' to be ok. Tryin' to be alright. But seein' bạn with him just don't feel right.

And I'm like OW! Never thought it hurt so bad gettin' over you-o. And OW! Your givin' me a tim, trái tim attack lookin' like bạn do-o. 'Cause you're all I ever wanted thought bạn would be the one. It's OW! Givin' me a tim, trái tim attack. Gettin' over you-o-o-o.

Baby now that you're gone I can't stand dumb tình yêu songs missin' bạn is...
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News is now spreading on the internet that Louis and Briana might be getting married!!
But there was another story saying that they won't get married.Just someone who is close to One Direction will be getting married to Briana.
Briana wants Louis to propose to her really soon.
And she wants a ring on her finger before the birth of their little one.She really wants Louis to put that ring on her finger that's for sure.

Just write in the các bình luận below and tell what bạn think about this story.
posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
We tình yêu you, Louis!

Louis Tomlinson surrounded bởi young những người hâm mộ at St Brelade
IF One Direction ngôi sao Louis Tomlinson wanted a quiet break in Jersey yesterday (TUE) he would have been sadly disappointed.

Fortunately the 19-year-old seemed perfectly at ease surrounded bởi excited những người hâm mộ when he was spotted sunbathing on St Brelade’s bờ biển, bãi biển and then eating a pizza.

The teenage ngôi sao had a short break in Jersey between finishing the X-Factor tour and starting to record One Direction’s tiếp theo record, which he đã đưa ý kiến would be a ‘summery anthem’

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(Jessie's POV)
I woke up my hair a mess, listening to "Rock me" on the radio. "Jessie, bạn silly girl come on we'll be late" My sister came in fully dressed with her bag hanging from her left shoulder. "Crap" I cried out jumping out of giường and picking ngẫu nhiên clothes. "so, bạn have the radio on, but not your bloody alarm" My sister Amie đã đưa ý kiến rolling her eyes. "I'm sorry" I đã đưa ý kiến pulling up my skinny jeans. "No time for sorry's if we don't go soon Hall vượt qua, cross isn't going to let us in. "Got it" i đã đưa ý kiến throwing my hands in the air when i buttoned my jeans. "Good for you, now let's go my sister said...
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posted by Progatozona
Louis Tomlinson's ngôi sao sign is Capricorn,same as Zayn Malik.

December 22-January 19

Element and ruling planet:Earth and Saturn.

Strengths:Sure footed, reserved, seek security, acquisitive, cautious, discipline and determine.

Weakness:Pessimistic, gets pulled into depression, undue materialism, conservative.

Symbol:The Goat- The goat is sure footed as it finds its way through and climbs up đồi núi, hill of success.

Matching sign:Cancer.

Magical Birthstone:Garnet- attracts popularity high esteem and true love
 Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson
I am glad that Louis has managed to get a link.

However, I can't help thinking that the những người hâm mộ - who will be majority male - would be entirely happy with this.

I can't imagine that football những người hâm mộ will be happy to hear thousands of girls screaming every time he touch the ball; It is the last thing they will want. So sadly for him I fear he won't be playing in many games.
TEEN NOW MAG:WHAwhat kind of a boyfriend are you?LOUIS: im a bit of a joker. i can be romantic, but not too sickly- i like to keep it on a level. bạn have to get the banter in there, too, otherwise bạn scare the girl away.
TEEN NOW MAG: what would bạn wear on a date?
LOUIS: i hate wearing the same as everyone else, so i'd probably wear purple chinos- they sound digusting but they look cool- and a polo hoặc t-shirt and a cardigan. i tình yêu clothes, so i'd make sure i look nice.
TEEN NOW MAG: what would bạn like your ngày to wear?
LOUIS: i'd like her to be dressed up, but to have her own style.
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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, 19, reckons he's a fun boyfriend to have.

'I'm a bit of a joker. I can be a romantic, but not too sickly - I like to keep it on a level,' he tells Teen Now.

'You have to get the banter in there, too, otherwise bạn scare the girl away.'

Where would bạn go on a date?

'I'm a bit cổ hủ, cũ thời and I like the idea of going to the cinema and then an Italian restaurant.'

Would bạn pay for everything hoặc share the bill?

'Oh no, I'd pay for everything.'

Would bạn get a Kiss at the end of the night?

'Yeah, definitely, to hiển thị that I'm still interested.'

Would bạn take a girl's...
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posted by wildchild_rids1
Listen up Directioners!!
So, Lou is feeling a bit down at the time, because he knows that he is the least favorited member in One Direction(i know, wth?!). He just deals with it, and pretends like it's nothing, but us who is REAL Directioners and absolutely DON'T accept the fact that Lou is down couse he thinks he's not liked.
So there's only ONE way out of this...
March 31st, we are going to selebrate Louis!! This is how the ngày is being selenraited:
1. Wear Louis' kind of clothes hoặc something that shows bạn tình yêu Louis.
2. Write:'LOUIS TOMLINSON DAY' on you'r wrist....
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posted by johncenaw85oi
FULL NAME: louis william tomlinson.
DOB: 24 december 1991.
BEST THING ABOUT BEING A BOY: being interested in girls.
BEST THING ABOUT BEING IN ONE DIRECTION: just the laugh we have, and also i've made four new friends.
BEST CURE FOR ONE DIRECTION: the best cure for that is probably penicillin!
FAVE GROOMING PRODUCT: dry shampoo- when i can't be bothered to wash my hair!
PJ's, PANTS hoặc NOTHING IN BED: it depends on the temperateture. if it's nice and hot, i will happily sleep naked, but if it's a bit chilly then pyjama bottoms, but im all for sleeping naked!
BATH hoặc SHOWER: shower.
WHAT MOBILE PHONE DO bạn HAVE: i have a iphone 4 and a blackberry.
WHAT DO bạn CUDDLE UP TO AT NIGHT: my pillow- all my teddies passed away a few years ago!

harry's factfile coming soon!!!
(Jessie's POV)
My cell phone rang and that's when i noticed Louis changed my ringtone, to him hát wonder wall. "Louis" i laughed. the phone rang thêm and i answered it. "Hello?" i asked. "Hey Jessie, it's your father" my dad said. "What is it dad" i sighed. i hated my dad, after what he did to mom, no one could forgive him. "I wanted to know if this summer bạn and your sister wanted to come to the U.S to see your dad" he asked. "No! If i were made to come, i'd only come with my friend Louis, and he won't come" I said. "Jessie?" Amie asked walking in. "Hold on dad, what is it Amie" I said....
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(Louis' POV)
I held her hand the entire time, afraid she would run away. "Isn't the pond beautiful" she asked from where she was perched on my lap. "It is" i smiled wanting to say "not as beautiful as bạn thought" but i didn't. "So what do bạn want to do now" Jessie asked turning around in my lap. "I have a few ideas, but bạn probably wouldn't like them" i đã đưa ý kiến with a grin on my face. "Ha ha, bạn were going to suggest kissing weren't you" Jessie asked. "Love, i'd only Kiss bạn if bạn wanted me to" i đã đưa ý kiến my forehead on hers with our nose becoming aware of each other. "Bet bạn wouldn't do it...
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