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To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Who leaves the seeds,
For bạn to find?
Follow them and bạn will see,
a treasure there.

Then plant the seeds,
and help them grow!
It may seem the like a dream,
things are not what they seem.

Now begins a new adventure for you!
And you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Living in the forest trees,
for such a very, very long time!

There you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

You only see him when your very young,
a magical adventure for you!
It's magic for you.

Rain tumbles down...
the bus is late.
Suddenly, a furry wet giant
is bởi your...
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The english lyrics to the một giây OVA ending for Ranma 1/2: link bởi DoCo.



Up in blue sky silly blimp go by,
where it come from where it going,
ziggy-zaggy it fly high!

Today is Sunday,
past one-thirty,
why bạn no come by?
Maybe bạn late but I no can wait...

Now I cry...


Pretty red bricks,
bridge that spans the tide.
Draw the picture see the face
of the one I want bởi my side!

There bạn are all dressed in black
but I can't see your eyes.
Can it be your dressed that way for me?

Why are bạn so shy?

Beep-beep! Beep-beep!


This pager's drivin' me crazy!

Just so! bạn know!

If some dark stranger asked me I might go...
And so...

Don't blame me when your lonely!
We're sailing out to see the ship and me.

Lalala, lala, lala, lalalaa~!
Lalala, lala-la-la-la-la-la, laa~!

Repeat x3.
The english lyrics to the một giây opening for the OVA's of Ranma 1/2: link bởi DoCo.


You may touch me in dreams but they don't stay.

(Today bạn don't have much to say.)

How am I gonna face the light of day?

(What have I done now?)

Things completely unspoken,
thinking it's for the best,
Then I look into your eyes,
and it gets tight in my chest,

Hear the river tells of our goodbye.

(It's late and they all wait for me!)

Sayonara whispers on the breeze.

(I'll get in trouble!)

Let me know what in your heart,
that a good place to start.
All I need is a small song,
and I give my tim, trái tim to you.

bạn and me have still got,
so much we need to say!
Friendship's not enough,
Why can't we seize the day?

Dontcha' know I got no idea
from this point on?

So far to go
until we both agree,
bạn and me.
Tonight, too, bạn have a blank look in your eyes,
as your hesitating shadow reflected in the mirror
mischievously becomes even darker,
and takes a grey-colored breath.

Now, resist! This is a slowly precipitating world.
Shouldn't where bạn stand be some place different?

I tut-tut at the overly embellished lies,
and fly off with my feet bare.
With my shackles removed, what's left
is my laughably foolish but yet sturdy strength.

My chest starts to throb to the point of being helpless,
as I force open the night's window.
Yes, I shall do everything as ordered bởi you.
You will rule the world.

When bạn break out...
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Name: Katsumi Kunoichi
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Status: Ninja
Occupation: Member of the "Sexy Kunoichi trà Shop"
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Black
Accessories: màu hồng, hồng bow tied above her bangs
Habbit: Uses a microphone way too often, says 'hmph" after many of her sentences.
Personality: Dramatic, scornful, fast, quick-thinking
Bio: Katsumi, meaning victorious beauty, is the yêu thích neice of the Kunoichi sisters. After Konatsu (Katsumi's cousin), left to live with Ukyo after Ukyo promised to take care of him, Katsumi was enraged that he had left her alone and waited a năm until she was finally được trao a bit thêm leash...
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'Gonna live a hell of a dream today,
one that don't involve a hoe!
A dream not of money but of music
that we sing in the show!


Wonder how a sweet young thing like me,
gets us out of tight fixes!


bạn gotta wonder why these guy are after us,
Oh yeeaah~!


âm nhạc can be the cure,

Mako and ichiro:

For the tim, trái tim that ain't so pure!


And a well-time rental from a guy who mental--


Saves~ our~ asses~!

Will we ever get the doe we need?
Our pockets always bleed!
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh~!

We're not opposed to greed!

We keep on farming daikon to get by,
makes bạn wonder why?
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh~!

Turn it into cash~!
**characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, I do not own them**


My foot steps clicked along the stone path. I could hear thunder in the distance, but didn't have the will to run faster. Plip. The first drop of rain. Plip, plip. Clouds began to form. The world began to grow bigger. I stared at what I was hoping to be my tall, 16 năm old self in a puddle. But a small black pig stared back. Tears shed down my cheeks but were masked bởi the thick rain. I began to sprint, leaving my backpack and umbrella behind, since I could no longer carry them.

Before me, another umbrella thudded against the pavement....
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**a short xem trước of a new character I'm working on**

Name: Lu-fá (pronounced: Loo-fah)
Age: 15
Race: Chinese (same đàn bà gan dạ, amazon Tribe as Shampoo)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blue
Style: Braided into two large pigtails.
Accessories: A large white hoa on right side of her head.
Love Interest: Mousse
Friends: Tendo Family, Ukyo, Cologne
Enemies: Shampoo, hoặc anyone who favors the marriage of kem dùng cho tóc, mousse and Shampoo
Bio: Lu-fá is a member of Shampoo's đàn bà gan dạ, amazon tribe of women back in China. Her and Shampoo used to be friends, until kem dùng cho tóc, mousse became betrothed to Shampoo. Lu-fá has always had a big crush on Mousse, and claims to...
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Ranma: So, Ryoga. Whats should I do with bạn now? That sounded a lot less nasty in my head.

Ryoga: You've got a lot of *jewish word*, but this is anime! The laws of physics down mean *jewish word*!

Ranma: Great. The ONE jewish athlete in the world and I just HAD to piss him off.


Ryoga: *puts umbrella in front of himself* It is totally not suspicious that I don't want to get wet!


Ranma: C'mon, Akane! Give us some jaw-breakers!

Ryoga: Like the ones in Ed Edd and Eddy.


Kasumi: Oh my god! It's like a haircut from the devil himself!

Ranma: Don't mind me, just catching food, here.

Akane: Well at least...
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"You must realize, of course, that my sister Sofia is a very complex child." I đã đưa ý kiến into the telephone. Shouted, to be thêm exact. For some reason I always spoke on the phone as though the wires had been disconnected, as though I were trying to be heard across the đường phố, street through an open window. 9, I took a look at my younger sibling, who sat on her knees with her pale hands in the lap of her faded blue dress (which was getting to be awfully small on her). Her gaze was fixated on the world outside the large, glass window in which she faced. Obviously toning out every word that passed through...
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posted by Lolly4me2
Name: Matsume
Age: 13
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 98 lbs
Eye Color: Sea-foam green
About: Matsume is an Ice Type Gym Leader in the Johto league and battles trainers using her Glaceon, Mamoswine, and Snorunt. She's hard to come across since she ventures out of the Gym most of the week and usually spends nights at strangers' houses, since she's always traveling but is too uncomfortable walking through tall cỏ to get to a Pokemon Center after dark. She's usually kind but is very quick tempered and dramatic. She doesn't have many Những người bạn but loves to breed Pokemon and give the eggs to young, children...
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posted by Lolly4me2
My fingertips ached, but I continued to scrub the hard, wood floor.
"Faster, child!" my aunt screeched, followed bởi a shrill laugh. "You'll never finish in time to go off and play with your cousin!" sitting the corner -- all alone -- hugging his knees to his chest was baby Konatsu. I scowled at him, puffing out my chubby màu hồng, hồng cheeks. He flinched in an instant and grabbed his wrist like something had sliced it, wincing. Wretched child, I nearly mumbled. màu hồng, hồng eyes flashing under dark black curls.
"Katsumi?" my một giây aunt cooed, cracking her bony finger while gesturing me to come closer. After...
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**99% of the credit goes to Rumiko Takahashi. This is one of my yêu thích chapters in Ranma 1/2, so I'm re-creating it in a thêm sophisticated dialogue.**


"Oh, Upperclassman Kuno!"
"Please, Upperclassman Kuno!" The two beautiful ladies pleaded on their knees wrapped in frilly outfits.
"Mm...?" Kuno mumbled, "The pigtailed girl! And Akane Tendo!"
"You have to decide, Upperclassman Kuno!" The red head đã đưa ý kiến with her hands bởi her mouth.
"Which of us do bạn love?"
"Hmmm..." he mumbled again, staring into their eyes. "I tình yêu bạn bo--"
"You have to choose..." The pigtailed girl smiled, lifting a...
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posted by chocopockyninja
 This is the Mysterious Man is his Jacket! There are others who are like him, he seems to be there leader.
This is the Mysterious Man is his Jacket! There are others who are like him, he seems to be there leader.
Kingdom HaruMiKyon Part 2
by chocopockyninja

Sofie and I looked around at the stores and resturants around us trying to find one to go to.
"How about we just go to that Internet Cafe?" I đã đưa ý kiến pointing in the direction of the coffe house.
"Sure, I need to check my fanpop anyway!" Sofie said.
The crosswalk light went green and with out a word, Sofie and I walked to the double-doors leading into the Cafe. I opened the door and gave Sofie a smile and she walked in.
"Im going to do my homework, ok?" I đã đưa ý kiến sitting down at a table.
"Ok, Im getting on a computer." Sofie đã đưa ý kiến setting her bag down on...
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posted by Lolly4me2
So yeah...-_- I was pretty positive I was getting a new car until today when I found out that Bruce Willis was in a movie called 'Die Hard' and it's damn well true. I went in to get him inspected, positive that the mechanic was gonna take one look him and go "O_o This looks like bạn uncovered it from the sands of time while on an archaeology expedition in the arctic." And then proceed to vòi hoa sen me with a torrential cascade of rejection stickers while humming Styx's 'I'm Sailing Away' with a back-up chorus of penguins wearing hàng đầu, đầu trang hats BUT ALAS. Bruce is here. In my driveway. Refusing to throw...
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posted by Lolly4me2
Currently, I have been obsessing over this movie. There are no words, in my opinion, to express the pure beauty of this film. Miyazaki never fails to dazzle and enlighten me with his creations, and this movie bởi far is my yêu thích of all his works.

The story is about Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, two young sisters moving into the town of Matsugo, a place close enough to their mother who is sickly and staying at the hospital 4 hours away. Mei meets a magical forest spirit named Totoro and tells Satsuki and her father, but at first her sister doesn't believe her. After they both encounter Totoro,...
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The afterimage floating in the moonlit night
is my transient black memory.
In a distorting morning of disgrace,
I sail a voyage of corruption.

If it's an unrequited love,
then at least let us bond in the other world...
I've been making that wish countless times,
like a beast hungry for your blood!

I am, after all Butler DEATH, always ready to kill bạn hoặc our love.
The curtain that's dyeing the earth red, I'll kick it into pieces.
The cinematic records and the films of souls and memories
are what I earnestly seek, as I strum my blood-stained delusions.

Tonight I've just had a very faint...
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If your thinking that what I'm about to say is pointless because I'm ranting about a drawing on a piece of paper, hear me out for a một phút hoặc two.

Though everyone thinks that I don't like Akane because we all know in the end, the can't-do-anything girl gets the guy, thats only a small part of my situation. Actually, as the tiêu đề states, I really am happy for her.

I never truly was a người hâm mộ of Akane's character from the beginning because of how quick-tempered she was, and her common hobby of lashing out on others (especially Ranma Saotome) when really, they didn't do anything wrong. I favored Ranma's...
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posted by Lolly4me2
My theory is that Alois tries to hide his pain, bởi being a cruel person towards the others in the Trancy household (by hurting Hannah, etc.).
But as the season progresses, he begins to like Claude thêm than allowed. He totally forgets that his butler is only nice to him because of the contract.
All that Alois ever wanted was to have a friend like Luka again. After all what has happened to him, he feels lonely and wants Claude to stay bởi his side. But a demon has no human feelings. It's normal for Claude to be disgusted bởi đã đưa ý kiến feelings, so he kills Alois because his soul Mất tích its taste bởi declaring...
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Now you've seen,
what I think we mean,
when we say don't think to hard today!

And it's true that,
the things that we do
mean a lot to the people we play.

But we're just some actors~!
Drinking bia after work
just like you.

We're glad that bạn bought this,
we can pay for our beers
thanks to you~!

Hideki and Ichiro:

Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!
Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!
Very much, very much!

We have jobs
thanks to you!
Thank bạn very much!
Very much!
Very nice!


Very much!
Now we'll go,
work on the tiếp theo show!


In the hiển thị bạn see on TV,
in Nhật Bản originally!

Mako and Ichiro:

Very much!


Don't go away~!

Mako and Ichiro:

Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!
Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!


Don't go 'way!