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xin chào eveyone :) I just wanted to let bạn guys know about a new Lil Wayne fansite I've started, I'm hoping bạn all can check it out and leave feedback/comments and help out!

The fansite, Lil Wayne Fans: is pretty new, we're just launching it but well, thêm than a fansite, I have a bigger plan. I want it to be a community where everyone can register and contribute to the community!

That means that besides of me admin posting the info, everyone who wants to will be able to đệ trình information, news, pictures, etc. of Lil Wayne... this way, the information, news and resources on the site will be better! The only requirement so far for posting is to register a username, but that's totally free. Plus, everything bạn post would be credited to you. :)

So please, please, check my site out! Feedback and các bình luận are greatly appreciated, and well, help with posts is of course extremely welcomed!
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One finger up and I'm out cause bạn ain't worth two.

I don't want a broken tim, trái tim cause I'll lose the pieces.

I ain't lookin down, but I see no one above me.

Well of course, I smoke mad weed, I'm on my high horse.

And everybody watch your back when you're in the front.

I still eat rappers. Mmm. Scrumptious.

And if bạn come up from under that water and there's fresh air, just breathe baby, God's got a blessin' to spare. I know the process is so much stress but it's the progress that feels the best. I came from the projects straight to success and you're next, just try, they can't steal your pride,...
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