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posted by Heroine999
Anti-LGBTs always have a nguồn for their hatred towards LGBTs.Here are the main reasons:

1.)They read the Bible and see that it says "Homosexuality is a sin".

2.)They might have been molested,raped or/& sexually abused bởi a LGBT.

3.)They are in the closet LGBTs.

4.)They are afraid of LGBTs because they think they are unnatural,diesesed &/or unnatural.

5.)They were raised to hate LGBTs.

As bạn see, theses are easy to argrue over.Here the agruements:
1.)A bunch of things in the Bible say things are sins but they don't follow em so it proves that they are
hyprocites.Exs:Women are property,slavery...
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*READ THIS BEFORE GOING ON* okey dokey people.
This is just A STORY NOT REAL. it is intended for entertainment only. In no way the storyline legal in real life and i do not suggest breaking any laws. Again, this should never happen between a student and their teacher.

Living in a big city was difficult. Way too many people...way to many gossip and rumor spreaders. My secret life was slowly suffercating inside my closet. She was screaming "LET ME OUT IDIOT" so much my ears ached. Moving was exciting. A small town..more room to just...explore. I was hoping for a new beginning and...
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So surfing through lovely YouTube, i was watching a much beloved episode of Ellen when i happened to look down at the comments.
The video was when Justin Bieber Graduated (Was bored OK?) and someone happened to bình luận "JB sucks, he is so Gay" and another đã đăng "Yea, I hate him he is Gay with those earrings in his ear"
I got so irritated, Earrings are not just for girls! And just because a boy wears them, does not mean he is gay. And even if the kid WAS gay, doesnt mean he sucks just because he is Gay. I wanted to just find whoever wrote that and bash them with a smart stick. And then there...
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posted by Corgilover183
'What war?' May bạn ask? Well let me explain. In the câu hỏi and answer section of this club there was a câu hỏi that regarded a man. Wait, not just a man. A pastor. So yes, Thiên chúa giáo has been brought up. Here is the question: People...were agreeing with this man. Does the thought of this actually happening scare bạn at all? In the mô tả was this: I was horrified when I saw it. What would bạn do if they actually went through with this? How would bạn react? Would bạn run hoặc rebel? How would bạn feel if people agreed with this and made it happen?

So yeah, think about that if bạn haven't...
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So if bạn really know me in here bạn have most llikely heard of me talk about my teacher who i absouletly adore and tình yêu because she is my role model. Well about 4 weeks cách đây me and her where in a tutoring session after school and we moved into her office. i just happened to look up at her and she was looking down at some papers, and i noticed how extremly attracted i was to her. she noticed me looking and i just ended up blushing and looking away. that night i thought about her, so much i had a dream about her too. i woke up the tiếp theo ngày and just blew it off, because i hardly ever fall for...
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I tình yêu her deeply, though she cant see knees falling out beneath me.
a gentle smile, whitch drives me wild, for whitch i cant control it.
a laugh like honey, a wink of play.
mysterious as the night, bright as day.
i hide from her, though shes always badly do i want to run my fingers through her hair.
i need her warmth, to hold me close, and yet shes so far away.
a tender kiss, on soft sweet woman lips.
a great dear friend, until the end, she loves me as i tình yêu her. but knowing we can never be, unless if i grow older.

*OK i suck at thi ca so dont be all like "HEY..u suck" people...
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