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mooshka posted on Jun 16, 2014 at 09:25PM
Oh my shit, these are our fourth awards you guys!! SO PROUD OF THIS FAMILY. We have come so far!! You can find the other three awards somewhere in the forums section. I would link you all....but the links are being retarded.

Well, the rules pretty much always remain the same, but here we go!

-The nominations MUST be private I cannot emphasize that enough! Do not share your nominations with anyone, do not discuss them, and especially do not post your nominations on the forum below! The only people that should know your nominations are yourself of course, Me, and Rachel. And trust me when I tell you that Rachel and I WILL NOT discuss the nominations or tell you who voted for who...so don't even bother asking.

-Don't vote for yourself...honestly don't. That just takes the fun out of the awards. If you feel like your the biggest fan of something, truly, and no one else can go in that category then just skip it. And even if you do end up voting for yourself we're not going to count the vote so there's really no point.

-Don't influence people's voting...lol. Just let people vote for what they want. You just chill and relax.

-Only vote for active members! (except for obviously the categories where it says member you miss, etc etc) but yeah, obviously we love all the members in the family an they will always be a part of the family but there is really no use in voting for someone when they probably won't even come back to see the results!

How to send in your vote
Okay so this is the same as last year. You will be assigned to either me or Rach and that's who you send your nominations into! It's just easier for us to count and it keeps our inbox's from being cluttered!

These people send their nominations into Moosh!

These people send their nominations into Rach!

^So above are your active members;) So you can only vote for them and that even counts for friendships! You can only vote on friendships between two active members.

Helpful Tips
If you don't know if anyone fits a certain category you can skip it, it's not necessary that you send in your votes with all the categories filled out, but the more votes you send the more fun:) Don't take any of the results personally, it's all just for fun. When sending in your votes it would be helpful if you guys wrote LPF awards in the title and then "Part...." whatever if there is going to be multiple parts! If you feel as if the categories are too much don't freak out:P you can send in your nominations in parts through out a couple of days. Just make sure you indicate in your pm's that you will be sending in more at a later date. Have fun:D<---most important thing:P

Don't be scared to ask questions! We are here to help. If you have a question about ANYTHING just ask us in the forum below. Or if you feel more comfortable either pming or wall posting me or Rach go for it. It might take us a while to get back to you on certain questions because we may need to talk to each other about it but yeah...your questions will be answered!

So the LPF awards deadline will be July 2nd! So have your nominations in by then! If that deadline is a problem for you then once again pm me or Rach and we will figure something out:) We have no problem with extending the date if that is what someone needs.

Okay before going into the categories I just want to say I know not every single show is on here and not everyone's favorites are here but the goal of the LPF awards is to choose the most popular things on the spot as of currently and this is what we felt were it. If you desperately think a category should be there then leave a comment below, pm, or wall post either one of us and we will think it over. But yeah we're pretty set with these!

*Most ougoing LPF member?
*Most talented/creative LPF member?
*Most craziest LPF member?
*Most funniest LPF member?
*HBIC of the spot?
*BAMF of the spot?
*Sweetheart of the spot?
*Most honest LPF member?
*LPF member that gives the best advice?
*LPF queen or king?
*LPF princess or prince?
*Who makes the best banners?
*Who makes the best icons?
*Favorite first generation LPF member? (Like waaay back then LLT girls:Moosh, Amber, Holly, Celine, Nad}
*Favorite second generation LPF member? (Rachel, Maria, Bee, atie, Fatemeh Ines, Aline, Ade, Nic)
*LPF member you miss the most?

LPF Friendships:
*Closest LPF friendship?
*Most adorable LPF friendship?
*Craziest LPF friendship?
*Funniest LPF friendship?
*Most opposite LPF friendship?
*Most underrate LPF friendship?
*Favorite LPF OT3?
*LPF Friendship we miss?
*Paley of the spot?
*Breyton of the spot?
*Laley of the spot?

*Biggest OTH fan?
*Biggest TVD fan?
*Biggest PLL fan?
*Biggest OUAT fan?
*Biggest GA fan?
*Biggest LOST fan?
*Biggest friends fan?
*Biggest HIMYM fan?
*Biggest Harry Potter fan?
*Biggest Star Wars fan?
*Biggest The OC fan?
*Biggest Gilmore Girls fan?
*Biggest Teen Wolf fan?
*Biggest GoT fan?
*Biggest Hunger Games fan?
*Biggest Divergent fan?

*Biggest Peyton fan?
*Biggest Haley fan?
*Biggest Brooke fan?
*Biggest Nathan fan?
*Biggest Lucas fan?
{gilmore girls}
*Biggest Jess fan?
*Biggest Damon fan?
*Biggest Stefan fan?
*Biggest Katherine fan?
*Biggest Elena fan?
*Biggest Klaus fan?
*Biggest Hanna fan?
*Biggest Spencer fan?
*Biggest Emily fan?
*Biggest Aria fan?
*Biggest Snow fan?
*Biggest Emma fan?
*Biggest Regina fan?
*Biggest Alex fan?
*Biggest Cristina fan?
*Biggest Lexie fan?
*Biggest Meredith fan?
*Biggest Sawyer fan?
*Biggest Kate fan?
*Biggest Chandler fan?
*Biggest Phoebe fan?
*Biggest Rachel fan?
*Biggest Robin fan?
*Biggest Barney fan?
{Harry Potter}
*Biggest Harry fan?
*Biggest Ron fan?
*Biggest Hermione fan?
{The OC}
*Biggest Seth fan?
*Biggest Ryan fan?
{Teen Wolf}
*Biggest Scott fan?
*Biggest Derek fan?
*Biggest Alison fan?
*Biggest Lydia fan?
*Biggest Stiles fan?
{Veronica Mars}
*Biggest Veronica fan?
*Biggest Logan fan?
*Biggest Tyrion fan?

*Biggest Naley fan?
*Biggest Leyton fan?
*Biggest Brucas fan?
*Biggest Stelena fan?
*Biggest Delena fan?
*Biggest Haleb fan?
*Biggest Ezria fan?
*Biggest Snow/Charming fan?
*Biggest Hook/Emma fan?
*Biggest Izzie/Alex fan?
*Biggest Mark/Lexie fan?
*Biggest Meredith/Derek fan?
*Biggest April/Jackson fan?
*Biggest Cristina/Owen fan?
*Biggest Skate fan?
*Biggest Robin/Barney fan?
*Biggest Lobsters fan?
*Biggest Mondler fan?
{Harry Potter}
*Biggest Ron/Hermione fan?
*Biggest Lily/James fan?

Fictional Friendships:
*Biggest Baley fan?
*Biggest Paley fan?
*Biggest Breyton fan?
*Biggest Pathan fan?
*Biggest Brathan fan?
*Biggest Lathan fan?
*Biggest Laley fan?
*Biggest Harry/Herione fan?
*Biggest Damon/Stefan fan?
*Biggest Seth/Ryan fan?
*Biggest Meredith/Cristina fan?

*Biggest Nina Dobrev fan?
*Biggest Hilarie Burton fan?
*Biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan?
*Biggest Ashley Benson fan?
*Biggest Emma Stone fan?
*Biggest Emma Watson fan?
*Biggest Ian Somerhalder fan?

*LPF member with the best username?
*LPF member with the cutest username?
*LPF member with the most unique username?

I think that's it...so have fun ya'll:)
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hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
It says on my list that some "Rach" is supposed to send their nominations to me. Who the fuck is Rach? Oh, God, it's not that obnoxious Game of Thrones freak, is it? Well, fuck.
...................Have fun, you guys ;)
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Nicolas97 said…
Second year with Rach !!! :D

I do have one complain! Where is the Haters section and where is the best tag team?? :P
Other than that I'm so fuckin' in <33333

Rach, you obnoxious GoT freak (:P) I'll probably send you a section each day (like tomorrow personality, Wednesday Friendships and stuff) is it ok?? XD
Nicolas97 commented…
+ Sophia bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush fan?? She's so được ưa chuộng here ;) hơn một năm qua
mooshka commented…
Tag team was taken out because we already had so many categories in the friendship are and we didn't want to clutter it! As for haters, honestly it was taken out because there's not really anything on this spot that a lot of us mutually hate. I mean we all mutually don't care about certain things hoặc mutually somewhat dislike certain things...so yeah. But if bạn can think of some hater awards that bạn think would be good. We could consider them;) Oh and Sophia bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush is a good idea...might add her:) hơn một năm qua
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Yes, bạn obnoxious Những người bạn freak, send me a section a day, I don't mind ;) hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Piu95 said…
Just a quick question because I don't remember if it was the case in last year's awards. Do we have to put only one member for each category or can we put several? There's some categories that I just can't choose between two people :p
mooshka commented…
Sorry, I know it's hard but only one member:P hơn một năm qua
Piu95 commented…
Okay :) hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua marakii said…
I'm in :)