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Watch Legend of the Seeker Online for free!
The episodes are of high quality and đường dẫn are working. See if for yourself! Guaranteed no regrets. Be sure to check back every now and then for những thông tin cập nhập on the new episodes in Season 2. Do note that bạn have to install the DivX Web Player as stated on the website itself as the episodes are hosted on servers which makes use of DivX codec to stream episodes in high quality. Do have a look at the website! Thanks for taking your time to read this.
posted by ocd_sylar
LEGEND OF THE SEEKER IS NOT OVER! I encourage everyone to visit "". They still have many ongoing projects to save the seeker. Best part is, most of them are free, and they can be completed without signing up for anything. Please visit the website and fight to save our seeker. It's not over. Legend of the Seeker is a fascinating hiển thị with many amazing characters and it deserves to be fought for. Please fight for it as hard as bạn can. Another thing, be nice if bạn choose to contact anyone about saving the seeker. Try contacting people everyway bạn can, telephone, email, twitter, ốc, ốc sên mail, facebook, and any other ways bạn can think of. It's very important to reach everyone bạn possibly can. And I apologize for sounding psychotic, but I really tình yêu Legend of the Seeker.
posted by walktheline

"Even after 3 years since the show’s cancellation, the Save Our Seeker campaign is still remarkably active and SMGO has received thousands of requests, moving Legend of the Seeker to the voting phase.

If những người hâm mộ can mobilize and get this hiển thị to the required 15,000 votes, we’ll take your requests to the producers and present Legend of the Seeker as a viable crowdfunding opportunity. Once we have their permission, we’ll di chuyển your hiển thị to the funding phase.

Required Votes: 15,000"

There's still over 7000 sự bỏ phiếu to go! PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE THE LINK WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Let's make this happen peeps!
If bạn want to watch legend of the seeker online (no strings attached) with no downloading just sit in your chair and watch the hiển thị go to simple like that. bạn can only watch it for 72 phút and then wait for 54 phút (it goes bởi really fast i dont think they count to 60 each time!) and bạn can type in any hiển thị bạn like. such as 30 rock, house m.d, Glee even saturday night live. so i just wamted to give the những người hâm mộ of any hiển thị a heads up on witch website to go on w/o any of the downloading hoặc credit card. ENJOY! P.S it has every hiển thị of legend of the seeker and thêm to come.
posted by chasebrandstone
As we slowly get used to the characters and stories that is Legend of the Seeker, we must also keep in mind that there is a universal balancing job going on between what the book needs, what the series needs, what bạn can get away with on TV and also the polite jousting going on between ABC and Disney. One wants thêm fluff and the other wants thêm grit. So eventually we end up with Fluffy Grit. I am hoping that as the series continues we are able to take thêm from the sách and try to weave it into the fabric of the episodic stories. Understanding the the writers are basically presenting stories...
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