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Captain of the Teikou GOM,the one who discovered Kuroko's talent
Thinks winning is natural. Currently holds an unbroken winning record

Birthday: 20 December
(going bởi the order of the months in the year, Akashi would be the youngest and Kuroko the oldest, however as pointed out bởi fantaisie Magician, going bởi the Japanese school system, the age order goes like this, starting from the oldest Kise, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara, Akashi and the youngest would be Kuroko. )
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius
Life philosophy:Just settle it quickly
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*In the fanbook, CHARACTERS BIBLE, an early character concept of Kuroko is seen. Not much of his appearance has changed, though he does seemed less gloomy and invisible than in the finished concept.

*On the first character poll, Kuroko ranked first, with 2625 votes. He won again on the một giây poll, this time with 2242 votes.

*His name, Kuroko, is an actual Japanese term. It stands for "stagehands" in Japanese theater. The stagehands are the roles of animals, puppets, objects,... fullfilled bởi the hands of a regular actor. But only his hands are seen, the actor himself is dressed in black and...
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1.    Tsuchida - May 1st
2.    Hyūga - May 16th
3.    Kiyoshi - June 10th
4.    Koganei - September 11th
5.    Izuki - October 23rd
6.    Mitobe - December 3rd
7.    Riko - February 5th
8.    Fukuda - April 26th
9.    Kawahara - May 18th
10.    Kagami - August 2nd
11.    Furihata - November 8th
12.    Kuroko - January 31st

1.    Kiyoshi - 193 cm
2.    Kagami - 190
3.    Mitobe - 186
4.    Fukuda - 180
5.    Hyūga - 178
6.    Tsuchida - 176
7.    Kawahara - 175
8.    Izuki - 174
9.    Koganei - 170
Furihata - 170
10.    Kuroko - 168
11.    Riko - 156 cm

1.    Kagami - 82 kg
2.    Kiyoshi - 81
3.    Mitobe - 78
4.    Fukuda - 70
Tsuchida - 70
5.    Hyūga - 68
6.    Koganei - 67
7.    Kawahara - 64
Izuki - 64
8.    Furihata - 60
9.    Kuroko - 57 kg
10.    Riko - Unknown
Kuroko no Basuke
Kuroko's bóng rổ Season 2 EP 12 Riko vs Satsku's boobs? English Subbed - Edited bởi Mikelle Bandin
Kuroko no Basuke
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Let me tell bạn about Hanamiya Makoto. He’s 17, a một giây năm in Kirisaki Daiichi high school, which is a rich private school known for some of the highest promotion rates in Tokyo, which already means that either he’s smart, dirty rich hoặc both. He also pretty much took over the whole damn club after his first năm and got the coach to quit, then became the captain and student coach for his bóng rổ team in his một giây year. Not just captain. Not just coach.BOTH.

He went to middle school with Imayoshi Shouichi whom we all know is not only badass but also intelligent, and Imayoshi acknowledges...
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