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Source: Sonic the hedgehog 25 years later comics
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the hole knuckles idea allong with the sonic the hedgehog saga began in the 1970's.In 1993 the time the red echidna's first aperence on sega genuis.

in the 90's sonic comics came out after acople of years reserching about knuckles the creator of archie comics đã đưa ý kiến "how about we can do some knuckles comics becouse the new hit game sonic and knucles came out." so thats when julie-su apierd up in.

lots of những người hâm mộ and workers at archie comics put 500,00% of effort each day

speaking of comics the word for comics in Nhật Bản is manga!

ask a questchon to the knuckles the echidna expert
100% know about knuckles!
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‘Run’ Julie-su thought. ’Find him. Run.’ Her legs ached the thêm she ran but, it was no where close to the pain in her heart. She had to find Knuckles. She had see him, touch him, be with him, be for him.

Julie-su ran all through the uncharted woods across Angel Island. ’Run’ Every where she looked she couldn’t find him but, every where she went she felt him. ‘Don’t stop. Run.’
She tore through the thick underbrush of the forest, tears filling her eyes. Her legs gave out and she collapsed, face-first in the mud.

There she lay, crying, cold, and alone. She didn’t move. She...
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Source: Sonic the hedgehog 25 years later comics
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Source: Knuckles the echidna comics
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A knucklesxJulie-su tribute.I dnt own any of the pics.
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hello fanpopers bạn asked for it becose nobody
wants to look on đường dẫn (onley link những người hâm mộ from nintendo)so every one needs news right first up is for sport những người hâm mộ the new game grand terismo 5 is coming your way soon in july hopefully.
now game những người hâm mộ super mario galexcy 2 is out tiếp theo tháng and on watch sonic shorts.
book những người hâm mộ watch out guys! cose if tình yêu phim chiếu rạp as well as sách 4 brand new movie novles are coming bạn way like toy story 3,shrek 4 ever arfter,marmaduke,and price of preisea: sands of những người hâm mộ now guys don't crap your pants
cose like I đã đưa ý kiến prince of preisea,shrek 4'marmaduke and toy story 3!

bài viết bởi dragonmaster2!