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Why are they canceling the tour?? That is fucked. At first they were humble and now they are pussies, After 2 shows canceled, NOT wasting my time anymore. Fuck these guys. HOW HARD IS YOUR JOB??????

 poppajimbo27 posted hơn một năm qua
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Jarhead said:
There is no denying Caleb has a serious problem with alcohol and anxiety. He and the band had been touring since their album came out. And then right before they played Slane lâu đài (in Ireland), Their uncle Cleo died.
Now imagine bạn have been away from trang chủ for six months, imagine a relative has died and bạn have to miss his/her funeral because your in Europe. And once bạn get back to your trang chủ country, bạn can't go back to visit the rest of your family and mourn because bạn have to start another tour. Now add alcoholism to the picture.......Doesn't seem appealing, does it?
True KOL những người hâm mộ will understand why they canceled the tour.....the rest such as yourself, need to realize rock stars are not super-beings. they're just as human as everybody else.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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