Vương quốc trái tim Dx help me!

LillySnuggles posted on Sep 21, 2011 at 08:00AM
w= i know this is most likely not asked at all .. but i need a master =w= im a stray D: and i dont want to be :/ me being lily from the movie alpha and omega. and i need someone to look out for me =w= on here plz? Dx i do want a girl master so no boy's thank you :/ so anyone thats a girl who might want me as there pet? plz leave a comment. and i know most kingdom heart's fan's dont know about the movie alpha and omega well if you dont look up lily from alpha and omega on google =w= it will show pics of her c; shes such a pretty wolf <3 again i really need a master Dx plz someone take me in ;w;

and you know what? heres the wiki about lily :/ so you will see what she looks like and know everything about her. link

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