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This is for the Revelation Hearts Rp, this is the story before the story, told bởi Hikari and Yami. Enjoy!:)

~ Part 1: ->

Deep within the outer corners of the universe, nestled within a foggy cosmos of stardust, was a small pale blue world called Castaway. It got its name because it was casted away from all of the other worlds and is the only thing remaining of the once unified Kingdom Hearts.

Only a few people found themselves onto the planet. Together, a city was built in the center of the world and they called it tim, trái tim City, in remembrance of Kingdom Hearts.

Four different sectors lied outside...
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 A little bit on what Sayuri looks like:)
A little bit on what Sayuri looks like:)
Okay, so here's the third chapter of this! Hope bạn all like and PLEASE COMMENT!! ^.^

We immediately arrive in Hollow Bas- I mean, The Radiant Garden.

"Let's go find Leon and everyone," Sora said, and along the way to Merlin's house, we saw just how much this place has improved.
When we came to the house, Sora opened the door and went in before Kairi and I could stop him and tell him to knock first.

"Hey, everybody!" Sora shouted to everyone, and they all jumped.

"Huh? Sora..." Leon mumbled after he jumped.

"Jeez, Sora! Ever heard of knocking?" Yuffie asked him and he smiled sheepishly.

"We're here...
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 Queen Minnie
Queen Minnie
As seen in Part 5...

Donald and Goofy opened the door to the Gummi ship and leapt inside.
"All systems check," Goofy cried.
"Ready for take off, in 5...4...3...2...," Donald yelled and the Gummi ship blasted into a worm hole without a sound. Donald checked the gauges and shouted, "First stop, Hollow Bastion!"

. . .

Sora watched as his Những người bạn distantly flew off; a gust of smoke guttering out of the Gummi ship as they were Mất tích to sight. King Mickey gesticulated with his arm, "Don't worry Sora, they'll be back before bạn even know it." Sora nodded, "I hope so..." The King motioned for them to...
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 King Mickey Without His Organization XIII áo choàng
King Mickey Without His Organization XIII Cloak
As Seen In Part 4...

“So much thinking to do,” Xemnas mumbled, with one hand on his forehead, “Hmm.” He turned and strode down the stairs, unobtrusively. As he turned the corner, there was another flight of stairs that led to a bigger chamber. There, illuminated in the moonlight, was his answer.


He gazed in awe and wonder at a majestic machine, "How could I have not thought of this before," he questioned himself. It was a perfectly designed machine, majestic and powerful. Built with a chamber as if to hold something, it was yellow and purple, with a tip that looked as deadly as...
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 King Mickey
King Mickey
As seen in Part 3...

Minnie was startled and jumped at the sound of his voice. Axel took out his weapon of flames and struck Minnie several times, knocking her flat. He turned her over and let loose a gasp of shock, "The Queen?!?! What do bạn think you're doing here?!?!" The Queen struggled helplessly as she was pulled upright. Axel murmurred under his breath, "Excellent...huhuh."

. . .

Sora, Donald, and Goofy had been wandering the many corridors of the lâu đài for a long time now, while each of them became thêm and thêm anxious.
"Where do bạn think the cells are, Goofy?"
"I have no idea..."...
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 Queen Minnie
Queen Minnie
As seen in Part 1...

"The King!?!?! Oh no!! Don't worry, your Majesty, we'll rescue him, no matter what it takes! Come on bạn two!" The Queen pondered for a moment, and then shouted, "Wait!" She ran towards them, "I'm coming with you."
"Whaaa? Are bạn sure your Majesty? It can get pretty rough out there. And, if anything happened to you, I don't know what I'd do to forgive myself." Sora stammered.
"Of course i'm sure!" The Queen replied, "Don't be so silly, he's my husband!" Sora replied, "I don't know... What do bạn say guys?" Goofy said, "Well, I guess she has the right, uh, I mean, well,...
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'The body, the mind, the heart.
Once together, now apart.
Begin the fight for land of heart
From which the three did part.

A God of mind, from the Heart,
And from his Body his soul never parts.
The blood of Shadows as a friend joins,
And terms of bond are coined.

Name and rage of flame jumps in,
As well as Chaos, to atone for blood's sin.
Defeat the ones first master fought,
and entrance to Hearts is all but bought.

Though, there is one key, of soul and bone,
Which, on the darkness, the blade is honed.
To open the door to the light,
the three must unite.

Thus the fight to unite the three,
Under Heaven, under...
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Thanks to all those who read the last chapter, oh, and please be apart of the War of Hearts Rp!!! It's really fun to do!:D

~2. New and Mysterious

uddenly, a great light shone before me in the dark. And the Key responded to it, so - as if on instinct - I lifted the magic Key and pointed it right at the light. I heard a sound, like a door opening, and suddenly I was engulfed in the pleasant warmth of light.

Very slowly, I opened my eyes and blinked a few times until my vision cleared. I immediately saw tall town-like buildings, a white stoned ground (the ground I was sitting on), and clear, open...
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