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posted by ImAnEasel
Author's note: This explains why King Julien hates Mort and why he has a phobia about his feet being touched. Or, at least, it explains MY theories. It's also the first fanfiction I've written that has any death in it... Enjoy! XD

One day, Marlene decided to visit the vong linh, vượn cáo habitat. She wanted to ask King Julien a câu hỏi - it was something that had been bothering her for a long time.
"Mort! Off the royal feet!" Came King Julien's voice and, when Marlene looked up, she saw Mort flying high in the sky. It looked like he was going to land in the park. King Julien must have been practising. When...
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King Julien!
He is so coolien!
And my favourite number is

He has his own month,
he has his own day!
We all tình yêu him so much,
thêm than we can say!

He is the coolest of the cool
and he's ever so cute!
And he's not THAT much of a fool,
all those haters need a shoot!

And so this not-so-good poem
must come to an end.
And now, it is comments
that bạn all must send!

Ok, he is that much of a fool. Also I don't actually want to SHOOT haters. I was struggling for things that rhymed! bởi the way, this end paragraph that you're đọc now is just here because it wouldn't allow me to post an bài viết that short. I don't know why.