Kim Possible Which 'Rappin' Drakken' quote is your favorite?

Pick one:
Kim: "Wait, no count down?" Shego: "No, he's actually learning."
Kim: "Maybe we should get out of here." Shego: "Good call."
Shego: &# 34; I was listening to that!&# 34; Drakken: &# 34; Ugg,...
Shego: "I was listening to that!" Drakken: "Ugg, hip hop, I don't get it."
"Points for full disclosure."
"So Drakken's self foiling now..."
Drakken: *Rants* Shego: "Oh no." Drakken: *More ranting* Shego: "Please no."
Drakken: "It's Friday and we all know what that means." Shego: "Karaoke night."
&# 34; I think bạ n have achieved, so dumb it might...
"I think bạn have achieved, so dumb it might work."
 zanhar1 posted hơn một năm qua
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