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"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! CHEETAH CHUG XE HAS NEVER FAILED BEFORE!!!" Gunther started crying, when all of a sudden a mysterious girl stopped bởi the side of the road in her Caliber.
She leaned out of the side of the car and asked "What's your name?"
"Gunther. Gunther Magnuson... Did I see bạn somewhere before?"
"Yeah, my name's Morgana. Aren't bạn a friend of Kick? What are bạn guys doin' out here and why's Kick laying on the ground?"
"He's either knocked out hoặc dead..... And how did bạn know Kick's name?"
"I'm a friend of his mother. I was on my way to your house right now. And yes, I live in Tenessee....
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posted by yoyo98
Gunther was fast asleep for 3 days. Kick decided to slap him across the face, waking him up.
"What.......... What's going on?"
"You were asleep for 3 days straight. We're going twice as far as we did today." Gunther sat up, his back in pain from the mattress at jail and sleeping on the hard ground.
Curious, Kick asked "Are bạn okay?"
"No, my back hurts really bad. I feel like I'm gonna die......" Even though he slept for three days straight, he was extremely drowsy.
"Kick, I'm tired."
Kick thought in his mind "How can he be tired?!"
"We're too far from the hotel to head back."
"I-........ zzz..........
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posted by yoyo98
Kick and Gunther headed to a nearby
grocery store.
Gunther went straight to the Cheetah Chug.
"Don't steal anything Gunther." Kick scolded.
"Sorry........" Gunther had an ashamed look on his face. After buying some food, drinks and a bag to keep the stuff in, they headed out
to the unlocked hotel room, where they stayed for the the rest of the ngày and night. Kick was exhausted still from the party last night still and got no sleep because Gunther's loud snoring.
Before Kick went to bed, he told Gunther not to do anything bad while he was sleeping. He đã đưa ý kiến okay, but he didn't say it like he understood. Gunther knew he had a bad habit of stealing Cheetah Chug, but never did anything to stop it. Plus, now that Kick has told him not to do anything bad, HE WILL.
Gunther literally was wide awake all night, and got no sleep, so he was half asleep and delerious in the morning.
" Uuuuuggghhhhh............ I'm sooo
tired.......... zzz............... zzzzz...
........zzz............" Gunther finally fell asleep, but was awakened bởi Kick.
"Wake up, Gunther! I think found a way to get the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the cliff. But before we can do anything, we'll have to wait to even test it. With broken bones, bạn won't be able to hold on to Ol' Blue. Plus, bạn can't even walk right now."
"How long will that take?" Gunther was extremely worried.
"Probably just a few thêm days..."
"Oh....... zzz.......... zzz......" Gunther fell asleep.
"Gunther!........ Are bạn okay?" Kick asked him, waking him up. "Yeah, I couldnt sleep last night because I was wide awake......... zzz
................... zzz........."
"Well, I guess I'll see him in the afternoon then...." Kick mumbled.
Kick went to gather thêm thực phẩm and water for day.
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Artist: Cascada Song: Bad Boy (radio edit)
kick buttowski
kendall perkins
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Alright, let me first go way back to 1983, my năm of birth! I always knew I had a thing for cartoons, I remember watching Ducktales and Winnie The Pooh on weekend mornings, my first cartoon crush was Jessica Rabbit. In the 90's I moved on to Sonic The Hedgehog and mostly everything Disney and Warner Bros. I liked Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic, those dames were kick-ass!! Then in 1997 i saw the movie không gian Jam, bạn know the one with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, and I was blown off-chair bởi one girl. Lola Bunny! Wow, "what a babe", I thought! I knew I was in love! Now,...
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the greatest kickxkendall video I ever seen so far
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posted by yoyo98
"WOOHOO!" I'm going on vacation! Gunther yelled. He packed his things and literally fell down the stairs.
"Ouch....." After whipping the door open and running out the door, Kick was riding around on Ol' Blue outside. Both of them crashed into each other.
"Gunther, are bạn okay?"
"Yeah,......... Ooh,'chicken wings!" Gunther saw a garbage can filled with moldy, uneaten chicken wings and ate them.
"Gunther, what are bạn doing?"
"Eating chicken wings someone's trash. They're actually very tasty.....
......zzz..........zzz" It was 5:00am at the time.
Waking up Gunther and pulling him bởi the wrist,...
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Kick ignored Gunther's warnings, grabbed Gunther's hand, hopped onto Ol' Blue and bolted onto the cliff.
"And of course, he doesn't listen to me........sigh." Gunther mumbled. Kick was wrong about them landing on hàng đầu, đầu trang of the cliff. They in mid air, when all of a sudden, they missed their target.
"Aw, biscuits!"
"See, I told bạn it was a bad idea!" Gunther scolded. Now they were plumitting down from the sky, racing down a hill. So many obstacles were in Ol Blue's path. Many trees, piles of leaves, and ponds were in their way. Gunther started screaming, covering his eyes with his hands.
"WOOOOHOOOOO!" Kick screamed.
He wasn't paying attention. CRASH! Ol' Blue crashed right into a tree.
"Are we dead?"
"No, Gunther. am I gonna fix this?"
"I'm tired' Kick. Can I take a nap?"
"Gunther, we can't! We have to keep moving!"
1 WEEK LATER......
It was morning time. Gunther was tired of being pushed on Ol' Blue, so he tried to stand up and walk around. At first he was a little wobbly from not walking for a few weeks, but he was able to stand and walk around again.
Gunther started to dance around and yelled "WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!"
This woke up Kick.
"Gunther, why are bạn dancing around?...... wait........ dancing? So
that means-"
"YEAH! I CAN WALK AGAIN!!!" Gunther screamed.
"Come on, Gunther. Let's go back to where we came from." Gunther was still dancing around, like this was the most happiest ngày of his life.
"What happened...
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posted by yoyo98
It was a hot, summer day. Gunther and his family were getting ready for a road trip. They were packing their things then Kick rode over on Ol' Blue to visit Gunther.
"Hey, Gunther what's goin' on?"
"Me and my family are going on a road trip do bạn wanna come? My parents đã đưa ý kiến it was-"
"Heck yeah! That's why I came to your house!" Kick yelled, excited.
"Come on, Kick, let's get in the car!
WOOHOO!" Gunther yelled, excited.
"......I brought salty snacks, Kick!"
"........And I brought the Cheetah Chug."
"Wher are we going, anyway? We're going in the wilderness!" Gunther yelled while dancing in excitement.
"WOOHOO!" Kick yelled.
posted by yoyo98
That night, since Kick wasn't aloud to come out of his room, he decided to sneak out of the house at midnight. He gabbed Ol' Blue and climbed out the window, down the house, avoiding any windows (his parents were still awake) a slipped.
"Aw, bicuits!"
Kick smashed into the ground, head first. He was in a lot of pain, and struggled to get up (he still has a broken arm). He bolted down a huge ramp, and crashed through a tường into Gunther's bedroom.
"Quiet, Gunther! You're going to wake up your parents!"
"Aren't bạn grounded?"
"Gunther, I need to talk to you."
"Why? It's 12:30 in the morning!....zzz"
"Gunther! Seriously, who do bạn think destroyed my house the other day?"
"Maybe it was Osckar........Remember how upset he was when bạn ran in to him?.......zzzzz"
"Gunther! You're a genius!
Kick thought in his mind " Gunther's a genius! ........ Maybe. To see if it's Osckar for sure I'll have to set up cameras around the house."