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posted by blackpanther666
The Ecological Balance Hypothesis


Over the last few years I have been observing and analysing the human population abusing the natural world, with a select few people interested in its well-being. The natural world itself is a very delicate mixture of organisms, animal and plant alike. As James Lovelock has noted several times, the Earth is like a super-organism, where everything biological is connected in ways that the human brain cannot even begin to grasp at the depths of its complexity. Like the many parts of the brain that connect to one another, the natural world is very similar...
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posted by DoctorSpud
I was just being forced to rake some leaves up in the back yard when I came up with the idea of this soapbox. Here you'll find several reasons why leaf raking is not only boring, but a disadvantage to the Earth.

-OK, first off, leaves are obviously biodegradable. So if we left the leaves alone they would slowly degrade. They would make the cỏ greener, the soil richer, and even make everything slightly healthier for the animals!
-Unfortunately many people don't do that. They break their backs raking up those poor leaves and burn them, which obviously isn't very good for the environment.
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posted by hellgirl223
 Keep the earth going green and conserve the green energy!
Keep the earth going green and conserve the green energy!
Ok, basically, this is just a basic bài viết about the environment. I'll cover three main topics:
1. Why we need the environment
2. What damages the environment are having
3. How can we help to solve those problems.

Why do we need the environment?
1. We LIVE in it- We need the environment as much as the environment needs us and we live in it, therefore if bạn don't want humanity to end, keep the environment an toàn, két an toàn in order for us to live and the environment to live. If Earth provided us with things to keep us living, how can we repay?

2. Resources and Needs- Since we live in it, we get the resources...
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posted by ilovereading
Our society loves stories. Especially those about heroes. They beat the villains and save the world/Galaxy/Universe/humanity from destruction. It often requires some kind of sacrifice, like life hoặc personal happiness, but hey! It's for the greater good! We than get the enlightened feeling of how we would do it ourselves, if we had a chance. Wouldn't we?

Obviously no. We in fact have a problem that can put us and our world in serious danger. It's just that this time, there isn't a villain bạn can put behind bars. No dictators hoặc maniacs with laughing issues. This time, the villains won't stop....
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I really mean it! What would bạn be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would bạn be able to do if nghề viết văn fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would bạn do if it's illegal to do a cover of your yêu thích song on YouTube? What would bạn do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would bạn do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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posted by twilight_23
Greenhouse gases are gases in Earth’s atmosphere that absorb and release radiation in the atmosphere. The main greenhouse gases on Earth are Nitrogen, which makes up 78% of Earth’s air, and Oxygen, which makes up 21% of Earth’s air. Methane is also a major greenhouse gas and it is emitted from both human and natural activity. Naturally, Methane is released from some activity such as wetlands, oceans, fresh water bodies, and wildfires. Human activities also releases a large amount of Methane into Earth’s atmosphere. Some of these human activities include fossil fuel burning, cơm, gạo cultivation,...
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Unless the pace of global warming slows hoặc stops, polar bears could disappear within a century, says a trường đại học of Alberta expert in Arctic ecosystems.

While it has been known for some time that the polar chịu, gấu is in trouble, new research shows that Arctic ice - the polar bear's primary habitat - is melting much faster than scientists had believed, says U of A biologist Dr. Andrew Derocher.

"The climate predictions coming out are hiển thị massive changes in sea-ice distribution," đã đưa ý kiến Derocher, who follows polar bears to see how they adapt to changing conditions. If the predictions are correct,...
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posted by africagirl
We overlook the death of this world, as it slowly dies, collapses.
How cold wind blows Mất tích bởi dead trees, poisoning the gieo, lợn nái destruction.

We ignore that destruction wins, nature is on its last legs.
We see past the deception and violence, as the call for peace fade away.
How clink expensive weapons, such as money rules, humanity loses all sense of proportion.

We see how động vật are tortured and brutally murdered.

We take the lives of those who deserve to live and we let those alive who are not ready to give.
We ignore what the famine us tells, we know how to waste what's missing the poor.
We ignore...
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