Katie Holmes Rachel Dawes VS Rachel Dawes

JarOfMemories posted on Aug 26, 2009 at 06:41AM
Dare I bring up such an old topic.

Let go of all that hate you just might have for either Holmes or Gyllenhaal. Who's Rachel was written better doesn't matter. Forget who you think is better looking. Forget what other opinions you've read in forums -push everything aside and think for yourself.
Who do YOU think made the better Rachel Dawes?

As far as I'm concerned, Katie Holmes did, and I would love to comment on those who thought Holmes' Rachel was 'whiny'. I strongly -but respectfully- disagree with that. Rachel Dawes does what she does to protect those that can't protect themselves, to lend a voice to those that can't speak up, to serve justice. She is head strong and unfailing in her commitment to her work and seeing a safer Gotham. -This is the strong woman I saw played through Katie Holmes. It's a shame Gyllenhaal felt she had to change that.

(Also, I'd like to point out that Rachel Dawes was an original character in Nolan's Batman movie. So the only reference is the first actress who played her. Just saying.)


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