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posted by keturahk
i first discovered kat-tun when i typed in "the wallflower" into googel the wallflower is my yêu thích anime. i watched the english verison. but in the japense version kat-tun are the voice actors. they also play in a movie version of the wallflower in japan. i saw them and found they are also a âm nhạc group. i listened to there âm nhạc and i fell in love. i am now a huge người hâm mộ >.< there danceing,style,singing and diễn xuất abiltys are amzeing and i find my self turning into a "fan girl" for them *shudder* >.< LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
posted by Emma4ang3l
Title: Late Love

Pair: Akame ( Kamenashi Kazuya & Akanishi Jin)
Rating: PG-13 ( no sexual language, nothing related)

Summary: A sad story which reveals the late tình yêu between 2 boys.

It was a sunny ngày for the people in Japan, and one of the most relaxing seasons for high school students.

The trees were in bloom, especially the sakura ones, the most beautiful and beloved things bởi the Japanese people.

Under a sakura cây a student was đọc a book, a romance novel named “Late Love”. The boy’s name is Akanishi Jin, a calm and beautiful student among all the others. But he had a deep and...
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