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It isn’t everyday that a âm nhạc super ngôi sao graces our televisions sets in a serious diễn xuất role. Yes, 15-year-old (that’s what his myspace page says), Canadian-born, baby-faced, sensation Justin Bieber has new, and not so small role on hit CBS series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. EW.com informed the masses that, just like Taylor nhanh, swift before him, the singer would appear on the Las Vegas drama, portraying Jason McCann, “a troubled teen who is faced with a tough decision involving his only brother.” In fact his first appearance will initiate a story arc that will continue to develop later on in the season, meaning Biwber will be back on the show. Did bạn celebrate July 4th with Bieber?
Đội điều tra hiện trường producers stated: ”Every 20 years, a phenomenon like Justin Bieber graces our world. We’d like to believe that the phenomenon of Đội điều tra hiện trường has had the same impact on được ưa chuộng culture. The opportunity to bring them together in the premiere is a great treat for our audience and all of its new viewers. This will be true event television. We’re looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to Justin’s dramatic ngôi sao turn, not only in the premiere, but in a continuing seasonal arc.” Bieber did tweet about his new gig, typing, “Getting into some trouble RT @CBSTweet: @justinbieber to guest ngôi sao on #CSI season premiere
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He loves her … he loves her not — TMZ has learned, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomezhave broken up multiple times in the last few months.

Sources in a position to know tell us, Biebs and Selena most recently ended things last week — but have since decided to give their relationship another try … kinda.

We’re told Justin and Selena’s current situation is tenuous … they’re not “solid” … they’re just figuring things out.

They’ve been dating for roughly a năm and a half.

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Whats ur yêu thích JB song?? I tình yêu them all, but here are some lyrics to the ones that I think are the best:

Justin Bieber - Pick Me Lyrics

Woah oh yeah
(Woah oh yeah)
Eh Eh
Woah oh oh oh yeah
You’re the finest girl i’ve ever seen
And i wanna do bạn know this
Every guy bạn meet ends up having feelings for ya
You can any of ‘em
You can take your pick
But bạn need to check with me
Girl I promise I
I can take ya to the movies
We’ll be there holding hands
I’ll walk bạn trang chủ from school
I’ll walk bạn to your classes
Playing my 360 yeah you’ll be my best friend
But most of all baby doll you’ll be my...
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IN the late afternoon chilly dark, the pop ngôi sao Justin Bieber, 15, emerged from the radio station in Providence, R.I., where he had just been interviewed. As if on cue, a large pack of tween girls screamed and pounced.

With his mother, Pattie Mallette, in Providence, R.I.

So did their mothers.

“Justin, my daughter Elizabeth is going to your hiển thị tonight!” shouted one woman, shoving girls out of the way to push her cellphone camera in Mr. Bieber’s face. “Want a play ngày with her, Justin?”

A shriek, presumably from the mortified Elizabeth: “Mom!”

Justin, blessed with excellent mop-top...
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Last week, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber stared at one another across the abyss that is the Internet. The two were engaged in a head-to-head battle over who would score thêm YouTube views, as both Bieber's "Baby" and Gaga's "Bad Romance" were barreling headlong toward 250 million total streams (a staggering number for anybody). Bieber's clip ultimately surged ahead (he's currently up bởi nearly four million views), leaving Gaga in một giây place.
But there is another area where Gaga is dominant. Recently, she celebrated crossing the five million follower threshold on her Twitter account, making her...
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He is now one of the world’s biggest-selling artists but there are some days when Justin wishes he could lead a thêm normal lifestyle. Yesterday was one of those days, with Justin being unable to talk despite being at an amazing party because he had to rest his voice.
“been resting all day. Vocal rest still sucks but needed. Gotta chill but trying to party. My baby Jesus likes to party,” he wrote on his Twitter page. Justin was feeling frustrated and grumpy bởi the end of the day, but was instantly cheered up when he ran into some of his fans. The teen girls had the singer laughing in seconds, and he thanked them in a short post on the social networking site a few hours later.
“my những người hâm mộ are a good time. they have amazing sense of humor and always lift the spirits. thanks for being there. vocal rest still sucks :)” he wrote.
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Oh, oh oh oh [x3]
(And I pray)

I just can't sleep tonight.
Knowing that things ain't right.
It's in the papers, it's on the TV, it's everywhere that I go.
Children are crying.
Soldiers are dying.
Some people don't have a home.

But I know there's sunshine beyond that rain
I know there's good times behind that pain
Hey, can bạn tell me how I can make a change?

I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray
I close my eyes and I can see a better day
I close my eyes and pray

I lose my appetite
Knowing kids starve tonight.
Am I a sinner 'cause half my bữa tối, bữa ăn tối is still there on my plate?
Ooh, I...
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