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posted by visualkat

1st Ice - Black Gene
1st Natsuki - Oz
2nd Yuu - Art Cube
2nd Jekyll - Elm
3rd Riku - Chariots/Ex Phantasmagoria/Lin
3rd Toyha - Vistlip
3rd Hirari - Downer
4th Rara - Cube
5th Yosuke - Alsdead
5th bạn - Vice
6th 834 - Jackman
7th Rumina - Ex Deep Rave
7th Hibiki - Ribelio
8th Chikage - Megaromania
8th Shou - Awoi
8th Mizuki - Sadie
8th Suzune - Ex AND
8th Daisuke - Jupiter
9th Takeru - Depain
10th Iori - Ex Phantasmagoria
10th Mirai - Vexent
11th Junji Tokai – Kiryu
11th Atsuki - Pentagon
11th Haru - XaaXaa
12th Mizuki - Dog in the PWO
13th Tomo - Vistlip
13th Ayuki - Ex Nightingeil
14th Setsuna - La'veil Mizeria...
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Japan's King Of Indies Rock, ANTI FEMINISM celebrates 30th Anniversary at AMPLYFI Hollywood, CA on July 5th 2015.

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 19th 2015- Crazy and outraging KENZI will return to the States on July 5th at Amplyfi Hollywood with the full member of ANTI FEMINISM celebrating their 30th Anniversary along with recently announced Kon and Nao from CELL and La'Mule. The upcoming hiển thị will be at the VNITED (pronounced United) âm nhạc FEST 2015 planning to invite several thêm guests from Nhật Bản as well as local indies bands in Los Angeles. A trailer video was uploaded early this week bởi promoters...
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"WE ARE, WE ARE, WE ARE. WE ARE. WE ARE, WE ARE ............" It has been almost a week already since X took down Toronto Massey Hall with over 2000 passionate những người hâm mộ on October 7. If bạn are one of the lucky những người hâm mộ that night, probably bạn will still have that endless chanting running through your head. Yes!!!!!! "We are, we are, we are .... bạn are, bạn are, bạn are X!!!!!!!" ^^

A long Mất tích dream was finally fulfilled. A buổi hòa nhạc that had been waited for years and years was at last come true! It was absolutely one of the most blessed moments in my life as I was standing right at the first row before...
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I did one of these for both Symphonic Metal and Kpop and wanted to danh sách of my hàng đầu, đầu trang 100 Jrock songs as well. There were so many great ones that the honorable mentions danh sách is also pretty big. I tried not to do too many songs from the same band so a lot of songs I like aren't even on here.

1. Dazzle Vision - một giây
2. Nega - Guilt Trip
3. Dir En Grey - Obscure
4.Blood Stain Child - Freedom
5. Miyavi - Steal The Sun
6. Miyavi - Long Nights
7. The Gazette - Leech
8. Dir En Grey - Different Sense
9. Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei
10. Miyavi - Mama Papa Nozomarenu Baby
11. Borns - Radical Hysteria
12. Blood Stain Child...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Source: JRock.com

An exclusive xem trước of the new song from Japanese rockers X JAPAN, entitled "I.V." is available on the Jrock Revolution web site.

"I.V." is scheduled to appear in the fourth movie of the record-breaking "Saw" horror franchise.

"Saw IV" comes from the same team that produced "Catacombs", which featured the song "Blue Butterfly", written and produced bởi X Nhật Bản founder Yoshiki.

Approached last July about producing the theme track for "Saw IV", Yoshiki chose to perform the song with X JAPAN.

Written and composed bởi Yoshiki, with lyrics completely in English due to the international...
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