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Who else has noticed that the two films that changed Jennifer Lawrence's career were both made bởi Lionsgate? hoặc am I the only one who's noticed this?

And the two films I'm talking about that have changed Jennifer's career are Winter's Bone (2010) where she was nominated for best actress in a leading role at the academy awards and now The Hunger Games (2012) where she plays the herione Katniss Everdeen. Both phim chiếu rạp are made bởi Lionsgate.
 PersianDestiny posted hơn một năm qua
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QueenofHorror said:
Anonymous Content-The Beaver

Anonymous Content-Winter's Bone

Shame all those studios turned down The hải ly, cướp biển over one scene that HAD to and I mean HAD to be in the movie. Summit, greedy SOB's who know they are going to lose their "cash cow" soon gave it life. I'd say thanks but I'm still hating Twilight
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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