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ellamhp posted on Oct 30, 2012 at 07:12PM
Hey Dirty Dancing Fans,
I would love to have your support on this very special 25th anniversary edition of the soundtrack. This past month, the Dirty Dancing: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition was released. It included the original 12-song album of 1987, along with new bonus features. This special commemorative project reflects Legacy’s direct survey of a portion of the millions of Dirty Dancing fans on Facebook who responded and wished to maintain the experience of the original release by showcasing the original running order of the album as it was first released, without bonus tracks.

We are coming to the fans asking for your help to support this release. If you are interested, please email back at with your name and information. I will then send Dirty Dancing stickers that I would love to have you distribute at your record stores or music stores around your area.

Thank you!
Dirty Dancing Camp

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