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big time rush meets the vampire diaries is the vampire diaries with big time rush chacters in.
the frist episode will be coming though the week.
i dont have a name for it yet so plz commet and i will pick the best one.
good luck.

here are the charcters names and a bit about them.

Kendall Knight-is the new student at high school.

Logan Knight-is also the new guy in town with Kendall.

Katie Diamond-the girl whos parentd died and has to live wuth there aunt.

Beth Basford-Katies best friend.

Lexie Roe-the other friend that bạn are Những người bạn on and off with.

James Diamond-the brother of Katie and will not get over his parents.
posted by MissMaslow
 camille kissing james
camille kissing james
in the new series of big time rush big time bờ biển, bãi biển party, james goes surfing and then when he falls he gets rescued bởi a pretty girl who he suspects is a mermaid. Camille helps him train to be a mermaid if the pretty girl kisses him. when james was about to Kiss the mermaid he talks to Camille when hes a chẻ, phân chia, split một giây away from kissing the mermaid Camille rushes to them to stop it from happening! Is Camille in tình yêu with james? What happend with Logan? Camille is a confusing charecter in this series. could Camille have a secret of her own? bình luận on my bài viết to answer some of these các câu hỏi and bình luận if bạn like my arcticle!

your fellow writer

Thank bạn for đọc this if bạn like this add me> MissMaslow
 camille kissing logan
camille kissing logan
*me&James decided to finally have sex tomorrow,so he walked me home&we talked,we both had sexy smiles on our faces&we were laughing&putting arms around each other&talking about our future(sex ngày AKA tomorrow)&other stuff...*Me:so ur fav chips r ranch doritos...James:right! me:u made good grades n school...James:go on... Me:&....u sleep n ur underwear!James:yeah!Me:well,i hope u wear underwear with hearts&Dora on em'!*we laughed&he put his arms n 2 positions:1 around my shoulder&the other over my chest*James:shut up!*laughs more*so were really gna have...
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posted by DezrayMaslow13
One ngày his manager called my phone and asked if I wanted to meet him. I đã đưa ý kiến sure that sounds cool. So he asked for directions to my house. I gave him my address. He gave it to James. The tiếp theo ngày ,he was at my house. He đã đưa ý kiến hi I đã đưa ý kiến hi back. After we met I gave him my number. Two hours later he texted me. He told me he needed to ask me something important that he couldn't text me. Ten phút later he was at my door with some gifts for me. He came inside . He asked will bạn go out with me? " I đã đưa ý kiến yes. From then on we were boyfriend and girlfriend. THE END
There are so many words that can be used to describe James... Perfection is one. Who says no one can be perfect? Obviously someone who hasn't seen James before. James Maslow has it all!!! He has the looks, the personality, the talent, and the desire to be the best at what he does!!! Everything he does (even the little things) James has the anticipation to do it!!! His laugh and his smile are bởi far the most fantastic dreams that are envied bởi so many!!! When he sings, he sounds beautifully angelic and when he smiles, I feel the need to wear my sunglasses!!! He is the sunshine that makes the...
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posted by Clau2009btr
Babe, yeah
There's rumors flyin' 'round my head
They say, you've been sleeping with another man
Tell me it ain't nothing (console me)
Shout it baby I'm still (the only)
Without these fingers pointing
So won't bạn now, now.

Got me thinkin about this love
Got me wonderin about us
And I don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna hear it
Even if what they say is true
Let's pretend that it wasn't true
Baby don't believe it
Cause I don't wanna hear it

Don't wanna hear these lies lies lies lies
Don't wanna hear these lies lies lies lies
Got me thinkin about this love
Got me wonderin about us
And I don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna hear it

Babe, yeah
These heavy whispers breathing down my neck
No way, could bạn be playing me behind my back
Tell me it ain't nothing (console me)
Shout it baby I'm still (the only)
bạn fall asleep on james's chest his head lays on yours whilst he drifts of.
it gets to midnight and james wakes up, he lies bạn down on the đi văng and tucks bạn in. he kisses bạn on the cheek and whispers "goodnight beautiful"

you wake up in the morning feeling that it was stupid to be that upset over jet, bạn now know that he's just a stupid little player and who needs him?
you start to feel ALOT for james and bạn just want to hug him and Kiss him till he's breathless.

james - morning sleepy head ;)

you - haha morning james, and i just want to say that your right - jet is nothing and i guess...
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your still crying and even when bạn try to stop your head just falls into your hands. the door in front of bạn opens and james comes out (he heard crying)

james - oh my gosh whats wrong??

he sits down tiếp theo to bạn and wraps his arms around you, trying to comfort you. bạn rest your head on him and tell him what happened whilst breaking into tears through out the story.


you - no james please just leave it, you'll only make it worse for me!

james - im sorry it's just, how could he do that?

you - easily, she was so much prettier than me :'(

james - that's impossible.

you hug eachother...
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me is driving a car and some how ends up at James Maslow's house

Me: (knock's at his door) xin chào I tình yêu u James Maslow can I come in?
James: sure come on in.
Me: OMJ im at James Maslow's house!!
James: chill dude.
Me: Your James Maslow how can I?
James: Oh yeah your right bạn can't.
Me: can I stay here forever?
James: sure!!
Me:Yes!! *fitst pumps*
James: it's all chill dude.
Me: Your House is epic Bro!!
ten giây later my Bro comes in
My Bro: xin chào James Maslow.
James: Hi.
Me: im staying here forever and ever!!
James: Yes she is.
Bro: ok I am to!
James: ok bạn both can stay here forever!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bạn look at james and see glimmer in his eyes - it lets bạn know that he's telling the truth, bạn put your hand on his cheek and lean in to Kiss him...you get interrupted bởi footsteps walking up to bạn both. bạn look up and see jet.

james - bạn better walk away right now before i get REAL angry.

jet - wow im so scared *laughs*

james - haha i would cú đấm bạn but your not even worth the energy.

james grabs your hand, pulls bạn close and walks away.

jet - fine have the DOG, she's frigid anyway.

you squeeze james's hand to stop yourself crying, james immediately turns around and punches jet in the face,...
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posted by mayasxox
James and Bethany bumped each other in a party and from that ngày they were like soul mates but they weren't sure that Bethany liked James hoặc James likes bethany so they decided to hide their feelings the they ngày and their refashionship gets complicated and the break up but they just can't stop thinking about each other so they work it somehow but bethany already had fell for Kendall from big time rush and they are dating so yaa but Kendall understands and he starts dating Bethany's BFF Natasha so ya and then bethany discovers she is pregnant and she didn't even marry james she thought he will be angry so she hides it from him until he sees the pregnancy test and joy tears drops out of his eyes and then they arrange their marriage went to their honeymoon to Hawaii and it was amazing soo ya enjoy.....but then bethany gets sick and the doctors say she may hoặc may not live so ya but hopefully she lives so enjoy subscribe to my Youtube channel
bạn go trang chủ and bạn see that there's a message on your answering machine. bạn press play and it says: "hi it's micheal joan from the audition bạn went to a couple of weeks ago, bạn probably don't know who i am but i was in the crowd and i thought: if she's not a ngôi sao i don't know who is! so i've decided to sign you. witch means your gonna be famous! call me back"

you start screaming in excitement and bạn call micheal back

micheal - hello? is that (your name)?

you - yes hi!

micheal - are bạn ready to live it big time?

you - yes times 10000000!

the conversation goes on - he gives bạn the details...
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bạn walk into the palmwoods *smiling*

you - im gonna tình yêu it here!

all the members of big time rush see you, james's tim, trái tim races.

james - hi im james maslow

you - oh my gosh from big time rush! awesome :D

you wave and walk to the lobby so bạn can get your key for your new apartment (your trying to make it as a singer bởi the way).

carlos - *looks at james* oh he's in tình yêu ;D
james - shut up carlos! *pushes playfully*

3 days go bởi and bạn havent seen any sign of BTR hoặc james, but then bạn hear a knock on your door - bạn open it and see its all four of them sttood there.

kendall - here's a plant, it's...
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a week goes bởi and still nothing between bạn and james happens even though bạn both really want it to, but james doesnt think bạn like him and bạn dont think he likes you! so bạn both decide to hide your feelings.

your walking in the lobby when bạn see a flyer saying *school prom this friday*

you - :O thats tommorow!...maybe i should ask james? ..naaah if he likes me he'll ask me!

james already knows about the dance, he wonders if he should ask bạn but decides not to been as in his mind bạn just want to be friends. he call's another girl (who he doesnt like at all)

james - hey

emily - hi?

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james sits in his apartment and all he can think about is bạn - carlos starts to feel bad for him because he could tell that bạn only saw james as a good friend.

carlos - come on man lets get bạn a haircut and some new clothes!

james - umm okay...why?

carlos - to try and impress (your name)

james - i cant get her out of my mind...whats wrong with me?

carlos - it's called being in love! lets go get her ;D

james and carlos go shopphing - james gets a haircut and dies it dark brown (like it is now)

carlos - bạn look great bro!

they head back to the palmwoods so that james can ask bạn on a ngày but he see's bạn bởi the pool, your kissing jet.

james just walks away - he doesn't want carlos to see him crying.
James&i left the hospital&got back in his car with him driving.*he looked at me slowly with the corner of his eye quick&cute,i did the same,he did it again,i did it again&grinned,he did it again&smiled,it went on&on faster&faster until eventually,i laughed* James:finally,u'r starting 2 feel better*he đã đưa ý kiến as he smiled,looked in2 my eyes,&leaned in 4 a kiss,he kissed me slowly&heard a car horn* WATCH WHERE U'R GOING,ASSHOLE!*an angry person đã đưa ý kiến as he drove past us,James quickly turned back&kept his eyes on the road,i started 2 laugh my head off,he took...
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*I started crying as Kendall comforted me,the doctor also explained how sorry she was and then left us alone* Kendall:I'm so sorry *he kissed my head* Do bạn want me to call James?
Me:No,I don't want to hear from that demon!
*Kendall looked down and sighed* Kendall:but he's,i mean he was *that right there made me cry even more* the father of your child!
Me:I.said.NO. *I scared Kendall with my reaction*
Kendall:well,ok then.. *he looked away and rolled his eyes in a cute little way*
Me:Can we get the fuck out of here already?
Kendall:Ok,ok!damn,(MN/YN)... *I sent him a death stare*
Kendall:I'm sorry,I'm...
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*Kendall sat bởi me on the right of the đi văng as I cried and James and Carlos talked priviately again in James' room,Kendall was just playing with my hair and kept kissing my cheeks and forehead* Kendall:it's ok,baby... *he kissed my forehead again as I cried more* Me:wth is going on?!?can u plz tell me all of this Logan mess?!?y am I involved?!?*i shouted stressfully* Kendall:(MN/YN),u don't need to know,just be calm,u'r pregnant now,i don't want u to harm the baby.. *i looked in his eyes as he stroked my hair and I stopped crying and hugged him* Me:u'r right.i'm going to talk to Logan.*i began...
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*James and I had no idea what was happening!What were Kendall and Carlos whispering?!?y did Logan run outside?!?James and I just stood there* Me:Carlos,y do u look so sad?!?*i đã đưa ý kiến looking at his sad face after whispering something to Kendall* Carlos:*sighed* do u really wanna know?!? James:YES,PLEASE!*he threw his hands in the air* Kendall:*whispered to Carlos* it's time... *he looked at Carlos,then at James and I,and at the ground* Carlos,u first.*he đã đưa ý kiến poking Carlos in the rib* Carlos:about Logan... Umm,James,can I talk to u in priviate?!? James:uhh,sure...*he đã đưa ý kiến looking at me,then gestured...
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I turned my head and he aimed his lips on my cheek.then he backed up slowly and looked at me with a depressing expression on his face.
Me:Kendall,i really like bạn but...I'm not ready.sorry.
Kendall:i understand,it's my fault,i was pushing us too fast.
He was staring at my lips.. i really wanted to Kiss him,i just—it didn't feel right.not the right time hoặc moment,and i didn't want people to see us making out in his car.
Me:no,you weren't.it's just um.. maybe we should get out now.
I didnt know how to end hoặc finish this conversation,so i tried to go around it.Kendall hopped out and opened the car...
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