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Jaden talks about how ACKWARD is was filming the Kiss in Karate Kid. It makes him sound so cute, because he was nervous.(he was 11 hoặc 12) WATCH PLZ
Jaden Smith
the karate kid
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jJustin bieber vs. Jaden smith fighting in hawaii
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Will Smith
willow smith
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Jaden Smith
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Born on july 8th 1998( a năm older than me)is a talented american rapper,actor,dancer and songwriter.He was born at Los Angles.He is a african-American.also from distant west indian,creole ,
,Portugese-jewish.He was born to actor Will Smith and Jada Pinklett Smith.He has a half brother Trey and is a elder brother to Willow Smith.Jaden is home-schooled.
His breakthrouh role was in 2006 film Persuit of happiness as Christopher Gardner.he also appears in the remakes the ngày the earth stood still(Jacob) and the karate kid(Dre Parker)
Jaden rapped alongside with canadian singer Justin Beiber in Never Say Never.
Jaden made a cameo alongside with his bro Trey in the 2002 sequel of Men In Black.