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 IU hình nền (1920 x 1200)
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Source: http://iumushimushi.tumblr.com/image/115207063964
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Fanpup says...

This IU hình nền contains chân dung, headshot, and closeup. There might also be cocktail, vỏ, đầm cocktail, vỏ bọc, cocktail ăn, ăn tối ăn mặc, áo choàng ăn tối, chính thức, trang phục dạ hội, ăn tối, áo choàng cưới, áo choàng buổi tối chính thức, ăn bữa ăn tối, ăn tối váy, áo choàng buổi tối, phù dâu, hầu gái danh dự, and dâu.

lee ji eun
She is making a comeback!

IU will reportedly be starring in tvN‘s upcoming weekend drama, Hotel del Luna, which is set to begin airing this summer.

Hotel Del Luna is a fantaisie drama that revolves around a hotel with wandering spirits. The glamor of Hotel del Luna can only be seen bởi the souls who cannot leave this world. To the average person’s eye, it is simply a shabby old hotel located in the tim, trái tim of Seoul.

The spirits find the hotel under the shining moonlight and receive VIP service that does not exist in the real world. The story follows a super elite hotelier who ends up as the manager...
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