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On a được ưa chuộng online community called Pann, a post compiling sexy các bức ảnh bởi IU recently went viral.

Originally titled, “IU’s sexy photoshoot,” the post compiled IU’s photoshoot where she wore revealing clothing and posed in suggestive ways.







Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who đã bình luận on the original bài viết from our Korean source. The below các bình luận are the most được ưa chuộng các bình luận at the time of this bài viết being published.

[+ 228, – 42] So this is really the image she wanted in the end. Singers need the sexy image to last long. She’s...
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Famous for her tiêu đề as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, IU is the adored Angel of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, IU is every girls’ role model!

But some những người hâm mộ might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits. The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave bạn with a new image perspective of IU bạn never thought of before. Here’s hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black ren dress with see through arms and stomach.
link http://cdn-01.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tumblr_myr1ht91LL1qk12q0o1_1280.jpg,...
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When life gets too stressful, it's always nice to have a best friend who just gets you. The K-Pop world is definitely stress-inducing; and in the midst of paparazzi, rumors, crazy sasaeng fans, harsh netizen comments, and public misconceptions, some idols are lucky to have someone whom they can always count on to be on their side.

Suzy and IU: dưa hấu Sisters
Suzy and IU were not always close. Although the two were co-stars on the famous idol drama 'Dream High', they were known to be pretty awkward around each other. That is until one fateful night, Suzy first approached her fellow K-Pop cutie...
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IU has always been known to be on the slim side, but recently, netizens noted that the singer is looking too skinny, possibly even to the point of being unhealthy.

An bài viết titled 'IU's body keeps diminishing' shows pictures of the singer at an August 18 VIP xem trước for soon-to-premiere 'The Queen of Crime.'

Many netizens left scathing các bình luận on these pictures, bashing IU's thin frame, particularly how skinny her arms look

hàng đầu, đầu trang các bình luận read, "Seriously too skinny without any volume lool," "No hips," "Omg~she's got no character as it is as a celeb but she just looks like a sick person because she's too skinny and without any curves..just look at her arms," "little kiddie body~~~~" "I guess she misses anchovies so much that she's slowly becoming one," "Even women don't like bodies like that," and more.

What do bạn think? Are they being too harsh?

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Famous for her tiêu đề as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, IU is the adored Angel of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, IU is every girls’ role model! But some những người hâm mộ might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits.

The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave bạn with a new image perspective of IU bạn never thought of before. Here’s hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black ren dress with see through arms and stomach.
- link




2. White button up áo sơ mi and black shorts


3. These sweaters...
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A clip of IU from her gần đây Shanghai buổi hòa nhạc has gone viral online after the artist was hit in the face bởi a water bottle thrown bởi a fan.

The incident occurred on November 8th while in Shanghai where IU was performing a concert.

During one of the breaks, IU began speaking to her audience and asked her những người hâm mộ if they could hand her a water bottle. In one video, one người hâm mộ from her right attempted to throw IU a water bottle but came up short on the throw which prompted the singer to ask a người hâm mộ near the front if they could reach it and hand it to her. But just giây after, another water bottle is...
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What do bạn think IU's real personality is like? When I met IU, she was cheerful and lively but polite.

And it seemed that she has a proper sense of value, while she talked in a clever way. Well, bởi the way, here's the one who knows about IU's real personality much better than me. It's famous Kpop lyric writer Kim Eana.

She wrote lyrics of numerous Kpop âm nhạc such as Brown Eyed Girls' 'Abracadabra', Gain's 'Bloom', and Lee Sun Hee's 'Meet him among them'.

She also worked with IU bởi taking part in nghề viết văn IU's 'Good Day' and 'The Red Shoes', and she knows her inside out. Here are Kim Eana's comments...
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During a private showcase Jung Yong Hwa hosted for his first solo album “One Fine Day,” he was questioned whether there are other artists he wants to collaborate with in the future. He answered, “There are so many. For this album I didn’t have any [collaborations] with women artists. For my tiếp theo album, I want to sing a sweet duet with a woman. I have a song prepared already.”

He then added, “The artists I want [to sing with] are IU and Ailee since I’m already close with them. Also, I really want to collaborate with an artist named Sunwoo Jung Ah because she has a unique voice....
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Sometimes, idols have some pretty amazing weight transformations, whether it be from dieting hoặc just from working out hardcore.

We felt these idols definitely deserved attention for their transformations and put them together in a feature. Check out this danh sách titled, “10 Amazing K-Pop Idol Weight Transformations”

1. Jessica
2. Thunder
3. Wendy (Red Velvet)
4. Youngjae (B.A.P)
5. Uee (After School)
6. Yubin (Wonder Girls)
7. Park Bom (2NE1)
8. Mino (WINNER)
9. Gayoon (4MINUTE)
10. IU

source: koreaboo
"Ha-yi sil-jong," hoặc the 'no-pants' fashion, can be literally defined as "missing bottoms," which kinda sounds like a crazy epidemic. And it might as well be one because many of our yêu thích female idols will, at one point in their idol career, go through a phase of wearing something so short on the bottom and wearing a áo sơ mi that covers the bottom, looking pants-less.

But it's really not as bad as it seems! Some of our female idols can totally rock the look with ease and without looking like they are intentionally trying to hiển thị some skin. Here are our hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 female idols who can pull of the...
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The leading actors have been confirmed for the newest Hong Sisters drama!

It was previously revealed that IU and Yeo Jin Goo had received the offers and were reviewing them. On March 6, it was confirmed that both of them are now confirmed to ngôi sao in “Hotel del Luna” (working title).

“Hotel del Luna” is about a mysterious hotel in downtown Seoul where ghosts wander around. IU will play Jang Man Wol, an ill-tempered, grumpy, indecisive, distrustful, and greedy character who is being punished for her wrongdoings. Yeo Jin Goo’s character Goo Chan Sung is an elite hotelier who is a perfectionist...
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IU's official light stick has been revealed!

Along with the announcement about her official người hâm mộ club, Fave Entertainment released các bức ảnh of the singer's official light stick. Light green and white are the theme colors. The light stick will be available in white and silver and it will illuminate a neon yellow light.

những người hâm mộ are glad that IU is finally having an official light stick after 10 years since her debut.
How do bạn like the thiết kế of IU's light stick?

Which âm nhạc related video were the most viewed this năm on Naver TVCast's list? Keep đọc to find out! Naver recently released their danh sách of '2015's Most được ưa chuộng hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 videos', including their âm nhạc list, which mainly consists of MVs.

The most được ưa chuộng music-related video this năm was none other than J.Y. Park's "Who's Your Mama?" with a total of over 1.8 million các lượt xem on Naver. (on YouTube, there's much more, clocking in around 24.5 million views.)

The full list:

1. J.Y. Park - "Who's Your Mama?" MV
2. Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang" MV
3. Psy - "Daddy" MV
4. SHINee - "View" MV
5. IU - "Twenty-three"...
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IU spoke up about her controversial song “Zeze” in her gần đây pictorial and interview with GQ Korea.

In the December issue of GQ magazine, IU said, “A lot of discussion took place around this song, and I saw that many opinions were being thrown out and that the topic of discussion itself was becoming broader, and honestly, I was thankful.”

She added, “While there was a lot of judgement about me as a person, it was a surprise when people politely expressed their opinions and focused on the issue, regardless of whether hoặc not they were criticizing me hoặc defending me.”


She also said,...
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Recently, âm nhạc industry and entertainment experts came together to vote on the best of the best in a phiếu bầu được trao out bởi media portal Asia Today.

The media portal surveyed 100 people that include broadcasters, personnel that worked in film, drama, entertainment, and âm nhạc to vote on the best ngôi sao (actor, entertainer, and singer) from the past 10 years (2005-2010).

So who shined the most in the past 10 years in terms of best song, best solo, and best male and female groups? Find out below!

Find out what Netizens had to say about this bài viết below!

Best Song

#1 | PSY “Gangnam Style” – 51 votes...
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According to an affiliate of IU‘s agency LOEN Entertainment, IU has filed a lawsuit against malicious commenters and netizens on November 17, hiển thị fake các bức ảnh that netizens have used to spread false rumors about her.

The affiliate stated, “We have collected her fake các bức ảnh and evidence of people spreading false rumors about her even before her comeback. We have already filed the lawsuit and we plan to give criminal punishment.”

The agency is still continuing to monitor for malicious netizens and plans to hiển thị no mercy to them.

Meanwhile, IU has sued netizens before in 2013 and settled the lawsuit bởi requesting 200 hours of community service from them.

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IU's gần đây 'Zeze' controversy became much bigger than initially expected, with hate các bình luận and criticism coming left and right. But IU is not going to standby and do nothing about it.

According to a report, IU took her case to Seoul's Gangnam police station back on November 17 KST. She sent in a written accusation against the netizens who wrote hate các bình luận towards her.

Her company Loen Tree's representative told OSEN, "Composite photographs and factual errors have been circulating, and we have filed a written accusation against the 'haters' who created rumors."

They added, "Before this...
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Singer IU made a surprise appearance at a band Hyukoh hiển thị on August 1.

During a low-key Hyukoh hiển thị held in a cafe located in Hongdae, IU surprised everyone bởi coming up to the stage without any notice.

During her appearance, she played the acoustic đàn ghi ta, guitar and sang Lee Moon Sae‘s “Old Love.” She also performed a duet with Hyukoh’s frontman Oh Hyuk, hát the band’s hit song “Gondry.”

IU has previously voiced that she was a huge người hâm mộ of the band, posting a picture of herself holding the band’s album to her Instagram account. They got acquainted recently as they both participated in “Infinity Challenge‘s” 2015 âm nhạc Festival.

Watch a short fan-taken video of IU and Oh Hyuk’s “Gondry” performance below!


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It has been revealed that solo artist IU has decided to maintain her loyalty to her current agency, LOEN Entertainment.

On June 3, a representative of LOEN Entertainment shared, “We have recently completed a contract renewal with IU, who has stayed with us for the past 7 years.”

IU’s exclusive contract with LOEN Entertainment will be expiring this coming June 9. However, the singer has already wrapped up the renewal of her contract early, and it is even đã đưa ý kiến that she chose not to receive the deposit for her new contract.

Meanwhile, IU is currently appearing in KBS’ drama “Producer.”

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Talented vocalist IU revealed that she was hit in the face with a baseball!

On April 29, she đã đăng to Instagram, "I'm still better than Hanteo oppa (manager," along with a clip that shows the dainty singer's batting skills.

She was able to successfully hit two balls in a row, but it seems things didn't go quite as planned.

IU later đã đăng a bức ảnh of her bruised face and the message, "In the end, I got hit in the face."

Worried những người hâm mộ responded, "Don't be hurt," "Be careful!

What if it bruises," "Are bạn going to practice pitching too? So cute," and more.


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