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This đạo hồi bức ảnh contains ngôi vua, ngai vàng, phòng vẽ tranh, and bản vẽ phòng. There might also be cathedra, ngai giám mục, ngai vàng của giám mục, phòng khách, phòng thu hồi, phòng rút lui, bản vẽ phòng, rút phòng, đèn quạt, đèn chiếu, and fanlight.

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bạn should know that the Messenger, Muhammad the son of `Abdullah (may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him) is Allah's Messenger in reality and truth. The evidences that hiển thị his veracity are abundant. None but an infidel, who out of arrogance alone, could deny these signs.

Among these proofs:

1. Muhammad (may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him) was raised illiterate, unable to read hoặc write, and remained like that till his death.Among all his people, he was known as being truthful and trustworthy. Before receiving revelation, he had no prior knowledge of Religion hoặc any previously...
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Kufr in Islam: what is it and what are it’s types :

Learning about Kufr is an essential part of Muslim’s knowledge about his faith. Without knowing Kufr, bạn cannot do justice to Tawheed. Kufr is used in the Glorious Qur’an for people who cover up hoặc hide the truth. It also uses this word to point out those who denied the favors of Allah bởi not accepting his Dominion and Authority. Therefore Kufr is the opposite of Imaan hoặc Disbelief in Allah and a Non-Believer is called Kaafir.

A person can be categorized as Kaafir hoặc Murtadd (meaning apostate) if the following twelve beliefs hoặc actions...
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From that which has been established in the Sharee'ah (prescribed law) is that mankind was - in the beginning - a single nation upn true Tawheed, then Shirk (directing any part hoặc form of worship, hoặc anything else that is solely the right of Allah,

to other than Allah) gradually overcame them. The basis for this is the saying of Allah - the Most Blessed, the Most high:

"Mankind was one Ummah, then Allah sent prophets bringing good news and warnings." (Surah Baqarah 2:213)

Ibn 'Abbas - radiallaahu 'anhu - said:

"Between Nooh (AS) (Noah) and Adam (AS) were ten generations, all of them were upon...
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