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Source: Nickelodeon / made bởi me
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Source: Nickelodeon / made bởi me
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Source: Nickelodeon / made bởi me
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Its was a cold winter ngày Zimita was testing at her lab trying to make her new sir unit RAI. "Come on RAI work bạn dumb thing" đã đưa ý kiến Zimita while she kicked RAI. But she was still shut down.After that GIR came to Zimita's lab and GIR was just runnin lake cray!"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ALL DA PIGGIES OUTSIDE ARE PLAYIN IN DA SNOW" GIR said.Luckily Zimita knew what GIR ment she knew all the humans here playing in the snow. After what GIR đã đưa ý kiến Zimita was very happy she liked snow ALOT so yea. Zimita put on her disguse and her scarf and ran off. Luckily Zim wasn't home.
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<333Zadr ForEver
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video made bởi LittleJazz on Youtube
posted by icefirechrissy
Chris had the same nightmare for 2 straight weeks now. She dement that a nice, beautiful girl killed herself. Chris wasn't exactly sure why though.

At skool she barley paid attention to what was going on around her. What she did notice was a green-skinned boy was kissing his girlfriend. Chris looked off, hating romance. The boy left to go to class. His girlfriend walked right into chris.

Girl and Chris: Owch!

Girl: *gasp* I am so sorry! Are bạn hurt!?

Chris: *groans* Im fine...

Chris lifted her head up, saw the girl. She looked just like the one in her dream. This made Chris freeze in surprise....
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Zim's pov

She knew how to push my buttons I want to do it back to her.

"Uhggg, does nothing bother you?"

"Of course, but I won't tell bạn that E.T."

"Your Impossible."

"And your not?"

We didn't speak for a while.

"I promised Dave I be back tonight so if we aren't going to do anything, then I think I will head out."

"Stay!.. please."

Rose's pov

"Whats wrong?"


"You Lie" stealing his line


"E.T. do bạn really want to go through this?"

Zim's pov

I didn't but I wasn't going to let her win, but my words fail me.


"So, what is it?"

"DAVE, he loves bạn doesn't he?"

She sighed

"Yes E.T., but I don't love...
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Zim's pov

They were getting along! I couldn't believe it. I really want Tak out of my base, and have Rose to myself like we had planned. I was angry with her for not telling me that Tak was here. I remember how she told me after years of demon attacks she just knew when she was being watch. I couldn't stay angey at she though. I heared the door close, I turned. Tak was gone and Rose was smiling at me.

"Where's Tak?" I asked

"She went to her base, she will leave us alone and maybe even help with take over the Earth, she still hates your guts though."

"I don't want her help!"

"You owe her that much."...
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Alex's pov

I left Zim's base knowing that the two of them needed to be alone. Dave had crossed the line this time. He couldn't tell Zim hoặc Rose for that matter who they could love. I would easyly put up a spell so Mr. Ms. Kip would noticed Rose was missing. I went to the foster trang chủ quickly did the spell and went to yell at Dave. He locked his door so I left going for a walk at the near bởi park. I couldn't stop thinking of him, his corky laugh, his funny head and his tình yêu for the paranormal if he only knew, but he would never like what I really was to him I was the enemy. I wonder though if...
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Zim's pov

"Has she always been like this?' I asked Alex

"Pretty much she always puts those she care about first other wise she doesn't care what happenes. Her Những người bạn is all she got Zim, all she every wanted was to have someone to talk to and be there for her, and your it. So, go easy on her she was doing to keep bạn save."

"I know that! but getting herself kidnapped hoặc killed won't help. She the...."

I stoped myself, No she wasn't the best thing to happen to me getting to destory the Earth was the best thing, but I knew deep down it wasn't. I just couldn't admit how I really felt about her yet....
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Rose's pov

I sent message to the twins telling them to met me later today, but the đã đưa ý kiến they met me at the museum. It would be easy to explain to Zim, but I had no idea about Dib. I got up Mr. and Ms. Kip reminded me that two new fostrer kids were moving today a brother and sister. I didn't think much of it till I saw it was the twins.

"OMG Alex, Dave I can't beileve it bạn guys why didn't bạn say anything?"

"We wanted to surprise you" đã đưa ý kiến Alex in a laughing tone

Alex and Dave where small, had blonde hair and vàng eyes. They look so similar that it was hard to tell them apart even though they...
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Zim's pov

It was the tiếp theo day. Ms. Kip let me in a told me I could go up to Rose's room. For a human she was pretty ok. I knocked on the door.

"It's open" she said

I enter the room I didn't pay much attention to it last time since Dib was there. Her room was full with spell books, potion bottles, her laptop which was on and no less in Irken flies, fanstay sách Titanic sách and movies. She look upset. She closed the book she was reading.

"So where do bạn want to started?"

Something was bothering her, she seemed out of sorts I glazed at the computer there was a hàng đầu, đầu trang secert flie on it. I walk over...
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Rose's pov

I was it to much pain to get back in my disguise. Dib was outside thinking he was coming to save me. He was sweet but he didn't get it. that it could be possible for Zim and I to be friends.

"I saw the demon Zim bạn used it to get her hurt to do experiments to her!"

Great, he saw another demon I was going to have to use another memory potion. I pulled it out.

"Go away Dib bạn crazy we just watch T.V." yelled Zim

It wasn't a totally lie the T.V. was on.

"Give me Rose" yelled Dib

"Zim , use this"

I gave him the potion.

An evil grin came on his face.

"I only give her to bạn if bạn drink this"...
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Zim's pov

I had a million qusetions to ask, but first I thought Rose need a mintue hoặc two before I drill her.

"What do bạn want to know?"

I glazed at her

"How did you..."

"It's a witch thing"

"What'a a soulmate?"'

"A person with whom bạn have an immediate connection with the moment bạn meet. A connection so strong that bạn are drawn to them in a way bạn have never experienced before. They understand bạn like no one eles they bring bạn peace of mind. When your not around them it tears bạn apart. bạn will believe bạn never loved anyone before."

"This Daimon thinks your his soulmate?"

"Yes, I have no...
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Rose's pov
He was hugging me! Every fiber in me yearned for him. I hated it. I couldn't get close to him . I had to stay away he would only get hurt. Yet, something told me that if I stay away from him. He only try to get in thêm involved, he didn't seemed like he would let this go and forget about me. My head was screaming that I should get away. Yet I couldn't and wouldn't I was confused it hurt. I tried to pull away, but he held me tigher. I looked up at him, I still couldn't speak I didn't want him to be apart of my troubles. He was supposed take over the world he didn't need this! He spoke...
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The tiếp theo ngày at skool

Rose's pov

The spell work Dib didn't remember a thing Zim wasn't in class yet which I didn't mind. Last night had be weird so I didn't mind the few moments of normalness. It didn't last he walk in I tried ignore him, but thats not what he had in mind.

"Rose, bạn left what the heck?"

"You were mad and deep in thought I thought it be best if I left."

"I wasn't mad"

"E.T. bạn yelled me for asking if bạn were ok"

"You lie"

"There bạn go again"

Ms. người thù hằn, đắng came into the room.

"Class today we will be talking about the field trip to the museum bạn be put groups of four. Dib, Jenny, Zim...
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Zim's Pov

I tried convince her that it would be for the better if she lived her too, but she was thêm stubborn then I thought. Then she wanted to leave to get something I had to convince that she didn't need to but it wasn't going good so far.

"E.T. I'll come back I just have to get a few things first" she said

"NO!, bạn are trying to leave"

"I'm not I just want to get items for a spell so I can put up a ward to make sure the demons can't attack... again"

"The defences can do that!"

"They just failied, hoặc is this huge cut in my side not real!"

"Why can't bạn use the stuff I have here?"

"Because I doubt...
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Rose's Pov

What the hell was wrong with me? How could this had happened? I was so confused my brain hurt. I want to believe this was a dream, but I knew deep down it wasn't. At that moment I want to be alone and think, but I had a strong feeling I was going anywhere anytime soon.

"Why me?'' I whispered to myself.

I had other problems to worry about....

"Shit" I đã đưa ý kiến to myself

"Tell Zim what wrong Now!" he ordered

"You don't want to know, now I like to leave please"

"Ok- dokkey" đã đưa ý kiến Gir

"Gir watch T.V. and be quite''

Gir sat in front of the T.V. and watched.

"Tell Zim, NOW!"

I had that feeling I knew...
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Rose's Pov

"E.T. Let me go!!!!!!!!!!"

"NO I won't" he barked

"I don't want to have to hurt you"

"You hurt me?!" he laughed

"I warned you"

I graphed his other arm with my free hand then I fliped him. He looked stunned.

"I told you"


"What's a GIR?"

Then a green dog that anyone could wasan costume showed up.

"Gir graph her!"

"Graph who?"

"Her!" pointing at the place whre I had been.

"What she gone?"

I ran not caring that I was getting wet I had to get away. I reach my room in the foster trang chủ I sighed. I turned and I nearly jump out of my skin.

Zim's Pov

She had being able to escape me.

"Gir find her!"

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