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posted by JTHMsbabe
 irken punk-rocker zimmy
irken punk-rocker zimmy

BF: zim
age: i donno
sir: she didn't finish invader school so she dosen't have one
birthday: halloween
friends: zim (if bạn want to be her friend just tell me on my tường with a picture of your irken
likes: JTHM comics, horror movies, anything that has to do with zim, her weird cat sadi (if bạn want to see a picture of the cat go on my thông tin các nhân cause' thats were my pics come out right!!)electric guitars, drums,and thats all
dislikes: her sister, showoffs, the color pink, anything hoặc one that makes fun of zim
talents: she is really good at playing the electric guitar, drums, and kicking other irkens asses.
species: irken kelp-for-brains!!
special features: her solid black eyes
 zimmys cat sadi (weird huh?)
zimmys cat sadi (weird huh?)
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posted by invaderHailey
Hailey is an 15 năm old irken that has fell in tình yêu wiith Zim she will do ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING to git Zim. she want's to became a singer because she is really good at hát anywhos she is REALLY sweet but she ONLY trys to be bad when she is with Zim and also if someone is being mean to Zim she will kick there butt.

Hailey's SIR unit named Mir

Mir is crazy like GIR she likes GIR to she is well behaved when she is with Hailey but go's crazy when with Gir.

invader Zie

Zie HATES and i mean HATES Zim she will do ANYTHING to destroy Zim! (she is i REALLY old OC of mine that i furgot about but i thought i should bring it back to life :3)

invader Zie's SIR unit named Moon

she dosen't really have anything for her bio right now.....
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