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part 2
Invader Zim
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Sarah's pov
Again, I couldn't sleep. It might be because I had to take a exam in the morning but that wasn't it, lately I haven't been able to sleep I felt as though I wasn't part of this world anymore like I was being pulled somewhere eles. I shook the feeling away and pulled at my laptop and turned it to Netflix and statred watching Invader Zim. Yeah a college girl watching a cartoon but I was a fangirl of Zim.

I had always liked the hiển thị and had been sad when they canneled it, but like most kids bạn di chuyển on to something eles, but my college Những người bạn and I started talking about the shows we...
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Rose's pov

I was it to much pain to get back in my disguise. Dib was outside thinking he was coming to save me. He was sweet but he didn't get it. that it could be possible for Zim and I to be friends.

"I saw the demon Zim bạn used it to get her hurt to do experiments to her!"

Great, he saw another demon I was going to have to use another memory potion. I pulled it out.

"Go away Dib bạn crazy we just watch T.V." yelled Zim

It wasn't a totally lie the T.V. was on.

"Give me Rose" yelled Dib

"Zim , use this"

I gave him the potion.

An evil grin came on his face.

"I only give her to bạn if bạn drink this"...
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Dib's pov

"Make yoursevles at trang chủ boys, and please try not to kill each other" she said

"He's the enemy" yelled Zim

"No, he's" I shot back

We glared at each other. Rose was digging in the closet.

"Stay away from her" Zim whispered

"I heared that" đã đưa ý kiến Rose

"How?" asked Zim

"Witch rememeber"

"So, these attacks have they been the reasons bạn been moved around a lot?" I asked.

"Yes and No Dib drink this"


"It will keep demons away from you"


Rose's pov

He drank it his eyes went cloudly.

"Ok, Dib bạn will forget everthing that has happened in the last past giờ now go trang chủ and when bạn do bạn remember...
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Rose's Pov

"E.T. Let me go!!!!!!!!!!"

"NO I won't" he barked

"I don't want to have to hurt you"

"You hurt me?!" he laughed

"I warned you"

I graphed his other arm with my free hand then I fliped him. He looked stunned.

"I told you"


"What's a GIR?"

Then a green dog that anyone could wasan costume showed up.

"Gir graph her!"

"Graph who?"

"Her!" pointing at the place whre I had been.

"What she gone?"

I ran not caring that I was getting wet I had to get away. I reach my room in the foster trang chủ I sighed. I turned and I nearly jump out of my skin.

Zim's Pov

She had being able to escape me.

"Gir find her!"

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 A picture of Analean half good and half evil
A picture of Analean half good and half evil
It was the middle of the afternoon on a regular school day. ''Do bạn think we'll EVER get out of class?'' ask Zim with a very bored face. ''RIIING!!''. Finally the chuông, bell went. As Analean is walking with Zim and Tak in the hallway, she sees a shadowy figure on the trophy stand. ''Do bạn see that?'' đã đưa ý kiến Analean with a nervous look on her face.''See what? I don't see anything.'' asked Tak with a questioned expression. ''Look on the trophy stand.'' đã đưa ý kiến Analean pointing at the trophy stand. ''I still don't see anything Analean.'' đã đưa ý kiến Tak. Analean had a disappointed expression on her face, then...
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