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inuyashaxkagome posted on Mar 10, 2010 at 01:13AM
do u think Kikyo and Inuyasha should be together or kagome and Inuyasha?

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hơn một năm qua sesshyswind said…
Well, I'm against human-Demon affairs, even Human-Half Demon afairs absolutly, but with that aside when considering the storyline, I think it would have been better had Inuyasha married Kikyo in the beginning when they first met, before Naraku killed her. Say that never happened, they married and lived out a long life together, about 50 years or so then of course as it is the fate of all mortals Kikyo grows old and dies. For Kikyo it was a good life, she fell in love married the man then grew old with him, (whose a half demon so of course he wouldn't have aged a day) then he was there with her when she died... tears. With all this out of the way then nothing could possibily stand in the way when Inuyasha meets Kagome later on. Kikyo is dead, but she died a good, peaceful and acceptable death. He moves on, meets a new girl (of course it's Kikyo's reincarnation), likes her, loves her enough to marry again (It's KIKYO), and they live happily ever after... taking all the real drama out of the story, ahh so BORING XD!!!!
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