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posted by snowflakerose
It was back-to-school season, and I was going to be in third grade. It was time to buy my school clothes at JCPenney. But we ended up buying only white shirts and no red ones whatsoever, because there weren't any good ones left.

The first day, I wore a white shirt.

Second, white again.

Third, white again.

Fourth, white again.

Fifth day, Mom handed me my red áo sơ mi from một giây grade. I was excited. But she đã đưa ý kiến it was tight, so I had to change my áo sơ mi and wear a white one instead. I was saddened.

At school, almost everyone else donned red shirts. I was so sad not to be one of them. I was so envious...
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From the very first time Bing Bong appear in the movie, I already sensed that he is very similar... to Olaf of Frozen! Here are some of the likenesses I have discovered so far! I have enumerated 12 resemblances.

1. Both have similar thiết kế such close gap between the eyes, wide mouth, and long nose. Moreover, both have a very similar pose in this promotional picture.

2. Both have alike personalities. They are easygoing, cheerful, talkative, and, of course, imaginative.

3. Both appeared and talked for the first time in the middle of the story.

4. Both became the new and thêm knowledgeable...
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posted by deedragongirl
 I wanna tham gia bạn guys, RIGHT NOW!!!
I wanna join you guys, RIGHT NOW!!!
Hi everyone, I just finish watching this wonderful film with my grandmother and mother. Despite that they watch it for a while, here is my review about the movie in general and what I think about it.


The film opens to be very cheerful and very whimsical, I have to give kudos to the filmmakers because it gives us a wonderful introduction about 5 main emotions that we experience everyday!
They also tend not to portray Riley something like Carrie from Stephen King's Carrie, especially in the way she projects her emotions. They tend to represent it in a comical way regarding her emotions,...
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On fanpop there was a Inside Out character countdown. These are the results of the countdown.

9. the Forgetters/ the Guards
These characters were disliked bởi the người hâm mộ base which is likely because they didn't do much in the film.

8. Jangles the clown
A lot of people thought Jangles was creepy which is likely why he's not very popular.

7. helicopter pilot
The helicopter pilot seems to have the biggest người hâm mộ base out of the minor characters.

6. Sadness/ Mr. Anderson
Some people really like like these characters, but other people thought they were annoying.

5. Disgust
People generally like Disgust....
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I took the câu hỏi kiểm tra too. Apperiently I'm a crier :3 I acctually bought the movie a couple of days ago. I was watching it with my friend yesterday and we were like "Oh my god. No. Not Bing-Bong! OMGGGGGGG NOOOOOO BING_BONG!!!!!!"
OH yeah, and spoiler alert if bạn haven't seen the movie, but then why would be in this club if you've never even seen the movie? I mean really, guys, come on. Oh, and make sure that bạn bình luận with your answer. Here's mine:

All The Times bạn Cried During “Inside Out”

bạn cried 8 out of 20 times!
bạn cried a healthy amount, relative to this movie. Your emotions seem to be under control.

OK, so maybe I'm not THAT much of a crier. :3