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(by I'm Addicted/Audrey@SSF)

AKB48 Miho Miyazaki đã đưa ý kiến "I like SNSD's Yoona. I think she is really cute and I like her very much."; she feels like crying because she can't understand Korean, but now she is learning the language. (Radio Show, 2011)
AKB48 Nakamata Shiori wrote that she loves SNSD's Yoona and she wants (Love Rain's) DVD. (2013)
AKB48's Natsuko Sato đã bình luận that "Yoona is very cool, I can't fall asleep. Yoona is so cute that I can't sleep TT TT TT TT" upon watching SNSD's 'The Boys' MV (KOR ver). (Dec. 2011)
AKB48 'Team K' Yonezawa Rumi đã đưa ý kiến her favorite...
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