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YoonA looks stunning wearing elegant black dress that sparkles to hiển thị her vibrant beauty for 'Prime Minister and I'!

On the gần đây released still cuts of YoonA, the scene was for the prime minister inaugural ceremony and it was filmed at a country club located in Yeoju, about 100 attendees to fill the room. It was a must see episode because it is the first time that YoonA attended a public event with Lee Bum after their scandal.

YoonA showed chic and classy very different from her looks every episode were she wears plain dressed. She was instructed, "Walk beautifully and stand beautifully",...
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A bức ảnh compilation of Girls’ Generation member YoonA‘s hands titled “YoonA’s hands are really pretty” was uploaded on an online community board on February 29th.

The bức ảnh is a compilation of close-ups of YoonA’s hands taken from various bức ảnh shoots and broadcasts. YoonA has received a lot of fans’ tình yêu in the past for her fair skin and pretty, wide smile, but she is now drawing the praise of những người hâm mộ for her slender, pretty hands.

Netizens reacted positively and highly praised her in their comments, saying “YoonA, bạn were born with it,” “YoonA’s hands just call out to be touched,” and “I wonder if there’s anything that YoonA lacks.”

In related news, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Love Rain,’ in which YoonA plays a dual role, is set to have its first broadcast on March 26th.
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SNSD người hâm mộ meeting
Yoona arrived late but once she came out, everyone cheered for her so loudly and the atmosphere became high!
Sooyoung using her imitaion voice: YAH! bạn looked so tired!! Yoona immediately showed her cute pout face. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

After that, Yoona took a book titled "Problem Solving Magical Book".
Yoona: Will tình yêu Rain become DAEBAK? *using her low whispering voice with addition of Boing Boing into her magic spell* ROFL
Then, she opened the Magical Book. The answer written is "Definitely it will be DAEBAK"
SONE cheered~
Yoona: I will definitely work hard for it!
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