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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 14 (6/16/09)

[House enters the differential room hát Billy Joel's She's Got A Way About Her. Foreman, 13, and Taub are sitting at the bàn going over a patients file. They all look up when House enters the room and look at each other grinning. House walks over grabs a cup of coffee and walks up to the white board.]

House: What do we have girls?
Foreman: 30 năm old female unexplained paralysis in the lower extremities. Fever and vomiting. CT,X-Ray and blood work all clean.
House: Where does she live?
Taub: In an apartment with her boyfriend.
House: Foreman go and talk...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 12(6/11/09)

[House and Cuddy sit in silence holding on to each other for awhile. A baby's soft cry can be heard coming from the nursery. Cuddy starts to get up off the giường and House gets up and turns towards her.]

House: I'll go get the kid.
Cuddy: I can go..

[House had already exited the bedroom and padded down the hall to Rachels room before Cuddy finished her sentence. He entered the baby's room and saw her sitting up in the cũi, giường cũi whimpering. House walked over and looked down at the child that even though she wasn't Cuddy's biological daughter she could still nail him with...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 11 (6/10/09)
[ House pulls into Cuddy's driveway. Rachel has fallen back asleep but Cuddy manages to get her out of the car without her waking. She walking softly towards the House who is just getting the door open.]

House: Kid sure does sleep a lot. She doesn't get that from her mother.
Cuddy: Shh. Rachel its okay.. Lets get bạn to bed.

[Cuddy walks to Rachel's room and gently places her in the crib. Cuddy covers her with a blanket and pats her back.]

Cuddy: Mommy loves bạn my dear sweet Rachel.

[Cuddy heads back towards the living room. She hears House in the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 5

13: I talked to Simon's parents and they đã đưa ý kiến he was a healthy kid. They wanted to know why I needed the information. They didn't buy my story about needing it to put with Rachel's records. I had to tell them.

[House looks back towards Cuddy. House sighs and puts his hand to his brow and rubs.]

House: bạn can't make up one lie. How did Foreman ever believe bạn about going straight! They aren't coming here are they?
13: I don’t' know. I ah.. I'm sorry House.
House: Go to Cuddy's house and use the key under the hoa pot. I want bạn to tìm kiếm the House.

[a monitor starts...
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posted by HousesCane
Sorry I haven't updated in forever.
Also, sorry this chappie is short, but the tiếp theo one is longer.

The tiếp theo afternoon, they arrive at Cuddy's house and knock on the door. Arlene and Julia are there to greet them.
"Hi, I'm Julia, Lisa's sister." She says to house.
"I'm Greg, Lisa's boyfriend." He replies.
"Come in. Let's have lunch." Arlene says.

They have lunch, and House is now using the bathroom.
"Lisa, he doesn't seem that intelligent to me." Arlene says. Cuddy sighs.
"Mom, bạn haven't even heard him talk about medicine. He's the smartest in our class. bạn just have to criticize me on everything!"...
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posted by Ladyluck523
** Spoilery for 5x23 – Under My Skin and 5x24 - Both Sides Now **

I’m in a Huddy induced frenzy at the moment and nervous about Monday’s finale so I’m hoping that jotting down my thoughts and current insights will help calm me down enough. (I wrote this and 2 other articles. Tells bạn how antsy I am LOL).
*EDIT - Updated this timeline based on the season finale...a sigh and a ARGH! It's gonna be a LONG summer. :(

This is assuming Cuddy was truthful when she told House she was 38 earlier this season (5x17 – Social Contract).
I worked out this timeline of Huddy. It is now unclear if Cuddy...
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 Feel the tension!!
Feel the tension!!

As we di chuyển into season 5 of House, it has been made clear that the relationship between House and Cuddy is something that will be explored and expanded upon in upcoming episodes. Throughout the past four seasons, not only has the hot sexual tension between House and Cuddy approached its boiling point, but their relationship has also evolved into one of deep emotional connection and understanding. A Huddy arc is no longer a câu hỏi of if hoặc even when, but a câu hỏi of how – how will their relationship begin, how will it evolve, and how will it end?

Presumably, season 5 will not...
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posted by tammyr50
As she was getting ready for work she was rushing around trying to get Rachel's breakfast and entertain the Rachel until bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina arrived.It was her first morning back and she wanted to arrive early. She was so excited that bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina had agreed to come back and besides being very pregnant everything was getting back to normal.
As she got ready to leave she bent down to Kiss Rachel.
"You look pretty mommy", so I won’t make bạn walk the plank bạn bloody skallywag.
That darn pirate cartoon she thought to herself. "She looked at her daughter for a moment and smiled and gave her a kiss."
Mommy will you...
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Here the một giây part of this fanfic, hope you'll enjoy it. Please leave comments, good hoặc bad, it helps for the rest of the story. Sorry for the english, it's not my native language.
(Disclaimer : I do not own House.)
* * * * * * * * * * *

-No, no, no. I can’t do it ! các câu trả lời Wilson, rolls his eyes and shrugs the shoulders.
-Of course bạn can ! , says House and hits Wilson’s bàn with his cane. And a man with a child is always sexy for a woman. bạn can go with Rachel to the park, I’m sure bạn can meet some women, talk with them and get a « rendez-vous » for tiếp theo week.
-Hmm, maybe you’re...
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posted by Irene3691
They get to the hospital and House goes with her to her office.
‘Well... here we are...’
‘Yes... thanks for coming with me. If someone comes can bạn say that I’m busy? I don’t feel like seeing anybody.’
‘Okay... Now I should go to my office... I have to work a little bit...’
‘Yes, actually bạn should... I pay bạn for that...’
‘Oh... I forgot it... I thought it was just for the sex...’ He smiles at her. ‘See ya later.’
‘Yes, I fell in tình yêu with my pimp...’ She smiles slightly. ‘See you.’

Wilson goes to Cuddy's office and comes in. House is still there. ‘I'm sorry,...
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posted by Irene3691
Some days go bởi and Cuddy has to take another pregnancy test. House is sitting on the sofa waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. She goes out and sits tiếp theo to him. ‘Okay, let’s do it again.’
‘Fingers crossed... I have a good feeling today...’ House says.
‘Hope you’re right...’ She lies her head on his shoulder. ‘I’m starting to lose hope...’
‘Don't worry... it will come sooner hoặc after...’
She sighs and they wait in silence for some minutes. Greg hugs her and rubs her arm sweetly but he is very nervous for the results. The alarm clock sounds. ‘Here we go again......
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posted by Irene3691
tiếp theo day, they wake up and go to the hospital. Cuddy is working in her office and the alarm clock sounds. She picks up the phone and calls him. ‘Greg? Can bạn come to my office?’
‘Right coming for another injection of love!!’
‘It even sounds good that way...’ They hang up and in some phút he is there.
‘Good morning sunshine, let's see that gorgeous đít, mông, ass of yours!!!’ He prepares a syringe while Cuddy draws the curtains and goes to the table. ‘Do I really have to go through this twice a day...?’ She lifts her váy and turns, leaning on the table, giving her back to House....
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posted by Irene3691
Cuddy wakes up after a making-children-night. House is still asleep and Lisa smiles looking at him and thinking how cute and nice he looks when he’s sleeping. Finally House sighs and opens his eyes slowly. ‘Morning...’
‘Hey...’ Whispers Cuddy. ‘Did bạn sleep well? Happy New Year, and I warn you, I will say it during the whole day.’
He chuckles. ‘I slept very well and... if you're gonna say it the whole day, I'll ignore bạn the whole day...’
‘Okay, I will say it just a few thêm times, I don’t feel like bạn ignoring me the whole day.’
‘Good... nice choice...’ They smile....
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posted by Irene3691
It's giáng sinh Eve and yet they have to work some hours in the hospital.     When they get trang chủ after a hard ngày of work, they make their giáng sinh bữa tối, bữa ăn tối together and sit at the table. Some time later they finish eating. ‘Wow I'm full...’ Lisa says.
‘Yeah... bạn look like a turkey in Thanks Giving...’
‘Your compliments are getting worse with time...’
‘I mean... like the most beautiful turkey in a farm...’
She chuckles. ‘That doesn't make me feel better...’
‘Fuck... well... I tried...’
‘You wanna eat something else?’
‘Nope... don't wanna know how...
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posted by Irene3691
House opens the door without knocking. ‘Busy?’ He sits down.
‘No, but don't worry, bạn can keep on entering without knocking...’ Says Wilson looking at his friend. ‘So... did bạn go? Did bạn find her?’

‘So...?’ He look at House expectant.
‘At first she just đã đưa ý kiến no... but this morning she came to my house. We're together again....’
‘Wow...’ Wilson looks at he surprised. ‘I'm glad for you... for both of you. Why do bạn always get what bạn want?’
‘I'm that good...’
Lisa knocks and gets in. ‘I knew I’d find bạn here.’
‘I'm becoming so predictable...’...
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posted by Irene3691
tiếp theo morning she wakes up early, has her vòi hoa sen and breakfast and sends a message to Lucas to go to have bữa tối, bữa ăn tối with him tonight. She waits until House gets to her home. He is there on time and when Cuddy goes out, he gives her the helmet. ‘Hey...’
‘Thanks for coming...’ Says Lisa.
‘It's nothing...’
About twenty phút later they get to the hospital. ‘Thanks again.’ Says her giving him the helmet. He nods.
‘You want me to take bạn later to my home? I mean... so bạn can call someone to fix your car...’
‘If it's not too much trouble...’
‘It's okay... come to my office when...
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posted by Irene3691
They stay huged for a while watching TV until someone knocks at the door.
‘I’ll go.’ Lisa stands up and opens it.
‘Hi... how is he? Is he here? Why didn’t bạn tell me that he had awakened from the coma?’ Asks Wilson.
‘Yes, he is here. Come in.’ Lisa opens the door and he comes in.
‘Oh God...’ Whispers House.
‘Hey how are you? How do bạn feel? I was... we were really scared.’
‘I'm much better... thanks...’
Wilson nods and stares at him, finally he gives Greg a hug. ‘I'm not gay, I just have missed bạn this time. As a friend.’
House rolls his eyes and hugs him back. Lisa...
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posted by Irene3691
House can’t di chuyển very well, when he opens his eyes the light blinds him for a moment and then he sees Lisa sleepling tiếp theo to him. He starts breathing deeply in order to talk but he can’t, then he tries again and whispers her name. ‘Lisa...’
When she hears him, she starts opening her eyes and sees him staring at her, she can barely talk. ‘Greg... Greg! You’re awake. Oh God, thanks!’ She sits up and caresses his face.
‘I'm... how long have I been here...?’
‘You’ve been in a coma for almost two months... God, you’re back!’ She kisses him softly on his forehead. ‘I was...
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posted by Irene3691
tiếp theo morning Lisa gets up at lunch time and goes straight to have a shower, she doesn’t even know if he has come back yet and she doesn’t want to go to his room just in case they ended up at his bed. When she goes out of the bathroom, she bumps into him who is waiting near the door to have his shower.
‘Morning... well, afternoon.’
She doesn’t know what to say.
‘Hey... bạn can have your shower, I’ve finished. Nice party bởi the way.’
‘Yeah, it was nice.’
Lisa doesn’t look at him and goes to her dorm to read a book. He doesn’t know what she did last night, he was... a little...
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posted by Irene3691
After her long nap, Lisa wakes up and goes to have a shower. When she finishes, looks at the time and goes to wake him up. ‘You awake?’
‘Yeah, bạn naked?’
‘No... I have a towel, sorry... I just was gonna tell bạn to get up.’
‘Okay... I'm getting up...’
After having a vòi hoa sen and getting dressed he takes his stuff and goes to the door. ‘Well, I'm leaving...’
‘Wait! I’m ready.’ Lisa gets out of her room wearing a nice white T-shirt tied around her neck and black trousers. He can’t help looking at her.
‘You look... good.’ Says House finally.
‘Thanks, bạn too.’
‘I know,...
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