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Onyx sat at his desk, completely tuned out of the history class he was being dragged through. Gazing out the window, he admired the bờ biển, bãi biển nearby his school. He passively observed the waves that collided upon the rocks, following with his eyes the gentle sea spray that followed each powerful blast.
The room began to clear out, and Onyx realised that the chuông, bell must have gone. He continued to 6th period, floating mindlessly to his English classroom. Luckily for him, he could position himself near the window and watch the waves again. Twenty phút into the class, his teacher ordered for the students...
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Zoey redbird: Shay Mitchell she's a great actress on the hiển thị pretty little liars and does a great job on that hiển thị and I think she's got the perfect personality and the most experience with roles like this one and I think she would nail it. Stevie rae: Aly Michalka she was on Phil of the future and did a great job on that hiển thị and as a lead on the tv series hellcats and I think that she would nail the Oklahoma accent and give the character something really special. Erin: Hayden panettiere I think she would do a great job and would do great as Erin a middle class girl from Oklahoma. Shaunee:...
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