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Olivine posted on Nov 23, 2008 at 05:20PM

Mac: Listen everyone. We have a new CSI in our team.
Stella: Really?
Lindsay: Wow, I can't wait to meet him.
Mac: Please welcome Eric Foreman!
....silence as Foreman comes...
Foreman: Hi guys.
Sid: Hee, i know him! That's the guy who broke into my house when he was younger!!
*walks towards Foreman*
Did you think I would ever forget your face, hu?? Answer!
Foreman: -_-°

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hơn một năm qua House34 said…
Sid: Hee, i know him! That's the guy who broke into my house when he was younger!!

hơn một năm qua House34 said…
Lindsay and Danny are making final shoppings for the baby. Before entering the last shop, where they sell baby beds:
Danny: Lindsay, I'll just wait outside..honestly I'm..really tired..
Lindsay: But Danny..
Danny: We've been out since 2 o'clock..and now it's legs hurt..come on..besides I'm not good at'll pick a great one !!
Lindsay: Fine Danny..but you'll wait here, ok ?
Danny: Yeah, yeah! I'll be right here resting..just go..come on !..
*inside the shop, Cuddy sees Lindsay*
Cuddy: Hi, I'm Lisa !
Lindsay *a bit confused*: Hi..
Cuddy: Shopping for the little baby ?
Lindsay: Yes..
Cuddy: Is it a girl or a boy ?
Lindsay: It's a boy..uhm..*sees that Cuddy is really interested in the conversation* I'm sorry..I'm Lindsay !
Cuddy: Glad to meet you! *smiles*'re looking for a bed ?
Lindsay: work here ? You can help me choose one ?
Cuddy: just..I don't work here. I just like to come here and look at these tiny things made for kids..and I like to see mothers coming here and..*a tear falls down her face*..I'm sorry..
Lindsay: No no, it's ok..I understand..uhm..*looks through the window and sees that Danny is still there*
Cuddy: the father ?
Lindsay: Yes..we..he's very tired and stayed out to wait *smiles and tries to focus on finding a bed*
Cuddy: Can I ask you something ?
Lindsay: Yeah, sure !
Cuddy: Well..I'm a doctor and it would be great if you came to PPTH hospital to bring the baby to the world..I guarantee you we have the best dctors and you'll be treated ...great. Trust me !
Lindsay: Well..we already found a place ..sorry..
Cuddy: Oh..ok..uhm can I ask you one more thing ?
Lindsay *thinks Lisa is getting annoying*: Yes !
Cuddy: Do you want the baby ? I mean..if you can't take care of him in the proper way..I can help. I can find a good family..a good mother..
Lindsay: What?, I..
Cuddy *interrupting*: I see you're wearing these clothes..I mean..I can see you're pore and I'm here for you. I can make your son's life better ! I can give him what you can't..
Lindsay *freaked starts moving to the door*: Lisa..I don't think..
Cuddy *follows her*: No no..don't be embarresed, it's normal..just think about the fact that you're his mother and you want what's best for him !
Lindsay *just wants to leave the shop*: Ok..I have to go..Lisa..I'm sorry..
Cuddy: Go ? Noo..wait..I can help, Lindsay !
*Lindsay gets out, takes Danny's hand and runs as far as possible*
Cuddy *sad, watches them then turns around and sees a nice young lady looking for baby beds*: Hi, I'm Lisa !
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
hahaaaa xDDDD omg that's just awesome xD
you are a genius xD
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
:P you too ..thanks
hơn một năm qua EnjoyHuddy said…
Lol! I'd be as scared as hell if I'd find someone like Cuddy doing that!!lol!

Cuddy:House, you have to take control on your team, you can't let them make out in the janitor closet!
House:Oh come on Cuddy!They were just having fun!
Cuddy:They can have fun anywhere but here!
House:Ok mom!
House:By the way I hired 2 new guys!"
Cuddy:You did what???
House:Cuddy, I don't think you're stupid...well I think that, but I won't repeat what I said.Follow me, I have to put these in the trash.
Cuddy:Ok, but you could have talked to me before hiring them!
House:*opening the janitor's closet's door* Oh come on Cuddy!They are good g...*gasps*
H&C: * see Stella and Mac making out in the janitor closet*
Cuddy:OH NO!!!NOT AGAIN!!!
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
hahaa xDD i loved the smacked here , eh xD

Mac: I'm sorry... you can't become a CSI.
House: Why not?? Because I hurt your feelings when I asked if you were a tie freak like Wilson?
Mac: No, bec- *is interrupted*
House: Wait, it's because I told Bonasera that she has nice boobs?
Mac: What?? No, it's because yo- * is interrupted again*
House: Ahhh, let me guess! You found out that I made fun of Tritter and he is an old friend of you?
Mac: Who the hell is Tritter...listen to me, House, I- *gets interrupted again*
House: Or because I wa-
Mac: Shut up!!! It's because of your leg. You wouldn't be able to chase suspects.
House: *pouts*
hơn một năm qua EnjoyHuddy said…
lol thx!! I loved this one too!

Mac and Wilson are fighting to see who's House's closest friend.

Wilson:I'm his BFF!!
Mac: No, I am !!
*House enters the room and is shocked*
House:What the hell is going on in here?
W&M: Tell him that I AM your best friend!
House: Wilson *is interrupted*
Wilson: HA HA!! See I am , not you!!!
House: Let me finish idiot!! Wilson , you always stoOd by my side when I needed someone, when I was in trouble with or because of Cuddy, but...
Wilson:But what??
House: Mac bought me a weapon so... Hey Mac!Or should I call you BFF?Let's go out and teach me on how to use this jewerly!
Mac:*flips the bird at Wilson**turns to House* YES BFF!!
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hơn một năm qua House34 said…
awsome one, Olivine
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
haha BFF fight :))
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
thanx xDD haha
poor wilson *gg*
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
ahaha!! these are awesome! XDD
*is now scared of Cuddy and feels sorry for Wilson* =P XDD
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
yaay chandlerfan joined us =D
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
A competition between House and Mac....
Commentator: Hellooo and welcome to....drum roll please...annual smart guy pie eating competition! *cheers from the crowd* This year we have with us a Dr Gregory House! *NJ cheers for House and NY boos* *House throws a pie at booers* And our annual favourite, Det. Mac Taylor! *NY cheers for Mac and NJ boos* *House throws pie at cheerers* Ok...let the battle commence!
House and Mac both hastily start eating the pies as quickly as possible...
Commentator: 60 seconds left and it's a tie so far...
Mac: //You can do this can do this!// *collapses into his pie*
House: //Sucker!//
Commentator: Well it looks like Mac fell asleep in his pie! So this year's winner is Dr Gregory House! *cheers from crowd*
Stella: *in audience next to Cuddy* Hey! He drugged Mac! ...right?
Cuddy: of course not...House is such a nice person! He couldn't hurt a fly...*shifty eyes*
Stella: Ohh...ok...WAIT!! You're lying aren't you!
Cuddy: Me? Lie? ...I never lie for House...
David Shore: She's lying right now Stell...
Cuddy: DAVID!! Who's side are you on!? You write my lines...jackass!
Stella: He sleeps with me though...*smirks*
Cuddy: O___O
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
he fell asleep in his pie xDDD haaha
awww poor mac *huggles mac*
and david xD *gg*
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
This year we have with us a Dr Gregory House! *NJ cheers for House and NY boos* *House throws a pie at booers* And our annual favourite, Det. Mac Taylor! *NY cheers for Mac and NJ boos* *House throws pie at cheerers*

Commentator: Well it looks like Mac fell asleep in his pie! So this year's winner is Dr Gregory House! *cheers from crowd*

omg I can't stop laughing..this was..hilarious
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
They all go on a trip for Christmas to a biiiig house in Aspen. Under the Christmas Tree there are a lot of presetns and they come to open and enjoy them.
Stella: Wow..I got 2 big presents..hmm *very happy* a cute sweater, froom *looks around and sees Wilson smiling* Wilson ! Awww *goes to him and kisses him on the cheeck* And another one, a..*confused* a..candy cane from..*looks around but no one knows who gave it*
Danny: I got a candy cane too !
Adam: Me too !
Kutner: I don't have one. But..*confused* I got a toy gun..*looks around*
Taub: I got a toy gun too !
13: Me too ! And no candy cane !
Lindsay: So..every CSI member got a candy cane..
Foreman: And every doctor a toy gun..
Stella *smiling*: Where's Mac ?
Cuddy *smiling too*: And where's House ? Where did they go now ?
*Everybody starts looking for them*
Chase: Guys, can you hear that ?
Sid: Guitar sounds !
Cameron: There, in the kitchen!
*They all gather watching but don't come in the kitchen. Mac and House are playing carols and they love it so much they don't want to interrupt*
Mac *hearing a bad note*: There !
House *stops playing*: What ?
Mac: You did it again !
House : No I didn't! It sounded good !
Mac: No, it didn't ! Is it so hard to remember a simple note ?
House: Mac, you're deaf ! I'm not doing this anymore ! You can play alone !
Mac: Me neither ! You suck !
House: Noo, YOU suck !
Mac: And your guitar sucks too !
House: Noo, yours sucks more !
Mac: That's it! I'm not talking to you anymore !
House: Me neither !
*The audience is O_o*
Stella and Cuddy*: Guuyyys !!
House: What ?!
Mac *looks at House*: Oh..I'm sorry!..
House: Me's a candy cane!..
Mac: Here's a toy gun..
hơn một năm qua EnjoyHuddy said…
HAHA awesome one House34!!!

The guys of the PPTH and the CSIs are talking together to get to know the others better..

House:*to everyone* now I want to know your darkest secret guys, so don't be shy!!Ill tell mine first....My real best friend is my right hand *grins*
*everyone says something like "ew" or "what the hell?!"
Cuddy:mine is I want a baby so bad!!!
Cameron:I'm...still in love with House...
Chase:If someone ever tries to touch or just think about my hair, is a dead man!
Wilson: I have a collection of ties near my....favourite teddy bear...
13: Im bisex...
Foreman : I sing under the shower ...
Taub: I wear heals , but they are hidden IN my shoes...
Kutner : I never had ....ya know...
House: *is speechless* WOW!! is the turn of the CSIs...
Stella: I'm in love with a friend of mine...(you know who)
Sid : Once I wore my mom's clothes...
Adam: HEY SID!! That's my secret!!!
Hawkes :Once I had a BOYfriend...
Lindsay:I don't like pizza, but sometimes I eat fried spiders...
Danny:When I was 13, I tried to eat my Grandma fake teeth...
Mac: *doesn't say anything..*
House: Oh come Mac!!! Everyone said something! It was shocking, but at least they said something!!We won't joke on you trust me!
Mac:ok...I'm...I'm gay...
*everyone is speechless*
Stella:// DAMN!! //
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
hahaaa i loved both xD

poor stella xDD mac is gay xD
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
LMAO! These are hilarious! XDD
LOL at a gay Mac! XD
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
Both the House and CSI teams walk into the office to find both House and Mac fighting...
Cuddy: O___o What are you guys doing!?
House and Mac ignore her
House: Are you ready to RUMBLE!?
Mac: Ohh I'm ready!
House: Are you?!
Mac: I am!
House: Are you?!
Mac: I am!
House: ARE Y..?! *gets cut off*
Kutner: Just fight already! *is seating on a chair with his feet up on a table while munching on popcorn*
Lindsay: *to Kutner* Shut! *to House and Mac* Ok...what are you guys fighting for?!
Mac: Someone's affections...
House: Someone's LOVING! *mutters* Jackass!
Mac: O___O ...Ohh! IT! IS! ON! *takes a running jump at House*
House: Hey hey hey...don't jump on a cripple!
Mac: Oh sorry...are you alright...?
*Stella and Cuddy roll their eyes*
Stella: *to Cuddy* I bet you they're fighting for my affections! *smirks*
Cuddy: Oh no...every man on this planet fights for me...they want me!
Stella: Oh yeah!
Cuddy: Oh yeah!
House: ...guys...we're supposed to be fighting here not you! *whacks Mac over the head with his cane but misses*
Mac: Aha! You can't catch an ex-marine off guard buddy!
House: we're still buddies?
Mac: Yeah sure...this is like one of those high school fights between 2 best friends fighting over a girl...we'll get over it...
House: Cool! *trips Mac up* ...not so fast for an ex-marine huh?
Cuddy: They are sooo obviously fighting for me...I look more like a woman than you...*looks Stella up and down with a disgusted look on her face*...clearly.
Stella: They want ME for who I am...not those excuse of breasts you're parading in front of them!
Cuddy: *mutters* At least I don't have a moustache...
Stella: O____O
Flack: Hey guys where's Wilson? His coffee's getting cold Taub drank it...-___- *Taub just points at Foreman*
Adam: Yeahh where is he...?
Chase: Don't know...
Meanwhile Wilson is hiding under the desk...
Wilson: Why won't they stop! Why won't they STOP!
Cameron: Hey look...there he is! *points*
Wilson: NOOOO!!
*House and Mac see him and walk over to him*
House: There you are big boy!
Mac: who do you choose...?
Stella and Cuddy: O_______o They were fighting for Wilson's affections?! WILSON'S!? He doesn't even have curves!
Wilson: Somebody help me!
Thirteen: Uhmm...guys...*stands in front of Wilson*
Wilson: I told them I wasn't gay but they just wouldn't listen! *cries on Thirteen's shoulder*
Thirteen: There there! *pats him on the head*
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
Cuddy: *mutters* At least I don't have a moustache...
Stella: O____O

Foreman : I sing under the shower ...
Sid : Once I wore my mom's clothes...

ahahaaaa I loved them !!
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
omg xDD hilarious xD
and very subtle wilteen, chandlerfan ;) xDDD
hơn một năm qua HouseQL said…
hahahaaaa I loooove theeem..ahahaaaaa hilarious Great job, guys !!!
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
LOL! I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of Wilteen! ;DD
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
Mac is talking to some random kid...
Mac: It's ok buddy, I'm here for you if you ever need to talk *smiles*
House: *limps over to them* Is that brat yours Matt?
Mac: No...and my name is Mac...
House:...whatever! *goes back to Cuddy*
Cuddy: Well?
House: ...not his...go ahead kidnap the brat!
Cuddy: What?! Nooo....but Mac! Oh.My.God. Isn't he just the hottest guy ever!
House: I don't I'm not gay! *goes back over to Mac* Her over there *points at Cuddy* she likes you...
Mac: Oh...ok...I'm kinda into Stella though...
House: Good cause I'm kinda into Cuddy and I will roll you up and throw you into a dumpster if you came anywhere near Cuddy!
Cuddy approaches them...
Cuddy: Hi Mac...*waves* *blushes*
House: Save it, Matt here likes Stella!
Cuddy: O___O *turns around and glares at Stella*
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
Mac: Oh...ok...I'm kinda into Stella though...
House: Good cause I'm kinda into Cuddy and I will roll you up and throw you into a dumpster if you came anywhere near Cuddy!

hơn một năm qua rainbowedlife said…
This is awesome! I'll write something when inspiration strikes.
hơn một năm qua scheriinh said…
omg,this is hilarious!!!thanks !!!!i esp like the part of house throwing pies and the gay mac!
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
*Lindsay, Adam, Danny, Flack and Hawkes are in a restaurant, all sad*
Lindsay: I really wanted to hear him !
Danny: Yeah, me too..He said they had a new song !
Flack: I hope he's not very upset..
Adam: Me too!..
Hawkes: I never heard him sing you know ? Stella told me when he plays the guitar he's not that tight up work
Lindsay: Yes, that's true! He's very relaxed on stage!
Stella *enters the restaurant*: Guys, I found him! He'll come in now ! Uhm..*worried* please..don't say anything about how..he looks! Please !
*Mac comes in and is really beaten up*
Adam: Boss, *surprised and energic as always* here..sit here *brings a chair from another table*
Hawkes: mac, let me look at those wounds!
Mac *sits down and lets Hawkes do whatever. Doesn't say anything. Looks at Stella*: I'm sorry..I had to..
Danny *sees Mac's face on TV*: Hey, loook ! Shhh..
TV reporter: We're here downtown on the stage where the concert hosted by Band from TV was cancelled. Apparently, one of the members was found in a bad condition 2 blocks from here, in a park. It is said that he had a fight with the performer of another band, Mac Taylor, band which was supposed to play here tonight as well. The man in charge with the programme says he didn't realise he put the two concerts in the same night and well..looks like the bands took care of the problem in their own way
hơn một năm qua rainbowedlife said…
*Cuddy walks into the doctor's lounge, sees Mac, House, and Wilson sitting on the couch in that particular order, eyes glued to the T.V. screen*
Cuddy: Wilson, House, this is NOT your lunchtimes!
House/Wilson/Mac: ...
Cuddy: *Eyes turn to Danny & Flack, hiding under the table, who are trying to look ANYWHERE BUT at the screen* ... Detectives?
Flack: *whimpers*
Cuddy: O-kay, honestly, what are you guys watching?
House: *turns around to face Cuddy, default expression* Animal porn.
Cuddy: *rolls her eyes*
House: No, seriously, we're watching animal porn. *shifts in his seat so she can see the screen*
Cuddy: *quickly faces in another direction, then looks shifty and glances around nervously*
Mac: *eyes not blinking, completely hypnotized*
hơn một năm qua EnjoyHuddy said…

*Cuddy and Stella are like best friends and Stella is talking to Cuddy about this new guy she is with*
Cuddy: Describe him to me!!
Stella:*smiling* he's wonderful, charming, generous , sex...
Cuddy*interrupts Stella* is he good in bed?
Stella: LISA!!!
Cuddy:What?! That's a fatal question!I need to know!
Stella: Well then...YES TOTALLY!i EVEN CALL HIM "my S.M."
Cuddy : What does it stand for?
Stella: Sex Machine....
Stella: but now tell me something about YOUR personal life!
Cuddy...ok... Saturday I had sex with this handsome man! And today I even saw him here in the hospital!!
Stella: Oh My Gosh!! Can I se him?
Cuddy:Oh yes!! Look he's just there!!*points at a sitting Mac who's reading a newspaper*
Stella:*tears start to fill her eyes*
Cuddy: Stella what happened??
Stella: HE'S MY S.M.!!!!!
Cuddy: O______O

( That's just a crossover, because I'd really be pissed off by some random girl near Mac!!!! )
hơn một năm qua rainbowedlife said…
Oh, that was funny. For some reason, I like the idea of Cuddy making Stella cry xDD

hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
hahaa xD hilarious, guys ^^
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
LMAO!! They're all hilarious! XDDD

Mac is whizzing round the hospital like an airplane, swatting imaginary flies every so often, when Cuddy spots him and stops him...
Mac: Good evening! Ma'am! *salutes*
Cuddy: Quit acting like a marine! You're not one anymore!
Mac: *makes an exaggerated sad face and puts his hand down* *stares at Cuddy's breasts*
Cuddy: *rolls eyes* What are you doing Detective?
Mac: *makes a buzzing noise as if he's talking into a radio* May day. May day. Boss with big hoohaas. Permission to land. I repeat, permission to land.
Cuddy: ...
Mac: *buzz* I repeat, PERMISSION TO LAND!
Cuddy: Denied.
Mac: *buzz* Hoohaa lady says 'denied'....I'm going in! *smacks his head down into Cuddy's cleavage*
Cuddy: DETECTIVE! *slaps him* *walks away*

Meanwhile House is hiding nearby...
House: //Ohh, putting speed in his coffee was genius! He won't come near my boss with big hoohaas she's all mine!//
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
hahaaaa XDD omg that's soo freaking hilarious xD
i swear i have a laughing fit here xDD i love it so much xD haaaaha
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
Mac receives a letter one day from Adam. Opens it and reads : 'Mac, I'm sorry but I had to leave yesterday. My cousin past away and I had to be there with the family. I don't know when I'll come back but I promise I'll work double :D Adam'. Folds it and puts it in the drawer. Before closing it, realises he saw something. Looks in the drawer and sees there are 2 more identical letters. Takes all three and opens them.
Mac: They have the same text, but they're signed by..Danny, then Hawkes, then Adam..what'a..*calls Adam but no answer*damn..*notices the paper is the same and the writting is identical* no way..these ..these are..*goes to the lab*
Lindsay* is in the lab too*: Mac..what are you doin' there ?
Mac: Nothing..just..looking at something..
Lindsay: Ok..
Mac *after processing the letters has a name and phone number*: Hello ? Dr...House ?
Greg: Yes..hi !
Mac: I'm a detective with the Ny crime lab and
Greg *interrupting*: Oh..Hi !! Adam, right ?
Mac: No..
Greg: Hi, Adam! You called cause there's a problem with your boss ? He didn't buy the thing with the letter ?
Mac: What ??..I'm not Adam..
Greg: Oh..sorry! I thought..never you're another detective!
Mac: Yes, I'm
Greg *interrupting*: Ok, ok! Just make it fast..I have a patient to deal you want the excuse with the illness or..the..festival in another town..or..the one with the dead cousin ?
Mac: The dead cousin ?..the
Greg: Good choice ! This one is the best ! Always works..really..
Mac: Listen to me, dr. House! I want you to know
Greg: Where are you going in vacation ?
Mac: Vacation ?
Greg: Yeah..Danny, Sheldon and Adam needed the letter to go in vacations. You gotta do something else ?
Mac: I..geez..I am not going in vacations..I just want to
Greg: Oh..well *the team enters the office to discuse a case* just tell me your name and it's done!
Mac *hangs up*: Daaannyyy !!!!! Haaaawkes !!!! In my office !!!! Noow !!
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hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
haahaaa xDDD great one
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
House and Mac are chatting...
House: What colour do you think I should go for?
Mac: Red?
House: Hmmm...I don't know
Mac: Pink?
House: Do I look gay?!
Mac: *shrugs*
House: *rolls eyes* What colour are you going for?
Mac: I'm thinking dark's edgy
House: Hmmm...could I pull that off?
Mac: No.
House: O__O ...*mutters* Fine! *pouts*
Mac: Just go for the dark red will you?!
House: Yeahh OK then...
Wilson enters...
Wilson: O___O *ponders* *smirks* Greg. Mac. Nice to see you here!
Mac and House: //Ohhh crap!//
Wilson: I knew you'd come to the nail salon I recommended...*smirks again*
Mac and House: O______O
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
hơn một năm qua rainbowedlife said…
LMFAO!!!!! Permission to land...
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
The House team are all in NY because....just because...
House comes out of Mac's office in hysterics...
Cuddy: Gregory House, you tell me right this minute, what did you do?! *glares*
House: *snort laughs*
Stella: O__o //What's with him...?//
Cuddy: House...?
House: *giggles* It's Mac!
Stella: Oh. My. God. What did you do to him?!
Cuddy: *starts to get worried for House's sanity* House...? What did you do to Mac?
House: *giggles* It's Mac! On a Mac! Eating a Big Mac! Mac on a Mac eating a Big Mac! Get it?! *laughs*
Stella: //But we've had those computers for ages...//
Cuddy: *facepalm*
House: *snort*
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hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
Mac on a Mac! XDDD hahaaaa ..while eating a big mac? XD
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
He is now! LOL! XDD
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
hơn một năm qua Olivine said…
Wilson: Oh my god...
House: Shit, Cuddy, I didn't know there was a killer sleeping in you.
Cuddy: *stares at the dead body of Cameron* I didn't mean to whang her head against the glass was an accident...
Wilson: Yes..really looked like an accident..
Chase: *enters the room as well*
*sees dead cameron on the floor*
Omg, Cameron! Police!!! Police!!!
Cuddy: *panics* Shut up!!
*whangs Chase's head against the glass door as well*
Wilson: .....
House: Wow..I've always wanted to do that..
Mac and Stella: *enter the room* Did someone just scream??
Wilson & House: *trying to hide the dead bodies of Cam and Chase* No, no.
Mac: Is everything alright here?
Cuddy: Everything's completely fine.
Stella: Why are two people lying on the floor?
House: Two people? Where? *looks around* ohhhh, those... they are very sick..and they love lying on the floor. They always do that, hahaa, such freaks.
Mac: *raises an eyebrow* May I have a look?
House: No, of course not. They dont like being touched when they are sleeping.
Stella: Why is there blood coming from their heads...
Mac: *sees the blood now too* House, Wilson and Cuddy, you are arrested for-
Cuddy: *whangs Mac's head against the glass door*
Wilson&House: O____o
Stella: Mac!
Wilson&House: *watch Cuddy whanging Stella's head agains the glass door now*
Wilson: She gets better...
House: Yep. *takes a vicodin*
Cuddy: Oh my god...what now..
House: *sees Kutner walking by outside*
*starts screaming* Oh my god!!! KUTNER! What did you do? Oh nooo! Are they dead?? Someone call the police!!!!
Danny and Flack: *come running*
*see the dead bodies*
*arrest puzzled Kutner*
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hơn một năm qua Chandlerfan said…
LMAO!! Ohh how I secretly love Cuddy's violent nature... XDD
Poor Kutner!
hơn một năm qua House34 said…
hahahaaaaa great one !! I love Wilson's lines )
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hơn một năm qua rainbowedlife said…
Ahahahahahahha I cracked up at like, every freaking line LMAO Olivine!!!

& chandlerfan, I absolutely LOVE your 'crossover situations'!