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Larger Than Life Review - BB



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Another Great review by Barbara Barnett.

I totally agree the Huddy relationship is being handled very well by the writers. As a mature, deep, honest adult relationship.

We all need time on our own. It does not mean he does not want to BE with her. It just means he needs a time-out! He is very much in love as is she, and slowly slowly seems to be the way House needs to deal with their relationship.

Taub is having to take a bit of his own medicine and he has found that it is BITTER !!

I LOVE Arlene Cuddy.....and I loved that House stepped in to defend Cuddy from her mothers venom when she went to far. I just wish she had passed out after he told her where to get off!

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He is taking a huge emotional risk by allowing himself to become so involved with someone about whom he so deeply cares. The task is daunting—perhaps itself “larger than life.” He wants to do the right thing; he wants to protect and nurture the relationship and try not to destroy it. He’s playing against type. He believes that people can’t change, rejecting the very idea. Yet here he is, trying to change—trying to be more “human.”

This woman is great. I love the way she describes House and what he is trying (we all knew that, but she uses the very right words).
I absolutely agree with what she wrote about this episode.
Poor Taub (though it's all his own fault)
Arlene is funny and I'm glad she will come again.
Drugged Wilson it's a classic stuff! xD "Oh, you've got to be kidding me! You drugged me akk..ain?" ROFL
Foreman, Chase and MMM is as usual.

and House & Cuddy. It's a new step in their relationship. Meeting with your Love's parents (here-Mom, tough one :D), dealing with their parents (drugging is a not a good call, but House-ian and that's why it's funny and "unjudgeable" (if this word exists)
And yet, getting approval from parents is a very VERY good sign!
So House & Cuddy are in new level of their relationship and I hope it will get stronger and stronger with every day (or episode :D)
posted hơn một năm qua.