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posted by iluvspike4eva
Viperlace are the newest band to impress HOLLYOAKS' Producer Bryan Kirkwood and win themselves a slot on an episode of the show. We caught up with Viperlace today as they filmed on set.

Viperlace will feature in the SU Bar as characters such as Sarah, Rhys, Gilly and Beth party the night away. We spoke to them about their HOLLYOAKS appearance: "We were made up when we found out that the producer wanted us on the show, it's a bit thêm glamorous than the dives we usually play in, in Liverpool City Centre." Viperlace were spotted after Bryan Kirkwood heard about them from a bar manager...
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posted by Brucas-Forever
I can exclusively reveal that and remember bạn heard it here first.
Warren and Justin are to bow out of Hollyoaks in a dramatic ngọn lửa, chữa cháy storyline in the last week of May!

Chris đài phun nước and Jamie Lomas, who play the show's resident bad boys Justin burton and Warren cáo, fox respectively, will bow out in a storyline which sees their characters caught in a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy at The Loft.

Warren's past comes back to haunt him when an old adversary returns to the village and with neither prepared to bury the rìu nhỏ, rìa, hatchet and di chuyển on, his enemy decides to settle their score once and for all. As The Loft blazes, Justin becomes...
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posted by Brucas-Forever
Calvin (Ricky Whittle) is floored tiếp theo tháng when he discovers that Nige, the drug he believed he'd murdered, is actually alive. Worse still, is Calvin's fury when he realises that Warren (Jamie Lomas) has been paying Nige to stay away, all to happy to have the petrified PC in the palm of his hand.

Following months of horror believing that he killed his sister's drug dealer, Calvin breaks down and confesses all to new wife Carmel (Gemma Merna).
Horrified, Carmel cannot believe that the man she loves is a would be murderer. Unable to see a future for her fledgling marriage, she tearfully packs...
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We can exclusively reveal that Gemma Bissix is set to return to HOLLYOAKS as twisted and conniving Clare Devine!

Just as the summer heat begins to rise over HOLLYOAKS Clare is back with a vengeance, her grudge against Warren (Jamie Lomas) and Justin, (Chris Fountain) too much for her to bear.

Never ones to be done over, will Warren and Justin find that someone finally has the upper hand over them? Will Clare's revenge plot have fatal consequences?

Gemma will return to vôi Pictures to begin filming tiếp theo week and we can't wait to have her back and see Clare back on screen. We'll be catching up with the Gemma to bring bạn all the exclusive details of her return – don't miss it!
posted by Brucas-Forever
 Justin && Hannah
Justin && Hannah
It's the happy ending we all tình yêu to see in a soap, Justin (Chris Fountain) and Hannah (Emma Rigby) put their stubbornness aside and finally admit their feelings to one another.

It's going to be an amazing episode as McFly play on the SU Bar and the young couple share a romantic kiss!

We've also got two exclusive backstage video of the McFly shoot so make sure bạn don't miss them either.

 Calvin && Warren
Calvin && Warren

Next up, check out these awesome pictures of the fight that breaks out between Calvin (Ricky Whittle) and Warren (Jamie Lomas) when Warren realises that Calvin tried to set him up....
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posted by Brucas-Forever
Things are set to really heat in Hollyoaks in the coming weeks when Kris finds himself embroiled in a tình yêu tam giác with Ravi and Nancy! tình yêu cheats Ravi and Nancy are both completely unaware that they are both cheating with the same person.

After a few too many glasses of wine and a cosy chat at Nancy's flat, Nancy and Kris find themselves in giường together

When a guilt stricken Nancy dumps Ravi in the spur of the moment, Ravi find solace in Kris' arms! With Kris behaving like the cat that got the cream, how long before his sexual ventures are discovered? And will this spell the end for Nancy and Ravi?
The rumours have been rife for months now, but today we can xác nhận that Roxanne McKee (Louise) will leave HOLLYOAKS in an explosive storyline that will climax this Christmas...

Betrayal and revenge!
As Louise excitedly plans her giáng sinh wedding, her appetite for revenge is fuelled when she discovers, after weeks of suspicion, that Warren is having an affair with her best friend and bridesmaid Mandy (Sarah-Jayne Dunn). On the outside, Louise is the excited bride-to-be but on the inside she is concocting the ultimate master plan. But who is at the hàng đầu, đầu trang of Louise's hit danh sách - bad boy Warren or...
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posted by Brucas-Forever
From the một phút Sasha (Nathalie Emmanuel) realised her feelings for resident bad boy Warren cáo, fox (Jamie Lomas), she's wasted no time trying to get her claws into him!

She's spent the last couple of weeks trying to impress Warren bởi looking after his foster brother Spencer, and her efforts seem to have made the difference when she finally gets the Kiss she's waited for tiếp theo week.

So does Warren reciprocate Sasha's feelings? And what will protective big brother Calvin has to say about their kiss? Tune into HOLLYOAKS tiếp theo week to find out.
Coronation đường phố, street actress, Kym Marsh and partner, Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas are expecting their first child together this summer. The couple announced to the press, “We are delighted to be able to announce that we are having a baby. All our family and Những người bạn are very excited at the prospect of a new arrival tiếp theo summer.”

In March, Kym ended her six-year marriage to Jack Ryder - four months later, at the launch of Inside Soap Awards, Kym and Jamie went public with their relationship.

Marsh, 32, has two children, David, 13 and Emily, 10, from a trước đó relationship with Dave Cunliffe. Jamie, has a 2-year-old son Billy with his former girlfriend, Hayley Lever
posted by Brucas-Forever
Warren (Jamie Lomas) has a close call in a couple of week's when Calvin (Ricky Whittle) ups his games in his plea to seek revenge on the HOLLYOAKS bad boy.

When Mark returns from secondment in Manchester and catches Calvin and Warren exchanging money he becomes suspicious of Calvin's dealings. Confronting him, Calvin is forced to confess that he's trying to nail Warren once and for all.

A suspicious Mark tells Calvin to set up a drug operation in a bid to catch Warren red-handed but things take a nasty twist when Sasha (Nathalie Emmanuel) gets involved.

Spotting the police heading to The Loft,...
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Danny Tennant

Danny Tennant will make his first appearance on HOLLYOAKS tonight as new character Natty.

Natty will befriend bad boy, Ste Hay, after breaking up a fight between him and Josh during an ante-natal class. The two lads will strike up a close friendship as Natty offers Ste Lời khuyên about sorting his life out.

We met up with Danny Tennant, who bạn might recognise as Ali Marsden from Emmerdale, to find out about new boy Natty. Danny told us: "Natty's very calculated, he's a nice guy but there's definitely something dark to him and a bit sinister which bạn might find out about later
We caught up with HOLLYOAKS newcomer Jorgie Porter (Theresa McQueen) yesterday to find out how she's been getting on in her new role. From kissing HOLLYOAKS veteran Nick Pickard (Tony) to fitting in with the McQueen clan on set, Jorgie tells us what it's like being the new kid on the block.

"I couldn't believe it when I got the part," đã đưa ý kiến Jorgie. "In fact, I still don't actually believe it now!" We asked Jorgie how her first few weeks on set have been, and she exclaimed: "It's been absolutely amazing, everybody's been so nice. I tình yêu the McQueens, I'm so glad I'm in that family because they are dead inviting and they make sure they look after you."

We'll be bringing bạn the full exclusive interview with Jorgie on Monday morning, but until then make sure bạn check out her cast profile!
posted by Brucas-Forever
Wow - Zorah (Zoe and Sarah) những người hâm mộ will not be happy to see these pictures! In a couple of weeks, Sarah Barnes' friendship with new girl Lydia takes a romantic twist when they share a kiss.

After doing a passionate dance together during the dance class, Lydia pulls Sarah to one side and kisses her. After reciprocating to the kiss, Sarah is left even thêm confused about her sexuality!

Will Sarah wake up to her feelings and start a relationship with Lydia, hoặc will this make her realise she isn't into girls after all? Tune into Hollyoaks on Wednesday 1 April to find out...
Tony's (Nick Pickard) life is truly spiraling out of control as he was arrested for sexual activity with a child, following his night with Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter), Poor Tony, who is the pillar of Hollyoaks community, cannot believe he has managed to get himself into so much trouble.

Things look set to get even worse as Jacqui's wrath feeds her revenge plot to get even with Tony for sleeping with her young cousin Theresa.

In the coming weeks however, we'll see Theresa begin to regret her little lie to Jacqui, as Tony is kind towards her and she sees how much he is suffering.

Tony, seeing Theresa's vulnerable side, decides to go the police station and admit to sleeping with the schoolgirl! Will Theresa be able to persuade Jacqui to help save Tony, before he makes his confession? Stay tuned to Hollyoaks at 6.30pm on Channel 4 to find out...
posted by Brucas-Forever
Zoe’s been getting into a lot of trouble lately. After stealing Mike’s script in a moment of desperation, Zoe’s wracked with guilt, battling with her conscience about handing it in. Zak and Kris, unaware of her dilemma, goad her on and she finally relents.

When they go to celebrate at the SU Bar, Zoe tries to drown her guilt in alcohol. As Zak watches her down pint after pint, getting steadily drunker, he quickly realises that something’s not right. He cancels his ngày with Michaela to spend thêm time with Zoe and find out what’s wrong, but Zoe mistakes his friendship for something thêm and goes in for a kiss!

What will this mean for Zak and Michaela? Will Zoe be responsible for ruining another relationship? Tune in to Hollyoaks on May 20 to find out.
There’ll be two new characters joining the main cast of Hollyoaks later this year. bạn might recognise these blonde bombshells from Hollyoaks Later which aired on E4 back in November last year...
Loretta, played bởi Melissa Walton, is the woman that Dom can’t get out of his head ever since he met her at a strip club in Hollyoaks Later. She’s sexy, sophisticated and intelligent, everything Dom wants in a woman. Tired of his grumpy mood, Ste plays the matchmaker and invites her to Il Gnosh. Looks like love’s finally in the air for Dom!
Cheryl, played bởi Bronagh Waugh, is Malachy’s bubbly,...
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Zak's little sister Hayley arrives in the village tiếp theo week and immediately causes a stir in Zak's life.

Not only does Hayley manage to clash with Michaela within phút of arriving, she also has Zak's blood boiling when he catches her in giường with Archie!

Ladies man Archie isn't exactly the type of guy you'd like your sister to date, so bạn can imagine Zak's horror at the thought of his sister sleeping with him.

An angry Zak even punches Archie, infuriating Hayley who is adamant she'll live her life the way she pleases.

Can Hayley and Zak mend their relationship, hoặc has Zak taken it a step to far? Tune in tiếp theo week to see Hayley arrive in the village.
posted by Brucas-Forever
He's been keeping his head down lately, but in the tiếp theo few weeks Justin (Chris Fountain) finds himself on the wrong side of the law after a run with Ash (Junade Khan).

When Hannah (Emma Rigby) decides to head off to a nhà để xe to find a part for Josh's motorbike, she gets thêm than she bargained for when the creepy mechanic won't leave her alone. As she desperately tries to ring Ash for help, his phone rings out as he's too busy chatting up girls in the SU Bar!

Justin however, các câu trả lời his phone and taking Ash's car keys, takes it upon himself to rescue Hannah. Hannah's relieved when Justin turns...
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Melissa Walton

Those of bạn that watched the Hollyoaks Later episodes back in November 2008 will remember sweet-natured stripper Loretta.

Loretta will be arriving in Hollyoaks village in February when Ste decides to try and fix her Dom up. Initially thrilled to see each other, they soon become embarrassed when they realise they've been set up and Dom manages to throw a spanner in the works!

Love won't be kept apart however, and the odd pair soon bond over a spot and bird watching and realise their feelings for one another.

We met up with Melissa Walton last week to hear all about playing HOLLYOAKS...
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Hannah (Emma Rigby) has a tough time tiếp theo week when Suzanne (Suzanne Hall) finds a stash of thực phẩm in her bedroom drawer!

As the Ashworths begin to despair that Hannah is suffering a relapse, a desperate Hannah begins to look suspiciously at everyone to a bid to determine who could have framed her...

She's in for another shock later in the week when she sits down to have a heart-to-heart with Justin (Chris Fountain). Confessing to her problems at home, Hannah can't believe her ears when Justin decides that there's something from his past that he'd like to get off his chest too...

Tune into Hollyoaks to find what's in store for Justin and Hannah