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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
{NOT MINE! Full credit to: NintendoGal55 on Deviantart}

"Wow man, what happened to ya at the ball?" Gerald asked his best friend as they were in his room later that night.

"I...met this woman, Gerald." Arnold said, staring at the red glass slipper that the girl he'd been with dropped. "She was wonderful. I hadn't felt this way in a long time, especially not with another person. I don't even know who she is. All I know is that she's the one who fits this slipper."

"Wow, man...that's crazy." Gerald blinked. "You only just met her, and you're in tình yêu with her?"

Arnold gave a soft smile. "I am, Gerald. It was the best evening I'd ever had. When we were dancing, and walking in the garden together, all the time I was with her, it was enchanting. She even called me football head..." He chuckled at the memory.

Gerald couldn't help but laugh. "Wow, she's bold to do that!"

"I know." Arnold agreed, smiling. "It just goes to hiển thị she could be herself, I was glad about that. Gerald, I know it all sounds so crazy...but I want to see her again. I want to..." He looked his best friend in the eye. "I want to marry her."

"Marry her?!" Gerald exclaimed in surprise. "Wow, Arnold... Really?"

"I do, Gerald. I tình yêu that girl, and I want her to be my Princess." Arnold then stood and went over to him. "Can bạn do me a big favour?"

"You don't need to ask, course I will! What do bạn want me to do?" Gerald asked him.

"I want your dad to go out and tìm kiếm the entire kingdom for the girl who fits this slipper. When the slipper fits, have him bring her to meet me."

"Say what?! Arnold, that's crazy! There must be hundreds of girls in the kingdom who wear a size four and a half!" Gerald đã đưa ý kiến in surprise.

"Please,'s my only clue." Arnold begged him. "Please?"

Gerald stared at him for a minute, and just laughed a bit, taking the slipper from him. "Okay, buddy. I'll get my dad to tìm kiếm the Kingdom and find the girl who fits this slipper. bạn just go tell your grandpa what happened."

Arnold smiled in gratitude, shaking Gerald's other hand. "I will. I definitely will. Thanks, have no idea how much this means to me."

"Believe me, man, I know."


The tiếp theo morning, a crowd had gathered outside the main gates leading out to the palace grounds, because on the tường on the left side was a slip of paper plastered to it. It was a Royal Proclamation bởi the King himself.

It read:

All loyal subjects of his Imperial Majesty are hereby notified bởi royal proclamation that in regard to a certain glass slipper, it is upon this ngày decreed that a quest be instituted throughout the length and breath of our domain. The sole and express purpose of đã đưa ý kiến quest is as follows to wit: That every single maiden in our beloved Kingdom shall try her foot upon this aforementioned slipper of glass, and should one whose foot shall properly fit đã đưa ý kiến slipper, such maiden in our beloved Kingdom will be acclaimed subject of this tìm kiếm and the one and only true tình yêu of his Royal Highness, our noble Prince. And đã đưa ý kiến Royal Highness will humbly request the hand of đã đưa ý kiến maiden in marriage to rule with him over all the land as Royal Princess and future Queen.

As it had turned out, the Grand Duke, Martin, had indeed gone out in tìm kiếm of the mystery girl who fit the glass slipper that the Prince was đã đưa ý kiến to be in tình yêu with. All the eligible ladies of the Kingdom were up in arms about it, trying to claim that they were the ones who fit the slipper. Unfortunately, there was no luck so far.

Because that girl was none other than Helga Pataki Wellington Lloyd.


"Helga? Helga? Helga where are you!?" Brooke demanded as she searched around the house for Helga, ascending the stairs.

"Yeah, I'm right here." Helga came out from the kitchen. "What is it?"

"My daughters, where are they?" Brooke wanted to know.

"I think they're still in bed." Helga shrugged, keeping a cool front so as not to give away what had happened last night. As far as she knew, no one knew that she had indeed made it to the ball. It was a good thing she had returned trang chủ in time the night before.

"All right." The dark-haired woman sighed and cast a glare to her. "Well don't just stand there! Get the breakfast dishes ready at once!"

Biting her lip, Helga just shook her head and hurried off to go do that. She was confused as to why her stepmother not only was up so early, but also, why she seemed to be in such a hurry. What was going on?


Upstairs, Brooke hurried into Rhonda's room first.

"Rhonda, Rhonda wake up!"

"W-What?" Rhonda sat up in giường in mid-yawn, cracking her eyes open as her mother threw open the blinds, letting in the sun. "Ah! Mother!"

"Just get up!" Brooke told her, before she went tiếp theo door into Lila's room. "Lila! Lila get up! Wake up!"

Up above where candle fixtures sat up against the wall, Eugene and Phoebe hid underneath the candles in order to eavesdrop on them unnoticed. They too wanted to know what was going on with Brooke, so they went to investigate, to avoid suspicion.

"Huh? What for...?" Lila yawned rising up from having had her head buried under her pillow. "Why?"

"Oh, everyone's talking about it!" Brooke opened the curtains of Lila's room, just as Rhonda came in, still half-asleep. "He's been searching all night..."

"Who do bạn mean now?" Rhonda asked sleepily.

"The Grand Duke. He's been searching the Kingdom all night, searching for the girl who fits the slipper. They say that he's madly in tình yêu with her." Brooke went on.

"The Duke...?" Lila asked, also half-asleep.

"No no no, the Prince!" Brooke told her, irritated.

Helga, who had been coming into the room holding a tray of three plates of toast, three trà cups, and a kettle of tea, gasped as she heard Brooke refer to the Prince.

"The Prince...!" Helga uttered as she accidentally dropped the tray.

Everything clattered and broke as it all hit the floor, causing Brooke to turn around in shock and anger. "You clumsy little fool! bạn clean that up right now..."

Mutely, Helga did as she was told, still listening in on the conversation Brooke was having with her daughters about the Prince.

"Now bạn two listen up, the Prince is trying to find the girl who fits the glass slipper she Mất tích at the ball last night. They say he's madly in tình yêu with her...this could be our chance, girls."

Helga nearly uttered a gasp at hearing this. In tình yêu with her? The wonderful, giving, caring, darling Prince Arnold was in tình yêu with her? She couldn't believe it.

"Why even bother..." Rhonda muttered.

"Yeah, I'm ever so certain it was neither of us." Lila agreed.

The girls got back under the blankets, but Brooke yanked it off of them. "I'm not finished yet! Listen, no one knows who that girl is, not even the Prince!"

"We know! It was Helga! Hel-" Eugene called out, but Phoebe muffled him. Thankfully, no one heard him.

"The glass slipper is their only clue. And, they đã đưa ý kiến that whoever fits that slipper will be the Prince's bride."

"Bride..." Helga repeated softly under her breath, a wave of happiness and joy coursing through her. It was a dream come true!

"BRIDE?!" Rhonda and Lila both shouted at once, jumping up from Lila's bed.

Immediately, they rushed to grab their clothes and dresses, piling them on hàng đầu, đầu trang of the tray Helga had been holding. But Helga wasn't even listening then. She was standing there with a lovesick smile on her face, not even knowing hoặc caring about the fact that she was diễn xuất this way in front of them, something she never did.

"What's the matter with her?!" Rhonda demanded out loud. "We're not stupid!"

"I'm ever so certain that we have to get dressed!" Lila agreed.

"Dressed...right...sure... I'll have to do that too. Can't be in rags in front of the Duke..." Helga đã đưa ý kiến nonchalantly, handing the clothing pile to Rhonda before she turned and headed away down the hall.

Confused and insulted, the girls followed Brooke out into the hall as the older woman stared after her stepdaughter.

"Mother! Did bạn see the way she just-"

"Silence." Brooke warned them, watching as Helga happily walked up the stairs leading up to the tower, keeping her hard eyes on her before she then followed after her.

Phoebe and Eugene noticed this, alarmed bởi what this could possibly mean. Quickly they hurried through the chuột hole, checking every now and then to see Brooke coming up the stairs toward Helga's room. They had to warn her. This didn't look good.


"Wow, just wow! I can't believe it! My beloved oblong-headed Prince...he loves me back! Ohhh, what an angel!" Helga gushed happily as she was brushing her hair before tying them up into pigtails, as she had often done in her childhood. "It's a miracle...just a miracle! I can't believe it, it's a dream come true..."

"Helga! Helga!" Phoebe cried as she and Eugene came up her vanity.

"What? What's wrong, Pheebs?" Helga asked.

"There's trouble! Your stepmom's coming!" Eugene cried.

"Huh? What do bạn mean? What's going-" Helga then looked up into the mirror, seeing Brooke locking the door on her side. "Oh no!"

Brooke sneered at her and then quickly shut the door, locking it from that side as well. Helga rushed to the door, trying the handle and banging on it with her fist.

"No! No! bạn just can't! bạn can't do this! bạn can't keep me in here! Let me out of here right now!" Helga yelled, tears running down her face. "Hey! Open the door! bạn can't just lock me in my room like a caged animal!" She sank to her knees, beginning to sob. "Oh please...please let me out..."

Brooke just placed the key in her pocket, patting it a couple of times before she then walked down the stairs like nothing had happened. Phoebe and Eugene, worried, hurried under the door.

"Hey! Let her go! Let her go!" Eugene yelled, but Brooke didn't hear him, and Phoebe grabbed his hat and muffled his mouth with it.

"Don't worry Eugene, we're going to get Helga out of there." Phoebe told him. "We're going to go down there and get the key."

"W-We are...?" Eugene squeaked.

"Yes. This is Helga's chance to finally have her dream come true for good this time." Phoebe đã đưa ý kiến firmly. "...I want her to be happy, Eugene. I'm sick of seeing her living this life."

Eugene blinked, and then nodded. "You're right! Let's do it!"


Tired from such a long night, Martin nearly fell asleep while the carriage pulled up to the Wellington Lloyd Pataki residence. He'd been searching tirelessly all night, searching for the girl who fit the slipper. So far, he'd had no success.

In the window of the parlour, Phoebe and Eugene were peering outside at the coach that had pulled up, realizing that it was the Grand Duke, having come to try the slipper on the girls.

"Look Eugene, it's the Duke!" Phoebe said. "We better hurry and get the key, we don't have much time!"

"Right!" Eugene said, and followed her off the sill, falling down in the process. "I'm okay!"

Rhonda and Lila hurried to window upon hearing the trumpet fanfare from outside the window.

"Oh, mother! He's here, he's here! This is it!" Rhonda exclaimed.

"Wow! I'm ever so certain that this will go wonderfully!" Lila đã đưa ý kiến dreamily.

"Now girls, be on your best behaviour, this is our last chance." Brooke told them before she opened the door to the Royal Messenger.

The man had been blowing his horn before he lowered it. "Announcing the arrival of his Grace the Grand Duke!"

Martin trudged tiredly up the steps to the house, trying to put on a cool front, but man he was tired. Brooke noticed, but didn't really care. All that mattered was making sure that the slipper would fit one of her daughters, and that Helga would stay right where she was.

"Welcome to our home, Your Grace." Brooke greeted him, stepping aside to let Martin in. "I trust your quest hasn't been very successful?"

"No, Ma'am, unfortunately." Martin sighed. "All right, then, bring me the..uh...oh yeah, Royal Proclamation please."

The messenger nodded and handed him a rolled up piece of parchment, to which Martin unrolled and tiredly read aloud as clear as he could.

"All loyal subjects of his Imperial Majesty are hereby notified bởi royal proclamation that in regard to a certain glass slipper, it is upon this ngày decreed that a quest be instituted throughout the length..."

The three women all impatiently-though inwardly-waited as he read through the Royal Proclamation, and all the while, Phoebe and Eugene had climbed up to the small bàn near where Brooke was standing, the pocket containing the key to Helga's room clearly visible, but slightly out of reach. She whispered to him, and then gingerly leaned over the edge of the table, trying to reach for the pocket. But it was too far for her to reach.

But before she could try again, Brooke had turned toward the table, and they hid behind a nearby teacup. When the coast was clear, Phoebe crept back, trying to reach for the pocket again, this time with Eugene grabbing hold of her tail to help her into the pocket. Finally, she slid in! The key was pretty big for a mouse, but she was determined to get it out.

Carefully, she lifted it upward, pushing it out of the pocket, with it's head coming out. Eugene reached for it, Phoebe pushed it up further.

Brooke looked up toward the stairs, with a small sneer, and then reached toward her pocket. Phoebe saw her hand coming and quickly ducked back into the pocket, bringing the key with her. Brooke took hold of the key, with poor Phoebe pressed up against her side, the key up to her nose. She tensed, trying not to cause sudden movement for Brooke to feel. Eventually, the woman's hand let go of the key and then patted the pocket, knocking the key against poor Phoebe.

"And đã đưa ý kiến Royal Highness will humbly request the hand of đã đưa ý kiến maiden in marriage to rule with him over all the land as Royal Princess and future Queen." Martin finished, before he was about to collapse, but the messenger quickly brought him a chair for him to sit on. "All right, now we'll get to business. hiển thị them the slipper..."

The messenger held up an elegant little cushion, pulling off the silk fabric that covered it, revealing the red glass slipper.

"The woman who fits this slipper will-"

"Why, that's MY slipper!" Rhonda interrupted, excited.

"No no! I'm ever so certain that it's MY slipper!" Lila contradicted.

The girls tried to grab for the slipper, but the messenger scurried away in fear, hiding behind Martin.

Meanwhile, Phoebe had managed to push the key out out of the pocket toward Eugene, only to draw it back in as Brooke was reaching for a tách trà, teacup that Eugene happened to be hiding it, and the teapot. She tipped the spout, about to pour some trà in, heading right for Eugene's stomach.

"Some tea, Your Grace?"

"Huh? Oh, no. I'm fine, Ma'am. Erm...let's just get down to business."

"Oh, yes, of course." Brooke nodded, placing the cup and teapot back down on the table, much to Eugene's relief.

Phoebe pushed the key out again, and Eugene tried to reach for it as he came out of the cup. No dice. He tried again, and she pushed it out further, but this time he nearly slipped off the slanted edge of the table. Getting an idea, he tied his tail to the spout of the teapot, reaching for the key as Phoebe pushed it out to him.

"Okay, so would the first young lady try on the slipper?" Martin then said, still relaxing in the chair he sat in.

The messenger, sitting before Lila, then slipped the shoe onto her foot, which fit perfectly.

"Oh, yes! I knew it was my slipper! I was ever so certain that it was!" Lila gushed happily.

But then the messenger revealed the rest of her foot from under her skirt, and it turned out that the slipper was hanging off her toes. It didn't even go halfway down her entire foot.

"Oh!" Lila realized, her gut sinking. "Well, might have...I guess...but this is just silly! I'm ever so certain that it fit perfectly before!"

The messenger spat into his hands, rubbing them together, before he sat on her leg on a stool, trying to force the shoe onto her foot.

"Mother, do something!" Lila begged.

"Shh, we shouldn't disturb the Duke." Brooke whispered, gesturing to Martin, who had fallen asleep in the chair.

bởi now, Eugene had a good grasp on the key, with his tail still tied to the spout. Phoebe pushed it out a little more, until it was now being held between the two of them. But then, bởi leaning too far, a drop of trà landed on Eugene's back, causing him to let out a high squeal-thankfully unheard-, and the key fell to the floor, sliding across it with Phoebe and Eugene sitting on it.

"Okay, we've got it!" Phoebe cajoled. "Good work! Now we just have to get it up the stairs."

"What?! The stairs!?" Eugene gasped, looking up the stairs. For a mouse, they were really high and would take forever.

"Come on, Eugene! We have to!" Phoebe urged him, grabbing one end of the key. "We have to hurry before the Duke leaves! Helga's counting on us!"

"She is?"

"Well...she doesn't know we're doing this..." Phoebe admitted. "But never mind, we have to go!"

Phoebe climbed up the first step, and instructed Eugene to hold one end of the key to her. He did, and she grabbed it, pulling it onto the step with her. Once the key was up, Eugene then climbed onto the step as well. Then Phoebe climbed onto the một giây step and they started the process all over again.


"Would bạn just hold still a minute?! I'm ever so annoyed!" Lila shouted at the messenger, kicking him aside, making his head fall up against the piano, which woke Martin up.

"Wha-huh? Oh! Well...this isn't working. Let's try the tiếp theo young lady, please."

Rhonda grinned smugly at Lila, who stuck her tongue out in defiance. The black-haired girl sat down, and the messenger placed the slipper on her foot. As expected of course, it didn't fit her foot either.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Rhonda groaned.


Finally, much to Eugene's relief, he and Phoebe had finally made it up the stairs with the key, and completely unnoticed to the family. He was so tired, about to faint from all that work.

"Oh man Phoebe...that was...I'm so tired..." Eugene sighed, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"No time to rest now, Eugene! We have to hurry and get this up to Helga's room!" Phoebe told him. "Now hurry!"

With a feeble nod, he helped her to push the key under the door leading to the stairs that would take them up to the tower; Helga's room. They were now really an toàn, két an toàn from sight, because unless Brooke hoặc the girls would try to go up to Helga's room, it was an toàn, két an toàn to say that they had not caught on to what the mice had done hoặc were trying to do.

"Okay, now we have to hurry and get it up the stairs." Phoebe said.

Eugene looked up at all the seemingly endless flights of stairs, which there were tons thêm of than before. Seeing it all made him feel dizzy, sweat more, and he fell on his back in a light faint.

"Eugene! No!" Phoebe helped him up, slapping his face lightly. "Come on, we have to hurry! We're almost there! We have to get Helga out of there, fast!"

Faintly, but with the desire to help their dear friend, Eugene stood back up and helped Phoebe to get the key up the stairs.


Some time later, Helga had just about được trao up hope. She still knelt down bởi the door, holding the round handle in her hand, sobbing softly. She had no strength left to move. Her dreams had once again slipped from her fingers like sand, and she knew bởi now that it was hopeless. All she wanted now was to be with the man she loved, she would give anything to make it happen!

But unfortunately, it was hopeless.

Suddenly, a noise came from outside the room, along with soft squeaks of struggling, and light thuds. Surprised, she peered through the keyhole, and saw one end a key coming up over the gap in the stairs, then followed bởi Phoebe and Eugene as they brought it up.

"Hang on, Helga! We're coming, we're coming!" Phoebe đã đưa ý kiến to her.

"Oh, bạn got the key!" Helga uttered in relief. "That's wonderful! That's-NO!"

She was interrupted when Lucifer, who seemed to come out of nowhere, cover up Eugene and the key with a bowl, just after Phoebe slipped into the bedroom under the door.

"Lucifer! bạn damned cat! Let him go!" Helga cried in anger, frustration and sorrow. "Let him go, right now!"

Lucifer just sneered at her in reply. Oh, he knew what was going on, and there was no way he was letting it happen.

"Let him go!" Phoebe came back out from the room, and ran to him. She grabbed his tail, squeezed the lông, lông thú in until she exposed skin, and bit down on it as hard as she could.

Lucifer let out a meowed yelp of pain, jumping up in the air, hence letting go of the bowl that held Eugene captive. Eugene saw an escape, trying to di chuyển away, but Lucifer made it back down and slammed the bowl over him again.

This time, the other mice decided to intervene. From their hiding place within the holes, they came out with a few forks, running toward Lucifer with them. It was almost as if they were a mob of angry villagers with pitchforks trying to take down an enemy. Lucifer merely snorted and banged his pawed fist against the forks, which made the mice fly off them, knocking up against the wall. Sid, Curly and Stinky then lit up a candle on a roller, rushing it toward Lucifer. As it reached him, Lucifer simply blew the candle out.

All of a sudden, a plate came crashing down and broke over his head. Then a mug, some thêm plates and dishes. Nadine, Sheena and the other birds were now helping out, tossing different dishes and items on his head. Lucifer grew angry and jumped up, clawing at them through the oncoming objects.

The bowl slipped away from Eugene, who stood up and tried to run away, but them stopped as he remembered the key. He went back for it, grabbing it, only to be encased under the bowl again bởi Lucifer.

"Oh crimeny..." Helga swore, seeing the plan of her mice Những người bạn failing. She was NOT about to let their efforts go wasted. They had done so much for her, and now it was time to help them to help her, too. She thought for a moment, they were powerless without someone who could just take Lucifer away somehow...

Of course!

It dawned on her, and she got an idea. "Oh...yes! Harold! Hey! Nadine, Sheena!"

The two birds, hearing her call them, landed on the handle to listen to her.

"Get Harold! Go get Harold, quick!" She told them.

Nadine and Sheena chirped in confirmation and then flew out the window, going out to the back area of the property. Harold was asleep on the ground in front of the vựa, chuồng trại, barn door, as usual. The two birds poked at him, chirped in his ear, trying to get his attention. Patty poked her head out from the bar door, seeing the commotion. She whinnied at Harold to get him to wake up, giving Nadine and Sheena the incentive to tug at his ears so he would follow them inside.


"Oh that is it! I'm sick of this, get off me!" Rhonda whacked the messenger with her shoe that she was holding, kicking him aside. "I'll do it myself! I, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd will make it fit!"

She tugged on the slipper, forcing her entire, much bigger foot into it. After a few struggles, she then got her entire foot inside. But, not quite. Her toes were snugged in, as was her heel, but the entire middle of her foot stuck right out.


"It fits!" Brooke exclaimed happily.

"It fits?" Martin asked, happy and relieved that it was all finally over.

But then, the slipper popped right off her foot under all the pressure it had been under, going flying into the air. Martin panicked, running to catch it, as did the messenger, causing the two to bump into each other, falling over on one another. In a brief moment of panic, Martin stuck his finger out, catching the slipper on it.

"Phew..." Martin sighed in relief. He could only imagine what would have happened, especially to him, if he had come back to the palace with no girl and a broken slipper.

"Oh, Your Grace, I'm deeply sorry." Brooke đã đưa ý kiến to him. "I can promise bạn it won't happen again." She shot a warning glare to her daughters.

"Precisely, Ma'am." Martin agreed as the messenger dusted him off with a sweeping, duster brush.


Meanwhile, Harold was running fast and quick into the house, and then up the stairs to get to Helga's room. For being a bit large, he was a bit slow and getting tired, but he pressed on with no hesitation.

Upon making it to the hàng đầu, đầu trang step, he panted for a moment to catch his breath, and then, setting his eyes on Lucifer, snarled menacingly. Lucifer meowed in fright, trying to get away from him, but Harold lunged at him. The fat cat jumped up to the window sill to avoid Harold's jaws, and ended up falling out the tower and down to the ground below.

Relieved at their last obstacle being out of the way, Phoebe hurried to help get the bowl away from Eugene, who was laying there on the ground, his eyes squeezed shut and clutching the key for dear life.

"Eugene! Eugene, come on! Get up!" Phoebe urged him.

"No no no no no!" Eugene refused, not getting up.

"No, come on!" Phoebe ordered.

"Hurry, Pheebs!" Helga begged from her bedroom.

"Hurrying!" Phoebe said, finally prying Eugene off the key.

The two of them picked up the key, and then worked to shove it under the door.


Back downstairs, seeing that the shoe fit neither Rhonda hoặc Lila, Martin had then decided to leave.

"So, you're sure there's no one else in this house?" Martin asked.

"There's no one else, Your Grace." Brooke lied.

"I thought so. Well, good day, Ma'am." Martin placed his hat on his head and started to walk out the door.

"Your Grace! Wait! Wait!" Called a voice from upstairs, causing everyone to stop and turn.

"Wait, please!" It was Helga, who had been freed from the prison of her bedroom thanks to her little mice friends, whom she had rewarded with a lot of cheese and crumbs before coming down. "Can I try it on?"

Martin grinned happily, and couldn't help but feel that he'd seen this girl from somewhere before. Maybe, just maybe, she was the one who fit the slipper! All hope wasn't Mất tích after all! He nodded as she came down the stairs, a bounce in her step.

"Ah, pay no attention to her...she's just our little scullery maid." Brooke said, obstructing the path between Helga and Martin. "She has quite an active imagination and-"

"Ma'am, my orders were for every maiden in the Kingdom to try on the slipper." Martin told her firmly before stepping around her, taking Helga's hand. "Come, Miss, have a seat." He had her sit down in a chair conveniently placed near the stairs, and then motioned for the messenger to come.

The fat messenger nodded and hurried toward them, with the glass slipper sitting atop the cushion. Brooke gave a secretive smirk, and then accidentally-on-purpose stuck out her walking stick, which the messenger tripped over, causing the glass slipper to go flying and crash onto the floor, shattering into several pieces.

"Oh...! Oh no!" Martin uttered, falling to his knees. He couldn't believe it...the very glass slipper that was their only clue to finding the Prince's true love, was now gone. Everything was shattered, just like the slipper. "Oh no, this can't be happening...oh, what will I tell Gerald...or the King...oh...this is horrible."

Helga had been slightly surprised bởi what had happened, but remained calm as a little smile crossed her face. "Actually, bạn know what? It's okay. If it may help..." She reached into her pocket for something.

"No, nothing can help." Martin sighed sadly, fiddling with the red glass pieces, completely miserable. "It's hopeless...nothing can help."

"Doi, bạn didn't let me finish." Helga smiled. "You see, I have the other slipper." She held out the other slipper to him.

Brooke's jaw dropped, as did Lila's and Rhonda's. Martin grabbed the slipper happily and kissed it, unable to help himself. All the mice cheered happily from the hàng đầu, đầu trang step upstairs as Martin carefully slipped the glass slipper onto Helga's foot, which of course, fit perfectly.


The very tiếp theo day, the wedding bells chimed like crazy along the palace chapel, signifying that a beautiful wedding had just taken place. And indeed it was, Arnold and Helga had gotten married that very day, to be Prince and Princess, future King and Queen.

The ngày before, Martin had brought Helga back to the palace after the wondrous discovery of the glass slipper fitting her foot, where she met with Arnold, who had been overjoyed to see her again, as was she. Amidst the excitement, he'd proposed to her right on the spot, and she of course đã đưa ý kiến yes.

It was a dream come true!

Now the two of them, finally married, descended the stairs from the palace to embark on their Honeymoon. On the way down, Helga's simple white slipper had slipped off her foot. Gerald, who was of course Arnold's best man, went down and picked it up for her, placing it on her foot for her. She smiled at him and kissed him appreciatively on the cheek, to which he blushed and waved after the two of them.

The newlyweds got into the elegant vàng and white coach, waving off to the populace as it rode off.

Up on an above ledge, Phoebe, Eugene, Curly, Stinky and Sid, along with the rest her mice and bird friends, stood throwing grains of rice, all dressed in adorable mini soldier outfits to go along with the occasion.

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your cầu vồng will come smiling through

The coach rolled away, led bởi Patty, with Harold running alongside her, and four other ngựa behind her. Helga looked out the coach window and waved to her mice friends, looking happier than ever had been in her entire life. Just two days ago, she was living her life in shambles, misery, labour, uncertainty, and yet, still with the hopes of dreams coming true. Things arose, and even when all hope seemed lost, everything went well in the end.

Because now, she was a Princess and a wife to the man she loved so dearly, and who loved her right back.

No matter how your tim, trái tim is grieving
If bạn keep on believing

"Goodbye, Helga!" Phoebe waved, even if she couldn't hear her. "Look, Eugene!"

Eugene grinned and looked after their dear friend and smiled. It had been quite a journey to get to here, but it was well worth it.

As the coach drove further and further away, Arnold smiled and leaned in, kissing Helga sweetly, to which she returned.

The dream that bạn wish will come true

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.
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xin chào
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