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It began in Fantasia, A game Alfred and Kiku made.I thought i could give it a try. Maybe meet some friends. I get picked on too much already at collge because of my magical talents.I look at all the classes. Their were so many to pick from! I picked Hunter because it looked useful. As i walked into town trying to hold the mega big đít, mông, ass gun I met him. The Hero Alfred. At first it was really awkward silence. I mean what do bạn say to someone who has been through hell just as much as bạn had? who knows how bạn felt When 9/11 happened. Then he adjusted my gun. "That's a big gun." He đã đưa ý kiến smiling....
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posted by BeB
 "I'm so sorry!!!'
"I'm so sorry!!!'
I own nothing, but pray for all those affected bởi the Twin Towers incident. I hope I didn't offend anyone~ And may everyone who was affected heal, and the people we Mất tích rest in peace... thank bạn and enjoy this fanfiction.

That day... That ngày I felt something wrong, I thought it was paranoia.

But I was wrong, because that day, when the plane crashed... I was at a UN meeting and suddenly my head hurt.

"A-Ahhh ow!" I gripped my hair and felt blood dripping from my nose, my eyes already stung and I heard so many voices yelling, I felt 11 surges of...
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