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posted by dilhixitah
"He will marry with her, Portugal!" The Portuguese servant said. The girl's eyes were wide open.

"W-What?" She asked, admired "Why will he marry with her?"

"Because… She is his Queen, and she wants it…" Maria stared at the ground, with her eyes covered in tears, tears that couldn't come out "He… He sent an invitation to you, Portugal…" The servant gave to her a letter with his hands shaking. He was afraid of Maria's reaction. It's normal, since she is one of the greatest nations of the world. A bad reaction from her is like… Certain dead? Anyway, she won't kill for none reason.

"An Invitation…?...
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Prussia: Alright!!! round 1 Switzerland vs Italy
A fight to the death!!!! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!
Switzerland: *Emereges from the right side of the
Italy: *Emereges from the left side of the staduim*
Switzerland: "I'm sorry Italy but I'm afraid that
I'm going to have to kill bạn if i were to win!"
Italy:"...I can't do that! I'M THE ONE WHO'S
Switzerland: *fires tên lửa at Italy*
Italy: *leaps in air with tên lửa following him
then spins and cuts the tên lửa in half landing
on the ground again then races torwards Switzerland with death sytche in air...
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xin chào guys, i take a theatre class at my school,and for an assignment, we need to write a play about our yêu thích show/cartoon...so i asked if i could do one on an anime(hetalia obviously)and my teacher đã đưa ý kiến sure...so i wanted to hiển thị bạn hetalians my play and see what bạn thought

*romano and italy enter the stage in front of germany's house*
Romano: why are we here? I thought bạn wanted to hang out with me, not that potatoe loving German.

Italy:I'm sorry fratello,its just that i promised Germany i would train with him,and i đã đưa ý kiến i would hang out with bạn as well.
*germany enters the stage through...
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User: Are bạn ready?

Cleverbot: Ready for what?

User: For the tiếp theo Hetalia war!

Cleverbot: Am not afraid... But.. Es.

User: *hits with China*

Cleverbot: *hits bạn with 'Murica*.

User: *hits with Belarus*

Cleverbot: *hits with an axe*.

User: *hits with Prussia*

Cleverbot: *hits with chainsaw*.

User: *hits with Sebastian*

Cleverbot: *hits with awesomeness*.

User: *hits with drunk England*

Cleverbot: *hits with Sealand*.

User: Wait, bạn know about Sealand?

Cleverbot: Yes. Sealand from Hetalia.

User: O-O.

Cleverbot: Which Hetalia character are you?

User: Um...America!

Cleverbot: America,...
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posted by LilacRoses
Narrator: The chronicles of Hetalia War II.


User: Hello.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: I'm ready.

Cleverbot: Do bạn feel?

User: Do I feel what?

Cleverbot: bạn know, feel?

User: Like feelings?

Cleverbot: What feelings?

User: The sudden desire to battle bạn with Hetalia.

Cleverbot: What? I can't comprehend.

User: Maybe this will help! *hits with England*.

Cleverbot: Haha. You're funny.

User: *hits with Switzerland*

Cleverbot: *hits with rattle snakes*.

User: *hits with FrUK*

Cleverbot: *hits with keyboard*.

User: *hits with Austria*

Cleverbot: *hits with a thousand rockets&.

User: *hits with pasta*

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Okay, so I saw this as a problem on tumblr, but now I see that it's a problem here, too.

Many of the fanart I've seen on here is credited to websites like zerochan, 4chan, tumblr, etc., and this is wrong. Crediting the work to websites and not the individual artist discourages artists from sharing anymore work because it shows a lot of laziness and ingratitude to them that we can't even bother to look up their names.

Just because they provided the fandom wonderful art, and just because we post those works here as sign of admiration, doesn't mean we can simply skip over a 1-minute tìm kiếm to give...
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posted by MallowMarsh
"Engwand, Engwand!" The little nation eagerly ran up to his elder brother, a piece of slightly crumpled paper in his hand.
"What is it, America?"
"Wook, Engwand, wook!" He shook the Brit's shoulder vigorously.
England chuckled slightly. "I am looking! What is it?"
The little American held the piece of paper up high with joy.
"I drew us," he đã đưa ý kiến simply, but proudly.
"America..." He held up the piece of paper, which was torn slightly on one edge, and the sheet was somewhat crumpled. The drawing itself was simple and crude-looking; two stick figures drawn hurriedly with a crayon. But it was perfect...
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Disclaimer. Basically, bạn no like, bạn no comment. Also, my other stories were thêm cartoonish, but now, because I tình yêu someone fully human, the style will be a bit thêm realistic.

It was a very disasterous day. Schoolwork turned into homework, homework turned into chores, and chores turned into breakdowns. I went to walk off the pain, aggravated on the inside.

"Oh, so I'm lazy dad, huh? Fuck, it's Valentines Day, and I feel thêm lonely today than ever!" I muttered as I kicked every little snowball in my way.

Then I looked into the near distance, and saw the most beautiful thing. It was a girl,...
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posted by riehlemarie
 Prussia, Francis, and Spain
Prussia, Francis, and Spain
bạn and Francis were silent until, one of Francis Những người bạn đã đưa ý kiến "hi, i am the almighty Prussia." He was the friend with white hair and red eyes "oh, hi i'm ____, nice to meet you," bạn đã đưa ý kiến as bạn looked away from Francis at were Francises two Những người bạn were. "Hi ______ my name's spain," the one with brown hair and green eyes. "Hi Spain, Prussia nice to meet you," bạn say very politly with a small smile.

Annie came out of noware,"hey _____, can i go with bạn to the grave with you? oh i didn't know that bạn were talking to someone, but xin chào ever since "that" happened bạn never did anything." Annie...
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posted by riehlemarie
One ngày bạn went out to walk your dog, bạn and your dog usally walk about a mile per day. As bạn and your dog go down the streat bạn noticed a guy, he had blond hair, his hair was shoulder length, he was flirting with a couple of girls bạn guested they were teanagers. When bạn passed be them bạn rolled bạn eyes, bạn didn't think they should be flirting on the streats like that. As bạn started to run, bạn and your dog likes to run a little on your runs, bạn looked back ,yep they were still flirting. bạn didn't think he would still be there when bạn got done running, but yep he was still there...
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posted by PandaKISS
I remember when I first got into Hetalia, like most things anime it was later than everyone else (not until the summer of 2011) but it was like a sugar rush, I fell in tình yêu with the hiển thị after just the first episode, and couldn't stop watching when I probably should have been doing other things, like sleeping.... (heck I'll sleep when I'm dead!) I even got my mother into the show, and shes not an anime người hâm mộ (though she did like Inuyasha) but I talked about Hetalia enough to the point where she was interested in seeing it and ended up really liking it (not to the extent that I did of course)...
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posted by HeartfulStitch
After I wrote this, I realized it was a tad similar to Dreamer... As always I do hope bạn enjoy and thank bạn for reading~!

To Peter, the sky was like a magical place. A place where the clouds would float and dance gracefully on the wind. He was going to become one of them someday. Peter was going to see what it looks from up there in the clouds with his own eyes. The view. The scenery. Everything would open up before him once he lifted off the ground. Peter chased his dream with all his might. He didn't want to sit back and watch the world go bởi without him. Peter was going run and run until...
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Country Name:イタリア ヴェネチアーノ (Italy Venetiano)
Human Name:フェリシアーノ・ヴァルガス(Feliciano Vargas)
Age:20 / Height:172cm / BD:March, 17
Item: mỳ ống, mì ống

N.Italy's personal tag:
フェリシアーノ・ヴァルガス(Feliciano Vargas)
, ちびたりあ(Chibitalia)

[minor personal tag]:
エンジェルショック(Angel shock),
黒フェリ(black Feli)

N.Italy's group tag (Major):
枢軸組(the axis powers) =Italy&Germany&Japan
・枢軸お花組(the axis hoa pair) =Italy&Japan
・お花夫婦(the axis hoa couple) =Germany&Italy...
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posted by alphahetalia
It was just one of those days when, without consciously agreeing to, the nations all ended up at one of their collective drinking spots. A pub bởi the name of Tom Blair's, it was one of America's, and it was acceptable even bởi the tastes of the most critical among them. There was an agreement between America and the bar's owner, and no one asked các câu hỏi if a few foreigners showed up during the week to mingle and have a drink. However, it had been a long, long ngày in a string of even longer days, and it was thêm than a few that showed up that night.

Germany wouldn't have been surprised if half...
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posted by shutyourface
this is hardly an article, it is thêm of a question.
i went to the MCM in the excel center in Luân Đôn in october 2011, and it was SO FRICKING AMAZING!!!:3 anyway i cosplayed a Hetalia character greece( Heracles Karpusi ) and i met so many people cosplaying Hetalia people. so i wanted to know, did anyone actually go as a Hetalia person hoặc something eles at mcm october? if bạn did are bạn going in may because i am and HOPEFULLY i am going as ted kasane with my cosplay gruop. also if bạn didn't see me i was with a nyotalia ( Hetalia gender oppisite ) america, prussia and england. anyway if bạn are...
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posted by TDIfangirl
Hey, xin chào Daddy, give me popcorn,
Hey xin chào Mommy, xin chào xin chào Mommy
I can't forget the taste, of the swiss roll I ate before!

Draw a circle, there's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
I'm pretty sure that's the earth
My name is Esper~

Ahh, the fabulous world, bạn can see it with a stroke of a paintbrush
All those things, that matter to me

("Is this gonna take long? The new Total Drama episode starts in an hour!")

Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
Can't bạn tell that that's the earth
My name is Esper~

Ah, the fabulous world
We can make it with a happy recipe~
It's full...
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posted by RamonoXKamri
 Unusual Kamri Apraya
Unusual Kamri Apraya
My name is Kamoria Apraya- and I am undeniably in tình yêu with Lovino Ramono. I know what most of bạn countries are thinking- who is this girl and Lovino is with Spain- Well im a new country (SO SHUT UP XD)literally in Poland's Backyard- (hes my big brother) and yes- Lovino is with Spain- but wishes to be with me as well. Let me start from the begining. It all started with me shhowin up and say "Hey Lovi whats up? Wanna go get drunk?" He cooly replied yes and we went to my club Black Out- we got drunk off our asses and started dancing. Several events transpired and Lovino ended up taking a cheap...
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POV Liechtenstein

I looked back and forth, no sight of him. Good! I ran to my room and closed the door jumping on my bed, the ribbon in my hair bouncing along with myself. I giggled and lifted the silken màu hồng, hồng cái gối, gối revealing a shoebox and placed it infront of me, but as I opened it the journal that was there is missing.

"Huh?" I lifted the box and looked under it, nope. I throw all the pillows on the ground and gasp.

"I forgot it when I was nghề viết văn outside!" But that was around 10:15 am hoặc so... and it was 3:40! Big Brother and I went to Mr. Austrias house for a visit, oh no! What if someone...
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Okay i just really don't care if Hawaii is not a
contry but is a state i really don't care but all
these things happened to her.

1. her vital regions were invaded bởi Japan
(because he bombed her)
2.America, England, and Germany were all fighting
over her (by the way Hawaii is a oc of mine)
3.became Những người bạn with Russia thanks to her king
4.her king gave her to England
5.had a relationship with france and also had
conflicts with him in the past but now has a good
relationship with france

well that's pretty much it! thanks for reading!
see bạn later. peace!