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Hey, listen up!
Where bạn at now?
You ready to tell me, boy!

It’s already been 100 days since we started dating
It’s still a bit awkward between us
Today I have a ngày with bạn for the first time in a while
What do I do, what do I do, the sun is already setting

Every day, every night – when will we get a bit closer?
I can’t even say it because I’m the girl
Stupid boy, silly boy, I can’t wait any longer
Today I will be courageous and tell you

After the evening sun sets, after the darkness falls
Will bạn take me home?
I don’t want to say goodbye yet, do bạn want to get to...
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Hello Venus is Under The Pledis Entertainment .They are After School and NU'EST's sister group, and debuted on May 9, 2012.

Hello Venus officially dubbed their fanclub "Hello Cupid".

~ Members Profiles~

Ara :

Stage Name: Ara.

Birth Name: Yoo Ah Ra.

Nickname: Bambi Ara.

Birthday: September 26, 1992.

Position: Main Vocalist, Leader.

Blood Type: A.

Height: 167 cm.

Weight: 47 kg.

Specialty: Vocals, Japanese.

Yoonjo :

Stage Name: Yoonjo.

Birth Name: Shin Yoon Jo.

Birthday: December 14, 1992.

Position: Lead Vocalist.

Blood Type: AB.

Height: 165 cm....
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It's been awhile since the rebooted Hello Venus burst onto the scene, complete with a sexy concept. Now, instead of a single, they've released a full mini album, 'I'm Ill,' with the tiêu đề track produced bởi Công chúa tóc xù Brothers. A người hâm mộ of Hello Venus before the revamp, I was curious about the new album.

Starting with an auto-tuned "Hello Venus, Công chúa tóc xù Sound drop it," it quickly turns into a bouncing, twisty synth line that is totally appropriate for a dance song. As much as I'm not a người hâm mộ of the new Hello Venus, I was in heaven when I heard this one. As fun as the song is, it's the standard subject matter...
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After announcing the news their comeback as a full 6 member group, Hello Venus has unveiled a video teaser for their comeback.

As những người hâm mộ know, the rookie group has been promoting as a 5-member group because of member Yoonjo's injury. However, she will be joining the group again for the comeback in mid-december with the song "How are bạn Doing Today?"

Their new tiêu đề song is reported to be a lively dance track, which is the work of thr hitmaker Jo Young Soo, Kim Tae Hyun and Kim Yi Na.

Check out the teaser below. The song will come out on December 12th.

In 2012, Hello Venus debuted with a fresh, bubbly sound and cutesy charm. Although their name had people snerking at first, with the release of "Venus" they proved to have potential in the K-Pop market. With Ara's lullaby voice, Nara's model-like visuals, Yoonjo's baby face, Yooyoung's aw-inducing aegyo, Alice's cottoncandy vocals, and Lime's mindblowing 3-in-1 talent as the group's main rapper, dancer, AND vocalist, the six girls made for a nicely packaged ensemble, complete with a cute bow on top.

And yet two years later, the group is splitting. As the group was a joint project between Pledis...
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Meorireul jareugo hwajangeul gochigo oneureun yunanhi gibuni jom joha
Uyeonhi majuchin neukkimi joheun geu namja joheun iri saenggil geot gata

Amudo mollae nuni majuchyeo
Hoksi nal barabogo isseotdeon geolkka
Gabyeoun insa tteollineun nunbit
Geurae ireon ge baro unmyeongin geolkka

Jamkkanman ige saranginji hogisimin geonji ajigeun moreujiman
Idaero amugeotdo moreuneun chaero neol
Bonael sun eobseo neukkimi ganeun daero
Jeogi jamkkanmanyo

Sumgiryeo haedo nuni majuchyeo
Neodo nal barabogo isseotdeon geolkka
Gabyeoun insa tteollineun nunbit
Geurae ireon ge baro unmyeongil geoya

Jamkkanman ige saranginji...
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Haneureul darmeun neoraseo nuni busyeowa
Ai gataseo neomu gwiyeowo
Ice cream gataseo sarajil kkabwa buran hajanha
Dagawa nareul angoseo i tình yêu bạn baby neoreul boyeojwo
Saljjak nollan cheok hagoseo yuhokhallae
Will bạn Kiss me

Algo sipeo ni modeungeol seuljjeok barabongeol mollae mollae humchyeobon geol
Nunchi eobsi nae apeseo jangnanman chineun neo oh gakkeumeun neomu yalmiwo

Eodil chyeodaboni simsuri najanha johahandan mal wae akkini
Neoneun nae mam molla neoreul wihae yeppeun otdo ibeotjanha

Haneureul darmeun neoraseo nuni busyeowa
Ai gataseo neomu gwiyeowo
Ice cream gataseo sarajil kkabwa...
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Hello Venus's Alice made a shocking confession on October 11 episode of 'Happy Together 3' revealed that she has actually once ran away from home.

Alice starred in the 'Late Night Snack Bar' corner of the hiển thị where the guests were asked to introduce some of their yêu thích thực phẩm items. Alice talked about 'Milk Ramen' a fast thực phẩm itam she ate regularly during difficult times.

She explained, "My mother was against my dream of becoming a singer so i lied to her saying that i gotten into collage and used the tuition money to run away from Kangwondo to Seoul. I cut contact with her about three months...
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After successfully rounding out their first comeback promotions with “What Are bạn Doing Today?“, rookie group Hello Venus will be starting follow-up promotions with another track from their một giây mini album, “Romantic Love“.

A medium-pop song with a bright and cheerful rock rhythm, the song will hiển thị off the superb vocal qualities of the group’s lead vocals – Yoo Ara, Alice, and Lime.

Their first broadcast with “Romantic Love” will be a performance on the upcoming episode of MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘, which f(x)‘s Amber and T-ara‘s Eunjung will be hosting following the leave of Shindong and Kim Shin Young.
Hello Venus's Yoonjo các bình luận on her experience as a part of the 'Qualifications of Men' family choir.

Yoonjo đã đăng các bức ảnh with the cast and choir (which bạn can see below) on the group's Official người hâm mộ Cafe and expressed her thanks. The idol (Yoonjo) spent the last three months preparing for the 'Family Choir Project' and its finally come to an end.

She wrote "Unavoidably, i was unable to with my members (Hello Venus), and 'Qualifications of Men', which bạn first all saw me on, has been a meaningful and precious time for me."
Hello Venus‘ Yoonjo gave her những người hâm mộ a sneak peak at what many are assuming is her new hairstyle for the group’s comeback.

Yoonjo shared on me2day, “Hello, everyone. This is my first time greeting bạn on me2day hehe. I took a picture while I was doing something kekekekeke. Also, I changed my hair color. bạn probably know what it’s for right…? heet^.~.” Her new pink-blonde hairstyle has những người hâm mộ waiting in anticipation to see what the group’s concept will be this time around.

Hello Venus previously returned as the full 6-member group they originally set out to be with their new single “What Are bạn Doing Today?” and recently held their first người hâm mộ meeting, which immediately sold out.

Are bạn excited for their comeback?!
 Yoonjo ~
Yoonjo ~

Jakkuman geudaega boyeoyo jakkuman nunmuri heulleoyo
Ijen garago tteonagarago mame eomneun malhago nani nae mami apayo

Swil sae eobsi sigani tto jinaganeyo geudaewa heeojin ihuro
Jakkuman geobi naseo sarangi museowoseo pihago maneun bigeophan nainde

Han sungando nuneul ttel suga eomneunde
Dasi dwidoraseo dorabol sun eomnayo

Jakkuman geudaega boyeoyo jakkuman nunmuri heulleoyo
Ijen garago tteonagarago mame eomneun malhago nani nae mami apayo

Han georeum dwieseo gidarida bomyeon
Saenggakcheoreom dasi geudael bol su innayo

Jogeumman sarangeul haetdamyeon jogeumman nae mameul jwotdamyeon
Geu boda meonjeo maldo motago bureuji anheul tende jom deo sarangeul haetdamyeon

Jakkuman geudaega boyeoyo jakkuman nunmuri heulleoyo
Ijen garago tteonagarago mame eomneun malhago nani nae mami apayo
Unfortunate news has come for những người hâm mộ of Hello Venus as word has come that Ara and Yoonjo will be leaving the group as the members all return to their original agencies.

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Tricell Media, whom the girls had been formed under as a joint project between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, have announced that the members will be returning to their respective agencies. Thus, the four members under Fantagio will go on as Hello Venus, while the other two who are originally under Pledis will be pursuing separate activities.

Tricell Media's announcement...
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Hello Venus‘ Yoonjo previously hinted on her group’s comeback and now it’s been confirmed!

The lovely girls will be returning to their những người hâm mộ this May, and they’re leaving us curious with the release of ‘twin’ concept các bức ảnh as they pair up with one another to pose in the same way with the same expression.

Hello Venus’ new tiêu đề track “Do bạn Want Some Tea” is composed bởi the producing duo Iggy and Yongbae who is also behind the hit songs trái cam, màu da cam Caramel‘s “Lipstick“, Ailee‘s “Heaven“, and more, further increasing the anticipation for the group’s new sound and concept....
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