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Chapter One:Childhood Trama
In 1996 Six Years After Liz's & Hellboy's Twins
Rosalin & Peteris Were Born, Peteris Was In School
Unitl The Bullies Made Fun Of Him Because Of His Eyes, Peteris Became Angry & His Small Body Turn Into a Flames & Destroyed The Bullies & Burn Down
The School, Rosalin Screams Liz & Hellboy Ran To
Rosalin & Sees Burn Marks On Her Arms & Hands
Hellboy & Abe Ran To The School & Saw Peteris His
Small Arms Were Burned & Bloody, Hellboy Runs To Peteris *Hey Kido Are bạn Okay?* He Asked Him In a
Panic *Daddy What Is Wrong With Me?* Peteris...
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posted by RayJamesRaywerc
Hellboy was doing a report
mission. when a portal opened a youth was completely hurt it vanished. the tiếp theo day, Hellboy walked in the woods longer tiếp theo he sees a boy completely hurt. Hellboy took the young at the base and the young has been treated bởi doctors. Hellboy: I wonder how the little will? Habe: Red He's fine I wonder how a child šest made as many abs and how he did that? the young awoke. Hellboy: xin chào little how bạn call it? Tommy Lee: My name is Tommy Lee, Tommy-Lee chó sói, sói Raywerc.Il crafted eyes he sees a man a cá devil and a girl with a chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm believe. Tommy Lee: I am where? Abe:...
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