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posted by slytherin360
I simply tình yêu her because she is different!

I mean, take a look at all the anorexic,drug taking,dumb,clone- like,untalented các nữ diễn viên there are. Most of them end up in rehab hoặc on the cover of some scandel magazine. Not exactly people to look up to.

Most of the actresses/singers we see in hollywood, really aren't great people. Not all of them, just most. All of them dress the same, take drugs, sleep with ngẫu nhiên people, get lipo, weigh nothing, and are usually ignorant. They are completely self absorbed and have some sort of disaster in their life. They participate in trully reckless behavior. Be honest, do bạn actually look up to people like: Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Nichole Richie, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, hoặc Christina Aguilara? Probably not. bạn might tình yêu their music, phim chiếu rạp hoặc even just the fact that they have twice the amount of cleavage that is normal, but the actual people are just not people to aspire to! They are irresponsible people who are completely out of touch with reality. Society today tells people that they have to be blonde, thin, and the same as everyone else, to be considered beautiful. That's why we need an actress who people can actually look up to. Someone like Helena Bonham Carter.

The reason she is a great role model is that she is completely down to earth. She shows people that bạn don't have to be blonde and stick thin to be pretty. Helena dresses completely unique and tells people not to wear clothing just because it is considered stylish in a magazine.
Helena is gorgeous in her unique way.She shows people to be unique and dress to please themself and not others. She doesn't care what others think about her style and likes the fact that she doesn't follow the celebrity trends. Fashion magazines don't seem to get that. She dresses with good taste and she says that she is disgusted bởi plastic surgury and will never get it. thêm people should be thêm individual and realize that there is thêm than one type of beauty.

Helena is truly an inspiring person. She is very intellegent as well. Helena is a very good writer and used the money she won in a nghề viết văn contest to audition for a movie. She knows alot about psychology and also excelled in school. She admits that she is a very shy person and that she likes to transform into the character she is playing.

Helena also really cares about her family. She lived with her father for along time, since he became paralized after a brain surgery. Because of her fathers condition, she desided that she would live as close to him as possible and bought an apartment near by. When Helena and Tim burton got in a relationship, she refused to di chuyển away from her father and instead her and tim joined their houses together. Her father passed away.

She has never had any of the incidents that many người nổi tiếng seem to have, such as: going to rehab, taking drugs, extreme break ups, eating disorders etc. She has morals and she doesn't vượt qua, cross her boundries. She refused a part in the movie Breaking the Waves (1996) because the sex scenes were too explicit. She knows her boundaries and puts them before fame and money ( contrast to most celebrities) Helena acts in movies, simply for the sake of acting! Her fiancee Tim burton pays for all the bills, so she doesn't act for the money.

Over all, Helena Bonham Carter is a great actress that deserves to be praised for speaking out against the stereotypes people have made and being a down to earth person :)

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posted by NellLovetCarter
So here I've listed some significant events of Helena's life
by year. Hope bạn enjoy reading:)

1966-She was born:)
1971-Her mother got a serious nervous breakdown, which she suffered from for three years.
1979-Her father went deaf on one ear and got paralyzed. Helena won the một giây place at a thi ca contest.
1982-First TV appeareance, in a commercial.
1983-Helena's movie debut, Pattern of Roses
1984-Helena suffered a short depression.
1985-First movie in a leading role, Lady Jane
1993-Helena won her first Golden Globe, from Fatal Deception.
1994-Helena started a relationship with Kenneth Branagh, who...
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