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Dear Auntie Heather,
First of all, bạn are in BIIIIIG trouble! But that'll be explained later. Secondly, I wanna say congratulations! Not only have bạn published 7 amazing novels, and those very good stories in the well-organized anthologies, not to mention an 8th novel is on it's way, bạn have a well-put tác giả career going. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod came to me in a time of vampire obsession, Joss is just continuing my Vampire Addiction, lol, but when picking up SOULBOUND, knowing it was diff. & that I'd enjoy it, I wasn't expecting what was going to leap off the pages. And what leapt...
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Okay, so if bạn people know who Vladimir Tod hoặc Heather Brewer is, bình luận (if bạn can) yes. So I finished the series of Vladimir Tod and if bạn have, too, comment. On Heather's website "HeatherBrewer.com" it shows another new series coming out in September, 2011 and all of us (fans of her) are waiting for the Slayer Chronicles featuring Joss.
If bạn are waiting comment.

Thank bạn to all Heather Brewer fans,


Also, these are the 5 sách of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod:
1) Eighth Grade Bites
2) Ninth Grade Slays
3) Tenth Grade Bleeds
4) Eleventh Grade Burns
5) Twelfth Grade Kills