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Harry Potter
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50 ways to know you’re obsessed with Harry Potter:

50. People say that bạn have read too much Harry Potter no matter what people say.
49, bạn know bạn have never read hoặc seen too much Harry Potter.
48. bạn own all the DVDs of the Harry Potter films.
47. bạn own all seven Harry Potter books, the two textbooks written bởi J.K. Rowling and the Tales of the Beedle Bard.
‎46. Your yêu thích sách and phim chiếu rạp is Harry Potter.
45. bạn compare everything to Harry Potter.
44. bạn quote the novels…all the time.
43. bạn not only quote the novels, bạn allude to all things Harry Potter in everyday life.
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posted by Starwarschick18
I started đọc the hp series when I was 12.
My grandma bought me the 1st book for Christmas.
As soon as I finished it I instantly loved it and re-read it about 4 times! I became obsessed with collecting the entire series and eventually obtained all seven volumes. Why I tình yêu Harry Potter so much is J.K Rowling really transports bạn to a different world with her style of writing. There is so much detail and realism in her nghề viết văn that whenever I read the sách I am compeletly engrossed in the Harry Potter universe. Another thing I really tình yêu about the sách is the characters are really believable...
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posted by Leightonfan
Well, I know some people say that it's bad because it has withcraft, but I think te movie is very entertaining and kind of funny. My yêu thích character is Harry Potter, ofcourse. I like him because she's a little diferent from the others in a way. To me, he also seems like the "chosen one" if bạn know what I mean. Ron is really cool too. He's the funny guy in the group. Hermione,at first got on my nerves because she she seemed like a know it all. During the third movie, I started to like her more.
That pretty much covers the three main characters so I'll go on to how I feel about the storylines...
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