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Hiya everyone! I saw this on the LOTR section and I thought, "Hm, this sounds like fun." I don't have much knowledge on LOTR (although I'm đọc the books, it's taking some time to digest) so I thought it would be equally as fun as making an HP hoặc Twilight character so I decided to make this. Okay, so answer these các câu hỏi and you'll have a character:
Personality Flaws:
Good traits:

For Harry Potter:

People he/she hates:
People he/she admires:
Favorite Teacher/Class
Hated Teacher/Class
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posted by HaleyDewit
Chapter 1 part 1
It was 8.30 am. A 17 năm old girl lay asleep in her bed, a naughty smile on her face. She was obviously dreaming. She put her arms around her cái gối, gối like she was embracing it. She could dream on forever. But unfortunately…
“Isabella Swan, if bạn wish to be on that plane in time, bạn better get your pretty đít, mông, ass out of your giường right now!” a female voice shouted from downstairs.
Bella groaned and with her head half underneath the sheets she touched for the alarm clock. She opened her eyes a little a checked the hour. The knowledge she gained, made her eyes almost fall out...
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Oh do bạn not see, the language so cruciated,
bởi your most unfortunate attempt in grammars?
Do bạn believe, for that moment that we're mirthed?
Well, then bạn are as mistaken as the Balaclava Brits.

Don't bạn see, your own insults to your common decency?
Do bạn not hear, our desperate attempts to save your sanity?
I hope bạn hear, I must hope bạn see.
But I think, bạn only see your vanity.

Vanity, vanity, everything vanity...
But then where are your humanity? The World wonder'd...

Dedicated to iluvtwilight, ellietwilight12 and every other rabid người hâm mộ in the whole wide world. I plead to you: Stop this madness...

Inspiration: Alfred, Lord Tennyson; the Charge of the Light Brigade
posted by KateKicksAss
One thing I've noticed in general is that anti's tend to make a pretty big deal out of the Twilight ma cà rồng sparkling. I've seen people saying things like real ma cà rồng don't sparkle, ma cà rồng not sparkling was a fact, and that it was gay of them to sparkle. Okay, of ALL the things to criticize in Twilight, people are going after the SPARKLING? Seriously?

First off, at least where I'm from, calling something “gay” as an insult is considered really rude and distasteful. Besides being rude and homophobic, it's also generalizing and stereotyping. Just because something sparkles doesn't make...
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Okay. I'm going TRY to be thorough, and express my reasons in a clear way. If there's something bạn think is wrong hoặc incorrect, feel free to thảo luận that point.


The plot of the book is like the structure of a building-without it, the book is moot. Both HP and T have simple plots (Girl falls in tình yêu with a vampire, boy discovers he's a wizard).

However, HP (In my opinion) is unpredictable, whereas Twilight is very predictable.
In fact, (I swear this is true) I had a person who'd never read the Twilight sách before, watched the movies, and had barely known the series existed, read book...
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posted by PiperLunaPotter
Why do bạn like Harry Potter/Twilight?
I'm sorry, but I want to read something positive. Please, no fighting and number these. So, I'll go first.
I like Harry Potter.

1. Hermione shows that girls can be smart and it's great if they are. None of the girls need a boy to survive. They can defend themselves. Harry and Ron do depend on Hermione for schoolwork. Ginny is accomplished at the Bat-Bogey Hex.
2. Harry is willing to sacrifice himself if it means his Những người bạn will survive.
3. Harry's is brave, but he still has emotion. When he goes into the forest in Ch. 34 (DH), he's scared, but he...
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posted by ilovereading
I was thinking about difference in Harry Potter and Twilight background and this is what I concluded. Enjoy!

Knowledge of magical beings not soo very far from their backyards
Harry Potter: As I can get from HP sách and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, wizarding world was known to Muggles, but because of witch hunt and victims of it in both sides, wizard decided to go underground and not to be commonly know to people. They don`t use spells in front of Muggles and if sombody does manage to discover their secret, they erase their memory.
However, there are exeptions. Families of Mugle-borns ofcourse...
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I did not write this.
1. If a boy is aloof, stand-offish, ignores bạn hoặc is just plain rude, it is because he is secretly in tình yêu with bạn — and bạn are the point of his existence.
2.Secrets are good — especially life-threatening ones.
3. It’s OK for a potential romantic interest to be dimwitted, violent and vengeful — as long as he has great abs.
4. If a boy tells bạn to stay away from him because he is dangerous and may even kill you, he must be the tình yêu of your life. bạn should stay with him since he will keep bạn an toàn, két an toàn forever.
5. If a boy leaves you, especially suddenly (while telling...
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I found this when I randomly looked up "Twihard"

Stupid obsessive people (mostly teenage girls) who are "in tình yêu with fictional characters and wouldn't know a good book if it punched them in the face."

Twihard: "OMG!! Isn't Edward Cullen like so hot??? I'm gonna marry him!!!"

Awesome person who isn't insane: "Dude, he's not real."

Twihard: "How could bạn say that?! I'm in tình yêu with him!!"


This is purely my opinion. NOTE: A lot of these are jokes.

1. Hermione should become an anti-feminist

2. Harry should have killed Dobby in book 2

3. Trixy's torture should have left permanently disfiguring scars

4. Hermione should have bigger flaws. Something thêm that being kind of bossy

5. vampires

6. The United States of America

7. Ginny becomes a prostitute, as nature would have it.

8. Ron died playing chess

9. Dumbledore gets killed bởi a unicorn

10. Harry's scar was on the inside of his wrist.

11. The Sô cô la shouldn't be alive

12. They listened to music

13. They drive cars

14. Kristen Stewart should...
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harry potter is now logged in
harry ;anyone here i bored and can't do Magie
Ginny;y w has now logged in
ginny; yea am here this is why better then are old owl LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
harry; huh? LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại wants that tell ron say hi d hi
ron w has lodged in
ron; hi harry was up and ginny get out of this chat room
ginny; u can't make me
harry; ron ginny be nice and can any one till me what LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại and waz means
ginny; LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại means laughter out loud and wazwantt is up
ron ;lol means laughh out loud and waz want is up
ginny; bạn took the words right out of my mouth
edwardcullen has now logged in
harry; freak
ron; yea
ginny; get off hear your in the wrong chat room go to the one with the six năm olds
edwardcullen; ok
edwardcullen has logged out
ginny has logge out
harry has logged out
ron has logged out
For all of bạn who don't know this, but I am an ex-Twilight fan. This my own personal opinion based on my personal experience with the series. For all of the Twilight những người hâm mộ who may be đọc this right now, bạn have been warned. So here I go:

When in the course of normal, non-brainwashed leader events, it becomes necessary to dissolve the addiction of the highly “popular” teen-craving novel which have been oppressive to the efforts to differentiate the normal and the abnormal fantaisie to which people, generally females, dreamed of, decent respect to the creativity based on the author's dream...
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posted by MissKnowItAll
I have read a lot of các bài viết etc like this, but I thought I would write m own các lượt xem down.

One thing I have heard about Twilight being better is that SMeyer is a better writer. I ask you, how on earth is SMeyer a better writer.

Take this sentence from New Moon:

'Suddenly, it(the bike) looked intimidating, frightening, as I realised I would soon be astride it.'

How does that flow as a sentence? It has two separate realisations together in one sentence. I found it awkward to read.

SMeyer doesn’t make us connect with her characters. She doesn’t describe their feeling well at all. She is not a good...
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posted by DivyaHarry
These are hình xăm of girls who are over-the-top obsessed about Twilight. Click on the đường dẫn to see them.



Are these people kidding themselves? The worst is the Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson one. Ugh!

I was horrified bởi looking at them. It's one thing to be a part of a fad but it's a whole different thing to make that fad a part of your body.

What is the world coming to? Tomorrow when these girls go to get these horrors removed they'll probably be spending a lot thêm than they spent paying to get it done.
If I were to write “Breaking Dawn” (minus the part of the Volturi getting arrested bởi the police), here’s how it would go:

1. Bella beats up Jake for imprinting on her daughter

2. Volturi get word about Renesmee’s birth and rush off to Forks, bringing an entire army with them

3. Cullens get allies and several people who just flat-out hate the Volturi.

4. Người sói get in on it

5. Big battle ensues and several allies (like Tanya and Rosalie) die

6. Renesmee runs away and hides and Jacob follows her

7. Alice and Jasper hiển thị up with SEVERAL half-breeds

8. Volturi freaks out; one fathered a half breed...
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Both twilight and harry potter are very successful, especially among teenagers. Some people keep arguing about which is better, though in my opinion, THEY SHOULDN'T BE COMPARED!

Now, i have to admit i tình yêu both series! I'd say harry potter is unisex and appropriate for all ages, whilst twilight adresses mainly to teenage girls. HP talks about friendship and love, while twilight is thêm romantic! Also, hp gives lessons of life, although maybe in some cases, i would prefer đọc twilight.

Finally, They are both written bởi two very talented and imaginative writers, j.k rowling and stephenie meyer. They wrote these sách to give teens (and not only) inspiration and time of happiness. So, if bạn don't like one of these two series, don't blame them! We can't all have the same tastes!
posted by one_a_kind4ever
In my last bài viết I got some các bình luận that stated that I didn't support my opinion so I will try again.

Harry Potter is definitely going to be a story that people are going to be telling 50 years from now. Harry Potter is a fun filled story taking place in a wizarding world as many of bạn know. Over the past couple of years it has been argued that Twilight is better. Us Harry Potter những người hâm mộ disagree because a 17 năm old wizard who defeats a dark lord is WAY better than a sparkling 107 năm old vampire virgin. I respect the fact that Twilight has những người hâm mộ as well that like Twilight for reasons we...
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copied from a web-site:

Wizard-on-wizard combat in the films
Writing battle scenes was never Rowling’s strongest suit, but her fight scenes became electric on the screen, thêm hoặc less literally: The effect when two thrown spells locked in mid-air is particularly splashy and creative, with the clash of energy throwing off heavy, wet detritus that looks like paint. Scenes like the Battle For Hogwarts at the end of the series, the Ministry Of Magic showdown in Order Of The Phoenix (with good and evil wizards zipping around as light and dark clouds, and the sense that thêm action was...
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Not sure what to tiêu đề this exactly:P

Anyways this was a bình luận on some diễn đàn here I cant remember and I liked it so decided to post it as an article. It was bởi Lumos_Maxima I believe.

You have Robert Pattison play Edward - we had him play Cedric. He even admitted to enjoying play Cedric thêm than Edward ;)

You have Jacob and Edward - we have Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.

You have Bella thiên nga - we have Bellatrix Lestrange who could Avada Kedavra your Bella any day.

You have Jacob Black - we have Remus Lupin who is the real werewolf here. Jacob isn't even a werewolf, he's a shape shifter.

You have...
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posted by mr-cullen
NOTE:copied from web site.
if same bài viết is there tell me i will remove this

1) Sperm are living cells that need to be reproduced. If bạn have been dead for a hundred years such as Edward Cullen your sperm would be LONG dead. Also sperm needs protein, something Edwards body has no need for. If Edward has no sperm, how did he conceive Renessme?

2) 23 and 24 chromosomes does not produce a healthy off spring. Nessie either had a genetic disorder would of died.

3) If Jasper shouldn't of been around people why did he go to school. The Cullen family lived in the middle of no where. I'm sure they could...
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