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Credit: www.the-leaky-cauldron.org. I didn't write this.

"This afternoon, I was lucky enough to be among 400 other movie những người hâm mộ to attend a test screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in Chicago, Illinois.
Rumors had been circuiting around the internet about this screening, but confirmation that it was Harry Potter didn't come until just before the film started. Since this was a working cut of the film, many effects and scenes were not finished. At least 50% of the special effects were still in the CGI rendering stage, and green screens were visible throughout the film. Also,...
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Whoa. Its the final battle already? It seems like this all started a week ago....which it did....so...yeah.
NOTE: I am a Twilight fan, so do not suggest that I think all Twilight những người hâm mộ are crazy. I also think HP is better than Twilight, though. Just a little.
NOTE:I like HP and T, I am not trying to make fun of either, I'm just having fun with some of the ideas.
NOTE: okay, I'm just putting this note in to build suspense.
NOTE: This is it. The big one. The end. The last one. The one and only. The awesome one. The one that is the end. The climatic one. The one that, if bạn do not read, will send...
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1. Sparkles.
2. Lust.
3. Super-whiny Mary Sues
4. Renestard, err I mean, Renesmee.
5. Swan. (no, not just BELLA Swan! Don't forget the better Bella, BELLATRIX!!!)
6. Jacob (no, not Jacob BLACK, because the surname of Black is in HP too!)
7. thêm of Romeo and Juliet.
8. Edwart, *cough*, Edward Cullen.
9. Rosalie Hale.
10. Jasper Hale.
11. Alice Cullen.
12. Emmett Cullen.
13. Vampire Baseball.
14. Thesaurus Rape.
15. Stephenie Meyer (The chó cái, bitch who wrote it all)
16. The Volturi.
17. Tyler's Van.
18. Imprinting.
19. Rated R-ness.
20. Unreal werewolves.
21. Horrible vampires.

That's all I got. So, there's 21, so what if that's kind of a whole lot? HP has Severus Snape! Beat that, Toilet!
I have researched the following and well, I am not really surprised about the results. But I still ask some questions.

Why is Twilight thêm "popular" when HP sold thêm than 400 million while Twilight only sold 53 million? Also, Twilight is just 45% in the cà chua meter while HP is 83% in the cà chua meter? Third, Twilight sold about $191,449,475 while HP sold about $283,879,025? Another is Twilight is never shown in Kid's almanacs (the World and Time yearly almanacs) while HP is seen may times over. Twilight fans, don't bạn see, HP is better even of bạn turn the world upside down hoặc inside out!...
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First part

She gestured to a row of wooden
chairs against the wall. The looked like they belonged with someone’s dinning room
“Okay,” I agreed. I walked over to the chairs and sat right in the middle,
suddenly wishing I had a book. I hadn’t read anything for a while, outside of school.
And even then, when some ridiculous tình yêu story was part of the curriculum, I would
cheat with cliff notes. It was a relief to be working on Animal Farm now. But there had
to be other an toàn, két an toàn books. Political thrillers. Murder mysteries. Grisly murders were no
problem; just as long as there was no starry-eyed,...
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In my opinion, Twilight is good. Not as great as Harry Potter, but good. I've composed a danh sách of what would turn Twilight great-with the help of various Twilight and Harry Potter fans.

1.Make Bella a vampire slayer
2.make Bella less whiny
3.Bella can do backflips
4.Jacob gets arrested bởi the Animal Cops
5.Edward's name changes to "Schmirrnoff"
6.Edward dies
7.Or Bella dies
8.Creamed corn
10.A theme song
11.Bella isn't dependent on Edward
12.Lauren turns out to be Wonder Woman
13.Log cabin
14.Voldemort destroys the Volturi
15."squishy octopus"
16.make Bella smart
17. Change "forks" into "Spoons" because...
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posted by smilealways
I think chó are way better than mèo because they actually tình yêu bạn thêm than mèo do. The only reason why mèo tình yêu bạn is that bạn feed them and that is it. chó are such emotional động vật that if bạn are having a bad ngày they will come over and snuggle up in your lap and with mèo bạn have to get up and walk over to them! Also bạn might say but some chó are aggressive and bark all the time that’s only because they have been treated badly, a science study actually proved that no dog is born bad it is the owner the only reason if a dog is born bad is if it has a mental health issue but...
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The plain text is a copy/past of link.
The bold text is my own add ins to relate the situations to Bella and Edward

tình yêu is a tricky emotion. There are some things that feel like tình yêu but they are much too superficial to be the real thing. Real tình yêu takes time and doesn't happen overnight. Here are three things that people often confuse for love.

I don’t personally believe that tình yêu can really be defined bởi anyone, but oh well. People like to try new things.

Lust A.k.a, Twilight

Lust is the feeling that is often mistaken for tình yêu at first sight. Lust is an intense and sudden attraction to somebody...
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Okay so I've come to realize how all of this is just pointless. People seem to only compare Twilight and Harry Potter because the two are popular. That is a main reason why those two are being compared now. Now to me I have really found this to be pointless. People are comparing a romantic fiction story to a fantaisie fiction story.

Now when I realized this is when a bình luận was made bởi a user who goes bởi the name: justmandi23
on the topic "1000 reasons why twilight is better than harry potter" So what she wrote just made me realize what I did. I đã đăng like a lot of reasons in the topic, "1000...
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80. In harry potter lots of girls fell in luv with guys. And i could not understand your writing. bạn sound drunk.

81. Reason why harry potter is better.

82. bạn just admitted that harry potter story is better. And this isn't a who would win: wizards hoặc vampires.

83. bạn did not give one reason why harry potter is better instead bạn went on a rant on how much u luv it and bạn keep on insulting it. Let me deflect your insults. Harry potter is not nerdy just because he wears round glasses and sometimes smart. Edward is not real to bạn cause he is a flake. And again it doesnt matter if harry...
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Okay guys, I know everyone's got their own opinion and not everyone has the RIGHT opinion, but as a Twilight fan, can one of bạn Potter những người hâm mộ explain what bạn guys see in Harry Potter? Honestly, I haven't read all the books, but I've seen all the phim chiếu rạp and they just don't make any sense. And another thing, the plot is bland and there's no real depth to it, like in Twilight. Harry Potter, also has no tình yêu in it, which makes for a boring story. Anyways, I just wanted to know what bạn crazies see in those sách and stuff...

See ya :D

Many Twilighters tình yêu to say how "Edward and Bella tình yêu each other sooooo much!" I'm afraid I have to disagree on this point. Their relationship is pure lust, not love.

Here is my reasoning.

How do Bella and Edward decide they are in love? Well, Bella moves in to Forks. Her first ngày of High School there, she looks across the cafeteria, and she sees a totally gorgeous guy! He catches her attention immediately and she decides right then and there that he is the only man in the town who is good enough for her, despite the fact that she has never spoken to him once in her life. She swats off the...
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I made a danh sách of combined and possible plot holes about Harry Potter. Some of them I came up with myself, and some of them I got from different places online. If bạn can give explanation answering the các câu hỏi ,do it please.
I purposely put in a few really really picky câu hỏi because there are a lot of các bài viết about Twilight like this, so I want to see how Harry Potter những người hâm mộ respond to the ridiculously picks questions. I'm not going to tell bạn which ones they are, but they should be easy to pick out.

1.    Why do the founders of Hogwarts have surnames? Family names weren’t...
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hers ther link


51. Your reason made no sense at all, I think bạn probably tried to say that it isnt that good

52. This is not a reason, this is just a bunch of harry potter people having dialouge

53. This person is not really saying anything except that they shouldn't be compared and the person just likes the book but she doesnt think that harry potter is better

54. They just dissed twilight and they don't think that harry potter is better

55. Ilike 5 different guys at the same time too: fred, lupin, harry, ron, arthur
anyways just b/c u lik the guys doesnt make it beter, wat do u mean fall in...
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posted by MyronPwnsBella
There once was a seventeen năm old girl named Sandy. One ngày in July 2008, she saw her sister, Astrid đọc a book with a slightly torn red ribbon on it. Sandy curiously asked Astrid what she was reading. Astrid told it was part of a book series called Twilight and that it was really good. Sandy has a few doubts but decided to go ahead and read it. When she did, she liked the Twilight Series. Sandy wasn't usually interested in teen romance a whole lot of the time and thêm often liked stuff with a huge amount of action in it, but she really liked it and wanted to read the other two. Sandy...
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Publishers Weekly-"After her transformation into a vampire, it's almost impossible to identify with her in Breaking Dawn"

Lilah Lohr of the Chicago Tribune-"Bella's character, compared to the Quileute wolves, is less satisfying"

Kirkus Reviews-"Bella's appeal is based on magic rather than character, but her and Edward's portrayal of dangerous những người đang yêu hits the spot"
"Bella's personality is flat and obsessive"

Laura Miller of salon.com-"In regards of Edward and Bella, neither of them has much personality to speak of"

Jennifer Reese of Entertainment Weekly-"You may wish she had loftier goals and a mind...
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It is not made bởi me, I found it on a webpage, but I think it's totally true, so I thought I should đăng tải it there.
There are swearing in the text! bạn were warned.

I am a Twilight fan, and let me spell it out for you:

-I'd say, "Yeah, I'm one of those crazy Twilight people." But no, I'm really not.

-Edward is a too melodramatic and can suck my inexistant dick.

-I hate it when people think 90 percent of Twilight những người hâm mộ are immature middle school girls.

-I hate immature middle school girls who are Twilight fans, cause they give us "normal" Twilight những người hâm mộ a bad reputation.

-I do not wish "Edward waz real...
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posted by TheBreeze
Everytime I read an anti Twilight article/poll/etc, I see the same point in each.

"Bella is a Mary Sue!"

I don't understand this. The term Mary Sue suggests a perfect person, a person with no flaws, a type of character most people detest đọc about. And Bella seems to have been labelled as this a lot. And yet, the same people, who label her as a Mary Sue will complain oh how Bella mistreats her friends, what a coward she is, how dependent on men she is, how silly she is, how whiny she is and the much used: She keeps droning on, and on about Edward!

How does this argument make sense? In one line the writer is stating how perfect she is, the other, how annoying and stupid she is.

Explain to me please?
Okay, so HP and Twilight are good sách and movies. But, in order to make money, companies have made some rather.....dumb (or as I say, "Kooky," because it sounds better) products.
I'm not talking about the companion sách hoặc the HP wands that actually shoot out a fog patronus at the tap of a button. The ones that I will be discussing will be listed below. I will tell the name of the project, 1-10 on the "Kookiness" (nice word, right?) scale (One meaning not kooky, 10 meaning it should be taken off the shelves). Then, I will give a brief mô tả of the product and why it is so useless....
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It was a gloomy night as the members of the Secret Society of Sparkly Vampire Slayers sat around the bàn and started the meeting.
"Okay, so our new target is a family of vampires." The leader said.
"Um...family?" Zenith, the female vampire slayer asked, straightening her long black hair.
"Yes," The leader said. "The vampire father, Edward, Bella, another vampire, and a recently born half-human half-vampire-"
Zenith leaned forward. "That's....impossible." Thunder boomed loudly outside, lightning lit up the dismal, gloomy, tomb of a room.
"The half-human half-vampire. Impossible."
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